916 Dragon Slaying

    Jiang Fei opened the guild interface and realized that only a third of guild members were online. It seemed that many were still in their celebratory mode after the victory announcement in the news. Most might want to rest their minds instead of playing the game.

    Not only were most members absent, even the high officers were missing as well. Rosette Rose, Seven Star Warrior, and other prominent figures in the guild were offline. Fortunately, Lady Casanova and Billy Boy were in that day.

    After exchanging greetings with the rest of the guild members, Jiang Fei headed to Demon Dragon Fortress and met up with the NPC girls. After being absent for so long, it was crucial for him to mingle with them to cultivate their relationship.

    For the entire morning, Jiang Fei spent his time hanging out with the girls and when afternoon came, Jiang Fei got bored. He entered the game specifically because of 0541's pestering. Now that he was in the game, he had no idea what he should do.

    At that moment, a Naga Priestess came to Jiang Fei and said, "My master, a demon wishes to have an audience with you."

    "A demon? Let him in," said Jiang Fei. He was stunned for a moment. Who would want to talk to him? Or rather, which NPC would want to talk to him?

    "Yes, my master." The Naga Priestess bowed and left. Not a minute later, she brought in a young demon.

    The demon was from a lower-class demon race, a Satyr demon. He was not all that powerful as he was only a level 85 High Lord tier NPC.

    Dicarvalor (Satyr, High Lord)

    Level 85

    Note: The 58th son of the Nephilim King

    Jiang Fei quickly dismissed any importance of this demon even though he was the son of the Nephilim King Augustus. Most importantly, the Nephilim King had over a hundred offsprings and only those that had pure noble blood were prioritized. Everyone else was treated merely as common tools. Not even Akatziris, an Overlord tier NPC, was treated like his own daughter. The Nephilim King could simply just give her away as if she was nothing but a simple gift.

    "It's a pleasure to meet you, sir Verdure Glider," said Dicarvalor as he knelt on his knee. He then turned to Akatziris and greeted her as well.

    "It's been a while, O third sister!"

    "What do you need?" said Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei was a little disappointed at the young demon as most of the NPCs that he was in good terms were Celestials and even Overlords. Any NPCs with a lower tier was ignored.

    "The Nephilim King wishes to have your audience," said Dicarvalor. The way he addressed his own father was as if he was the black sheep of the family, as if he did not have the qualifications to call him his father. He could only address him the same way as other normal demons could.

    "Hmm, what does he want with me?" said Jiang Fei to himself. However, not a second later, he understood why. The last time he had seen and talked to him was when he organized a large party of players to raid the dragon lair. After that, the quest progress must have been stalled greatly due to his absence.

    Right now, the dragon's lair was still unharmed and the army of players had shrunk too much. Even though they were offline temporarily, NPC had thought that they were missing in action. From their point of view, adventurers were gone!

    Without adventurers, the quest to destroy the dragons' lair could not be completed. If the Nephilim King sent in regular NPC soldiers, they would die. End of story. Players were different. Jiang Fei, especially, was an adventurer that could revive endlessly. Most importantly, the man was the disciple and successor of the great Ou Yezi, one of the Four Heavenly Sages. Who would dare to go against him?

    Even though he could not directly punish Jiang Fei, the Nephilim King deserved to know what was going on and at the very least, inform him about the situation.

    "Alright. I will be there," said Jiang Fei. He then left the Demon Dragon Fortress after talking to his harem of girls. With the Abyss Gate, Jiang Fei teleported straight to the 10th floor of the Abyss. Unlike Otis, Dicarvalor could not teleport on his own. Without the Abyss Gate, Jiang Fei would have to follow the little demon to run a few portals.

    Usually, the Nephilim King would have Otis to be in charge of contacting Jiang Fei but since he was in war with the Draconian race, the Nephilim King was forced to summon one of his useless sons to do his bidding.

    Once Jiang Fei was in the Abyss, Jiang Fei summoned his Skygliding Dragon and flew towards the Royal Palace with Akatziris behind holding onto him tightly.

    "Where have you been!?" cried the Nephilim King. His tone had a minor amount of hostility but he was mostly worried.

    "Some important matter that I have to tend to in the adventurer world," said Jiang Fei.

    "Sigh..." the Nephilim King sighed heavily and nodded his head. He knew that most of the adventurers were gone and when Jiang Fei explained the reason of his absence, the Nephilim King gave up on prying further. The boy was supported by Ou Yezi as well as the Ancient Human, he would not dare to do anything to Jiang Fei.

    "Well, let's proceed with the important matter. Right now, the dragon lair have reinforced their defenses and it would be hard to rely on the adventurer forces. I would like you to join forces with Otis and press on the assault," said Augustus. Jiang Fei intuitively opened his quest window and realized that that the extra window, where he had the authority to issue quests, was gone.

    He then realized that that would be the penalty of not being able to complete the task given to Jiang Fei. Even though such a penalty was nothing, it was still a rather huge blow to Jiang Fei since he would not have the privilege to grant quests to his own guild members.

    "Your highness, what is the situation currently?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "The war? It's almost finished!" Augustus barked, smiling from ear to ear. Even though Jiang Fei and the rest of the players could not finish the task given, the main Draconian force was baited into the Shadow Faction's territory. With the help of Poseidon's forces, the entire Draconian army would be destroyed at best. If they were still able to crawl back up, they would be forced to retreat back to their lair. At this point, it was likely that the Dragon God would be killed or rendered too weak to even participate in the War of the Light and Shadow.

    "That's great!" Jiang Fei gasped. Although he had no qualms with the Draconian race, he was still mad at the Dragon God himself for indirectly causing the deaths of both Ariel and Isabella. The real culprits that he wanted to kill was the Celestial and the Divine Light God.

    The hatred and enmity he had was intense and was branded deep inside Jiang Fei's bones when both Isabella and Ariel died for his sake. If there was a reason for him to play the game, half of it was because 0541 was forcing him to and the other half was to have his revenge on the Divine Light God.

    "I can see the number of adventurers roaming the world are decreasing as we speak but it is still a force large enough to take down the Draconians. Gather them and engage in the last push!" said Augustus. Even though he did not want to reward Jiang Fei for failing his task the previous time, he decided to give face to Ou Yezi and gave Jiang Fei one more chance to prove himself worthy.

    Ding! The Nephilim King, Augustus has a quest for you: Dragon Slaying! Would you accept it?

    "You have my word, your highness. I will not let you down this time!" said Jiang Fei.
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