922 Destroyer of Kingdoms

    Although the Dragons were very brutal and managed to kill many players, their Health Points were also continually being reduced.

    The players might not have as strong capabilities as the Dragons, but they were larger in number. Without Mana, the Dragons were unable to use AoE magic spells to defeat their opponents. Thus, the Dragons continued to lose Health Points from being attacked by groups of players.

    In the beginning, the players appeared in groups of hundreds. There were at most five hundred players in one group. However, the players soon realized these Dragons were not playing by the standard rules. The Dragons would target the Clerics and kill them before attacking other players. Therefore, the players decided to form even larger groups.

    If groups of hundreds were insufficient, the players would try forming groups of tens of thousands. In fact, multiple groups of players might even attack the same Dragon. The already severely injured Dragons were soon killed off one by one.

    Jiang Fei and his group were exceptionally efficient. Although the Dragon they fought was an Overlord, Jiang Fei was equally powerful. Moreover, he also had Akatziris' support who was also an Overlord.

    Akatziris might not be considered powerful among Overlords. However, she had a lot of Disabling skills, which made things difficult for the Overlord Dragon. Coupled with Jiang Fei's horrifying Attack Power, the Overlord Dragon was soon killed.

    "Your life ends here!" Jiang Fei shouted angrily. As the Dragon's Health Points came close to zero, Jiang Fei used a few final skills to end the Dragon's life.

    "Ding! You have eliminated Giant Dragon Baronka! Obtained 3,000,000 Experience points, obtained 100 Dark Faction Reputation points, obtained 50 gold coins!"

    "Ding! You have performed well in the Dragon Slaying Battle, obtained 200,000,000 Experience points!"

    As Jiang Fei had dealt most of the damage in killing the Dragon, the open-ended quest rewarded him with a lot of Experience points on top of the amount shared equally with his group members.

    Jiang Fei smiled as he noticed the slight increment in his Experience bar. Previously, he was stuck at Level 90. Now that he had completed the Tier Challenge Quest, he could continue to level up.

    "Ding! You obtained the Title of Dragon Slayer!" Apart from Jiang Fei, everyone else in Empyreal Dragon obtained the system notification.

    As Jiang Fei already had the more valuable Title of the Mark of the Godslayer, the system naturally ignored the Dragon Slayer Title. Therefore, only the other players received the Title.

    There were two ways to obtain the Title of Dragon Slayer. Firstly, one had to rise through the ranks one at a time, from Explorer to Elite Explorer, and then finally to Dragon Slayer. Secondly, one could acquire the Title through contributing in a battle which eliminated a Dragon at the Overlord level or above.

    Players would receive a lot of respect for acquiring the Title. As such, they could be charged less for making purchases from NPC merchants or receive better rewards from completing quests.

    "Big boss, let's see what it dropped!" Little Rain called out. As the other Dragons had already been engaged by other guilds, Jiang Fei and his group were currently unoccupied. Moreover, with Jiang Fei around, the rest of the Empyreal Dragon could not be bothered with Lord level Dragons.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei walked over to the Dragon's corpse and flipped it around.

    "Shuffle!" A golden light flashed. Everyone was instantly disappointed.

    "Tsk... It's only Legendary!" Little Rain rolled his eyes. It was difficult for anyone to feel excited when they worked so hard and were rewarded poorly in return.

    Protective Dragon Tooth Charm (Necklace, Legendary)

    Physical Attack +3,000

    Agility: +1,000

    Strength: +200

    Equip: Each of your attacks will reduce the target's Physical Defense by 5% for five seconds. There can be a maximum of five stacks.

    Equip: Once you attack the same target five times, you will obtain the effect of Ferocious. Under this state, your attacks induce fear in the enemy for 0.1 seconds.

    Equip: Your attacks cause a tear in your enemy's wounds, resulting in a bleeding effect and dealing 1,000 damage every second. There can be a maximum of five stacks.

    Level Requirement: 90

    "Hehe, I'll take this..." Jiang Fei exclaimed excitedly after checking the equipment out.

    "Go ahead! Take it!" Everyone in Empyreal Dragon rolled their eyes. Regardless of what qualities the equipment had, it still required a player to be Level 90 to use it. Therefore, the others did not even think of asking for it. Apart from Jiang Fei, Seven Stars Warrior who had the highest level around was still very far away from Level 90. Everyone else would not be able to use the equipment for a very long time.

    Apart from the other impressive attributes, Jiang Fei was most pleased by the fact that the necklace provided him with 1,000 additional Agility points.

    This was because Jiang Fei had been holding on to a weapon for a very long time, but he had never been able to use it because he did not have enough Agility points.

    Abraham, Destroyer of Kingdoms (Two-handed Sword, Holy Item)

    Attack Power +100,000

    Strength: +8,000

    Vitality: +2,000

    Equip: Your attacks have a splash effect, dealing 80% damage to enemies in a three-meter radius around your target.

    Equip: You obtain passive skill (True) Bashful Halo. You and your allies in a fifty-meter radius have 300% increased Attack Power.

    Equip: You obtain passive skill Demon Rage. For the next thirty seconds, your Attack Power is increased by 500%. After Demon Rage ends, all of your attributes will be reduced by 50% for one hour. The cooldown period is four hours.

    Attribute Requirement: 2,800 Strength and 1,500 Agility.

    Title Requirement: Dragon Slayer.

    Remark: Abraham, Destroyer of Kingdoms was made using the First Demon King Abraham's broken horn. The incredible might of the sword is feared even by the Celestial beings.

    When Jiang Fei became a God of Crafts, he was no longer limited to use only smithing hammers. Moreover, with the Title of the Mark of the Godslayer, he also did not require the Title of Dragon Slayer to use the weapon.

    Jiang Fei also had 4,800 Strength, which was more than the required amount. The only thing he lacked was Agility points. However, now that he had acquired the Protective Dragon Tooth Charm, Jiang Fei's Agility points had increased to 2,300. He had fulfilled all of the requirements to use the Destroyer of Kingdoms.

    Clang! Jiang Fei pulled out the long Holy sword from his backpack.

    Roar! The moment Jiang Fei held the Abraham, Destroyer of Kingdoms in his hands, the sword responded with a sound which resembled a dragon's roar.

    In the next second, a system notification could be heard.

    "Ding! You have equipped the Abraham, Destroyer of Kingdoms. Your aura has been detected by the Demon King Ulysses. You will now be hunted by Ulysses."
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