920 Beasts Trapped in a Figh

    When Jiang Fei and the rest arrived at the designated battlefield, some of the Bandits in the guild reported to him that many of the Neutral Faction's players had also gathered around. However, they were uncertain if these players were here to rescue the Dragon race or to blend in with the rest of the crowd.

    If these players were here to blend in with the rest, their objective would be the same as the Dark Faction's which was to kill the dragon to earn Experience points and equipment. If this were the case, the Neutral Faction and the Dark Faction would not come into conflict.

    However, if these players were here to rescue the Dragon race, they would definitely come into conflict with Jiang Fei and the others. In this case, the Dark Faction's players would need to prepare in advance to fight against the Neutral Faction's players.

    "Try to find out what their objective is!" Jiang Fei frowned. He then asked Seven Stars Warrior and Billy Boy to split Empyreal Dragon's groups into two. Some of them would have to be on standby in case of any unexpected situations.

    When it was twelve o'clock in the game's time, Jiang Fei thought to himself, 'They're coming!'

    As Jiang Fei was a core member of the Nephilim race, he was very well-informed about the Nephilim and Oceanic races' plot. Naturally, he knew when they would initiate the ambush.

    Bang! As a loud explosion was heard from afar, the battle officially began.

    Meanwhile, the Dragon race's army was still pursuing Elder Prince Otis's scattered soldiers from the Dark Faction. However, as soon as they reached the shoreline of a wide river, something happened.

    A teleportation point suddenly appeared behind the Dragon race's army. Tens of thousands of Nephilim soldiers began appearing from the teleportation point.

    "Haha! Have you nasty little Nephilim bugs decided not to hide anymore?" The Dragon race's commander laughed loudly. He was not surprised by the Nephilim race's appearance. Although the Dragon race was previously fighting against a few scattered Nephilim soldiers, they knew the Nephilim race's main army was somewhere around.

    "Kill them!" The Nephilim race's army did not hesitate as they immediately charged toward their enemies.

    "Go to hell, you little creeps!" As the strongest race among all five races, the Dragons were not afraid of the Nephilim race's soldiers. However, just as they were about to begin attacking, huge waves began to appear from the wide river behind them.

    Swoosh! The waves rose up to thirty meters in height. After that, a large number of Oceanic soldiers appeared above the waves.

    "Big lizards, it's time for you to pay the price of being arrogant!" The commander of the Oceanic race's army was Triton, who was also Poseidon's son. The Merfolk was riding on a giant whale and also held a trident in his hand.

    "What!?" The Dragon race was now horrified by what they were seeing.

    The Oceanic race was even more powerful than the Celestial and Nephilim races. In fact, they were on par with the Dragon race. While the Oceanic race dominated the seas, the Dragon race dominated the skies. Ever since the Merfolk unified all of the oceans, they had become even more powerful. Now that the Oceanic race was cooperating with the Nephilim race, the Dragon race was in deep trouble.

    "Merfolks! We the Dragon race have nothing against you. Why are you plotting against us?" The commander of the Dragon race asked. By right, the Dragon race and the Oceanic race did not have any conflict with each other. There was no reason for the Oceanic race to declare war against the Dragon race.

    "Hahahaha... It's because my father still lacks several Dragon Crystals in his collection of treasures!" Triton laughed loudly as he waved the trident in his hand. Bouts of waves began to move toward the shore as countless Oceanic soldiers began charging toward the Dragon race.

    The Dragon race had been surrounded. The Nephilim race was blocking them from the front while the Oceanic race chased after them from behind. Most importantly, the Dark Faction's scattered soldiers who were running away from them earlier now turned around and started attacking them as well.

    "Retreat!" Although the Dragon race's members were arrogant, they were not dumb. Well aware that they could not defeat the enemies before them, the Dragon race's commander decided to retreat. After all, the Dragons had wings which allowed them to escape even if their paths were blocked.

    "Escaping? No way!" Elder Prince Otis laughed coolly as a few winged Beastmen appeared. Nets formed by the Forbidden Flight spell forced the Dragons back to the ground.

    Jiang Fei had once fallen prey to the same Forbidden Flight spell. This time, it was the Dragon race's members who were affected.

    "Bastards! You darned insects, I will kill you all!" The Dragons were the fiercest beasts in the game after all. Although they were far more intelligent and capable than the other beasts in the game, they were still beasts in the depths of their hearts.

    Once they were forced into a desperate situation, the beastly instincts of these Dragons were aroused. The infuriated giant Dragons began attacking the enemies around them regardless of which race they were from.

    Bam! The first Draconian Magic Spell was used and immediately resulted in a lot of casualties amongst the Nephilim race's soldiers. This was also the signal Jiang Fei and the others were waiting to join the battle.

    Although the Dragon race instantly killed thousands of the Nephilim and Oceanic race's members, there were still millions more. On the other hand, there were only a few thousand of the Dragon race's members.

    Indeed, there were very few high-tier Pure-blood Nephilim race members. Most of the soldiers in the Nephilim army were low-tier Nephilim races like the Sartres, Lava Demon Hounds or Fallen Demons. Although they were not as strong as the high-tier Nephilim races, they were much larger in numbers. The Oceanic races were even more abundant in their numbers. Basically, they had an endless supply of soldiers.

    As soon as the battle started, the Dragon race started attacking enemies in all directions. Within a few ten minutes, they had killed nearly 100,000 of their enemies. However, these Nephilim and Oceanic casualties were intentionally allowed so that the Dragon race's energy would be expended.

    Low-tier Nephilim race members continued to appear from the teleportation point while large numbers of the Oceanic races also surfaced from the waters and charged toward the Dragons. Regardless of how many of their enemies the Dragon race had managed to kill, more enemies kept showing up around them.

    Gradually, the Dragon race's members started to feel exhausted. Even if these Dragons were well-known for their Magic powers, they were no longer able to use any of their Magic spells. Within half an hour, they had used up most of their energy. However, the enemies before them did not seem to decrease.

    "Brother Otis, I think it's time!" Triton glanced at Otis. Although their soldiers were dying in the millions, these two NPCs were not taking any action at all. This was because the casualties were already expected to occur.

    "Alright! It's time to reap what we sowed!" Otis nodded. Right then, the Dragon race's members were almost completely exhausted. The Dragon race had used up most of their energy to kill the low-tier enemies. It was now time for the main forces to eliminate the Dragons.
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