919 At a Moment’s Notice

    As Jiang Fei thought of these considerations, he decided to agree to Zhang Song's request to work together. Jiang Fei was not stingy about supplying the potions. After all, these things cost very little to Jiang Fei. He could produce truckloads of these potions without expending much energy.

    Moreover, although these potions did not help in curing diseases, they would still lower the risks in medical operations as patients' wounds would recover much faster with the help of these potions.

    Even if the Zhang family sold these potions at a high price, Jiang Fei would still end up indirectly saving the lives of many through supplying these potions.

    Apart from cooperating in terms of the potion production, Jiang Fei did not plan to work closely with the Zhang family in other aspects for now. Although Jiang Fei possessed a few other good items, these other items required a lot of energy to produce, especially those that were related to firearms. Even Jiang Fei could not bear the cost of producing these items.

    After making Zhang Song leave, Jiang Fei was able to relax somewhat. He intentionally spent some time with his family to compensate for the worries he had caused them.

    With Si Tuying's insistent request, Jiang Fei retrieved the other half of the energy potion. Si Tuying had only consumed a small part of it the last time she used it to advance to the Level 3 metahuman state. Jiang Fei had kept the remaining portion with him all this time. Even if 0541 was facing a forced downtime, Si Tuying's consumption of the potion would not be affected.

    Naturally, Si Tuying had to bear the pain of drinking the potion. As the potion affected not only her physical body but also her soul, Jiang Fei could not do anything to lessen the pain she felt in the process. He could only watch as Si Tuying suffered from immense pain.

    After a few hours, Si Tuying's nightmare finally ended. Her capabilities had reached the Beginner Level 4 state. Of course, only her energy level had reached the Beginner Level 4 state. Her battle powers were still far from reaching the Level 4 state, just as how Jiang Fei had initially advanced into the Level 4 state.

    "This is amazing..." Shang Guanqi gasped. Jiang Fei did not hide what he did to Si Tuying from his sister.

    "Once my master creates a potion that can be used by martial artists, I will definitely help you too!" Jiang Fei could hear the admiration in Shang Guanqi's tone. After all, the young girl had experienced tremendous challenges to acquire her current state of achievement. However, Si Tuying merely drank two bottles of potions and was already able to reach the same level as she did.

    Although Si Tuying's battle techniques and battle experiences were far inferior to Shang Guanqi, the rate at which she advanced in terms of her capabilities was enough to make any martial artist envious.

    "It's alright. I'm not in any hurry..." Shang Guanqi smiled at Jiang Fei. She knew that her brother was not a stingy person. She also knew that, as a pure martial artist, she was different from Jiang Fei and the other normal human beings. Jiang Fei had his reasons for not allowing her to use his potions.

    "Sister Shang Guanqi, can you help me out with a shower?" Si Tuying said softly with a blush. As she had just consumed the potion, her body was full of sweat and dirt from the period of suffering she just experienced.

    "Alright!" Shang Guanqi nodded. As she helped Si Tuying to stand up, she rolled her eyes at Jiang Fei. Clearly, she was hinting for him to leave the room.

    After dinner, Jiang Fei spent some time chatting with his family before returning to his room to enter the game.

    Although 0541 was not able to tell Jiang Fei which lady to woo, Jiang Fei began to pay attention to his own. He would pay extra attention to the special ladies he met in the game.

    According to 0541, the lady who would be able to help Jiang Fei would at least be a high-tier Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, Jiang Fei could directly exclude merchants or regular soldiers who had incomplete intelligence.

    Despite the amount of effort Jiang Fei put into this, it was still a difficult task that could not be completed in a short amount of time. However, when Jiang Fei logged into the game today, he noticed that a lot more of the guild's players were online. At least 75% of the guild members were online.

    "It seems that the trauma from the war has passed!" Jiang Fei nodded. At this rate, the number of players in the game would return to its peak in a few more days.

    Although China had just experienced war, the war did not directly affect normal citizens. Although normal citizens had experienced some fear over the past few days, the war was now officially over. They had won big time. Therefore, the lives of citizens very soon returned to normalcy.

    Jiang Fei was informed by players at the frontlines that the Dragon race had fallen for their trap and had already entered the designated region whereby the Nephilim race and Oceanic race could ambush them. Thus, Jiang Fei immediately informed Lady Casanova and Seven Stars Warrior to gather their men.

    "Guild master, should we inform the other guilds?" Lady Casanova asked.

    "Yes, let's inform others! There are too many enemies this time. We won't be able to kill them all on our own!" Jiang Fei nodded. The Dragon race's army was full of Lord level monsters which came in droves. Most players would find them difficult to defeat.

    Although Jiang Fei and the other players would only target a few Dragons, there were still far too many Dragons for Empyreal Dragon to handle on their own.

    As soon as Lady Casanova sent the message out to everyone in the Dark Faction, many of the guilds started forming their groups. After all, this was the final chance for these guilds to earn their rewards in the battle. Even without the rewards from the open-ended quest Jiang Fei had issued, the Experience points and equipment rewards from killing the Dragons were enough to tempt these guilds.

    "Wild Hunters group has been formed! All strong tankers and attackers are welcome!"

    "Wild Hunters group is recruiting two more Clerics! We will depart immediately. All equipment will be shared equally!"


    Not only did the bigger guilds take action, but even the pub players in the Dark Faction had also started participating. Although none of them dared to challenge the Overlord Dragons, they could still form groups of around five hundred players to challenge the Level 80 Lord Dragons. Even if they did not kill these Dragons, they would still be able to benefit from Jiang Fei's open-ended quest as long as they contributed in the battle. Therefore, many of the pub players were equally excited to participate in the battle.

    Players from the Neutral Faction were naturally aware of the Dark Faction's actions. However, due to the characteristic of the Neutral Faction and the Dragon race's arrogance, there was very little interaction between the Dragon race and these Neutral Faction players. Although these players wanted to assist the Dragon race, they were not given any attention by the Dragon race at all.

    "Let's depart!" Jiang Fei waved his hand. He then led members of Empyreal Dragon toward the designated battlefield. When other guilds saw that Empyreal Dragon had begun the journey, they quickly followed behind them. The groups of pub players also swiftly tagged along. The battle would start at a moment's notice.
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