913 Saving Han Tianyu

    One night after the war ended, peace returned to the other side of the globe. The fear of escalation to world war was gone. Even though in one night America had suffered losses of more than 10 sea vessels and approximately the deaths of over 300,000 civilians, it was a small loss when compared to a world war.

    Besides America, other nations had suffered so little casualties that it could be said that they did not suffer at all. Now that America had "abdicated" the throne to the world, other little nations that were once under the great nation of freedom had started to treat them differently.

    In one night, China rose to the top in terms of power. All nations had immediately started to organize the best diplomatic group in order to play on China's good side.

    Praise to the almighty kingdom! China had finally restored her glory after thousands of years! It was a celebration that all citizens in China would be more than happy to cheer. No one could believe it since China had always been in the bottom of America's boots. China had always been the rutt of the world, big and strong yet helpless against American and her allies. Now, things are different. China would not bully other nation's guard dogs but if you don't have the dog on leash, China would put one on the dog and the owner!

    A new age had just begun, with China holding the torch, lighting the future.

    While the higher-ups of China were popping champagne and clinging tall glasses, Jiang Fei and the other martial artists took the military rescue ships and returned to China. The war was finally over and they were very much needed back at their respective sects. By the end of it all, after counting their losses, the martial artists had just realized that they were the ones that had sacrificed the most.

    Over 700 martial artists had landed in Japan and only close to 300 returned. Most of them battered and a few of them were injured severely. Even though they had won the war, they had nothing but the deaths of their fellow fighters to mourn.

    Jiang Fei had something else to do when he reached China. The first thing he did was head over to the military base that Han Tianyu was kept. His brother was still held against his will by the military and could be killed anytime since the war was over. Jiang Fei would be devastated if Han Tianyu was killed.

    Even though there was more than enough evidence to call out the military for holding Han Tianyu, there were things that were too delicate to just hammer in like that. After all, the relationship between the military and the martial artists alliance was extremely brittle.

    Winter had came and since the apple trees bare no fruit, might as well chop it down for firewood.

    The enemies were eliminated. The threat of other nations was no more. America would not dare to do anything harsh for the time being. At best, they would play it quiet for the next few years, spending all their resources into researching the alien artifacts. Right now, the weapon that China had-the martial artists-were of no use to them any more. The tension between China's military and martial artists had only gotten higher.

    However, China's military are not stupid. They know when to call back their attacks if they saw an enemy that cannot be defeated. They had already developed Z10 Supreme Android soldiers but they did not immediately dispatched them to attack the martial artists while they were licking their wounds. The reason was simple. They saw what a Level 5 Metahuman could do and knew that Androids was not the way to go.

    When Walton appeared with his blue light, not even the Z9 Androids could do anything to counteract against his powers. Even though Z10 Androids were much stronger than Z9, they were just Androids. Right now, there was no means of attack hence the military had temporarily postponed using Androids to attack the martial artists. The only way to do so was to prevent Han Tianyu from revealing their plans. They were planning to kill him nonetheless.

    Jiang Fei may not know the details about their plan but he knew that the military was going to kill Han Tianyu for knowing too much. Hence, as soon as he stepped into China, Jiang Fei had Ariel to do her thing.

    Since Jiang Fei and Ariel had been in the same room as Han Tianyu, Ariel could easily teleport inside with just snap. This time, she didn't even bother to go there. Instead, with a snap of her finger and a flash of white light, Han Tianyu was pulled out of that room and in front of Jiang Fei.

    "Took you long enough! Here I thought you might not make it in time!" Han Tianyu gasped with relief, hugging Jiang Fei tighter than ever. What Jiang Fei and Ariel did not know was the situation that he was in right down to the second before he was teleported away. Two Androids with guns in their hands were aiming at Han Tianyu's head while he was being tied down. The barrels were already rotating. Luckily, Ariel had teleported Han Tianyu away at the last minute when the trigger was pulled.

    "Relax, how could I ever let you die before me!" Jiang Fei jested. Han Tianyu was his right hand man, without him there would be too many things Jiang Fei could never do.

    "What are you planning next?" Han Tianyu asked. The grand young master of Manda Group had nowhere to return to now. He literally had nothing left since the government had confiscated everything he owned.

    "Well... many things..." Jiang Fei sighed before explaining what had happened.

    Right now, Jiang Fei was waiting for the Americans to evacuate the Winter Islands to retrieve the ship part that was stuck in the volcano. After that, he had to deal with 0541 and the mysterious thing that was happening inside the game. He did not know what it was but 0541 had been pestering him about it. Judging from the pressure that 0541 had been pushing on Jiang Fei, it was likely that it was fairly important.

    "Winter Islands?!" Han Tianyu gasped, both horrified yet delighted. Jiang Fei may not have any interest in those islands but Han Tianyu was.

    Right now, Han Tianyu was without a home, or a nation to be frank. After being rescued from the government, Han Tianyu would not want to expose himself in public. It would be a savior for him if Jiang Fei would allow him to reside on that island. Jiang Fei would care less to manage them but for Han Tianyu, it would be a piece of cake.

    "No problem. When the Americans leave, I'll have you manage everything there," said Jiang Fei nonchalantly. He knew the suffering Han Tianyu had gone through and would have to face if Jiang Fei was not there to help. Who was once the young master of the great Manda Group was now homeless and a wanted fugitive of the country. What better place to hide than Jiang Fei's own private island!

    "I'll take your word for it!" Han Tianyu replied happily. Even though the Winter Islands was not that huge when compared to what Han Tianyu used to own, it was still Jiang Fei's little kingdom. Han Tianyu could do whatever he wanted with it. Even though he had lost Manda Group, he could still start from scratch with the alien artifact and built a nation around it!

    Jiang Fei could not help but smile at Han Tianyu's happy reaction. To be honest, after going through so many ordeals, Jiang Fei's emotional spectrum was almost the same as a Level 5 Metahuman. Worldly materialistic benefits did not matter to him anymore. The only difference between he and the other Level 5 Metahumans besides his actual power level was the fact that he could not see other humans as worthless. His humanity was still preventing him from being heartless.

    Jiang Fei had Hong Yu and the other girls to stay and protect Han Tianyu at a small village outside of the city. He then had Ariel to teleport him home. In a way, he could ensure Han Tianyu's safety with so many powerful girls around him, in another way, he had no idea how he was going to explain to his parents. Even if his parents could accept it, Si Tuying would cut off his balls seeing a line of girls, all infatuated with Jiang Fei!
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