923 Stronger than Imagined

    After equipping the Holy weapon, Jiang Fei checked his attributes.

    Name: Verdure Glider

    Race: Nephilim (High Human)

    Level: 90

    Class: Beginner God of Crafts

    Health Points: 564,768

    Attack Power: 1,709,040

    Physical Defense: 32,743

    Magic Defense: 309,255

    After holding the long sword in his hands, Jiang Fei's Health Points had nearly doubled. His Attack Power had even increased by ten-folds. Although Jiang Fei's Attack Speed was reduced after equipping the Abraham, Destroyer of Kingdoms, and he was now only able to strike four times each second with his sword instead of shooting eight arrows every second, the huge increment in his damage output compensated this loss.

    Moreover, the Holy sword also greatly benefitted his allies as the (True) Bashful Halo effect increased the Attack Power of all allies around him by threefold.

    Although Jiang Fei had to sacrifice his ranged attack and return to melee combat, he still had very high movement speed from his Romeo Title, which meant it was difficult for the others to kite him. As long as Jiang Fei could get close to his enemies, he would be able to kill any of them swiftly.

    "Damn! The sword looks so cool!" The nearby players were all able to see Jiang Fei's new weapon.

    "Holy crap! My Attack Power has increased by a lot!" Many of the players noticed the enhancement in their attributes.

    "Alright! Let's see if there are any bosses around!" Jiang Fei started looking for a new target by riding around on his Juvenile Skygliding Dragon. He was eager to test his new sword out on an opponent.

    Right then, the other guilds had finally managed to kill the Dragon bosses they had engaged. After the Dragons were killed, the players cheered loudly as the bosses had provided them with a lot of Experience points as rewards. The equipment dropped were all given to core members in each guild.

    "Guild master, the Neutral Faction players are approaching!" One of the Bandits spying on other guilds shouted into the guild channel.

    "Oh?!" Jiang Fei temporarily shifted his attention to the matter at hand as he did not know why the Neutral Faction players were here.

    Very soon, the Neutral Faction players arrived on the battlefield. However, they did not seem to be interested in joining the battle. They merely observed from afar. Not only did these Neutral Faction players not attack the Dark Faction players, but they also did not engage the Dark Faction NPCs.

    "Could they be here just to observe?" Jiang Fei frowned. He did not believe that was the case.

    "They're here! More bosses are coming!" Right then, the second wave of Dragons appeared.

    Although these Dragons were also heavily injured, their levels were clearly higher than the first wave of Dragons. After all, these Dragons had been able to stay alive for so long purely because of their strong capabilities.

    "Seven Stars Warrior, bring one-third of the members along to join me in fighting the Dragons. The rest of you, stay with Billy Boy and remain alert in case the Neutral Faction players start doing anything odd. There's no need to reason with them. Just attack!" Jiang Fei said after some thought.

    "Alright!" Seven Stars Warrior nodded as he started coordinating the players.

    "Guild master, don't worry. If these fellows are up to no good, we'll be sure to teach them an unforgettable lesson!" Billy Boy said as he nodded.

    "Guild master, I won't be joining you in fighting the Dragons," Little Rain said. The Seal Curse Spell was undoubtedly the most effective skill in PvP battles. Little Rain, who could cast two Seal Curse Spells consecutively, would definitely pose a huge threat against enemy players.

    Therefore, to be on standby to fight against the Neutral Faction players, Little Rain decided not to join Jiang Fei in fighting the Dragons. Instead, he decided to recover his Mana so that he would be ready for the next fight.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded. Although Little Rain had very good equipment, he was still a normal fire-based Magician. His attacks against single targets were not very effective, especially against very high-level bosses with strong Defense. He was better off fighting against other players.

    "That's the one!" Very soon, Jiang Fei selected one of the Intermediate Overlord Dragons as the group's next target.

    "Roar! Darned Adventurers! Get lost!" This Dragon boss clearly had more intelligence than the others.

    "Tsk! So what if you're bigger?" Jiang Fei snorted as he steered the Juvenile Skygliding Dragon toward the boss. Although this Dragon was an Intermediate Overlord boss, it had lost a lot of its Health Points. It was left with around 200,000,000 Health Points and had used up all of its Mana.

    "Darned insect! Die!" When the Dragon saw Jiang Fei still blocking in its way, it immediately used Dragon's Breath on him.

    "Take this!" Jiang Fei shouted after taking damage from the Dragon's Breath. Although Jiang Fei had lost more than 80,000 Health Points from the Dragon's attack, his Health Points recovered fully immediately. For Jiang Fei who had more than 500,000 Health Points, this Dragon's damage output was of no threat to him.

    "Ding!" Jiang Fei's sword came into contact with the Dragon's head.


    The damage of almost 1,600,000 appeared above the Dragon's head. Although the Dragon had very high Defense, it still took a lot of damage from Jiang Fei who was also an Overlord.

    "This is amazing!" Jiang Fei exclaimed loudly. He continued to swing the huge sword in his hand. In three seconds, Ruthless Barrage was fully stacked.

    After Ruthless Barrage had been fully stacked, Jiang Fei's Attack Power reached a frightening 5,000,000. On top of that, the Protective Dragon Tooth Charm shaved off the Dragon's Defense by 25%, which made Jiang Fei's damage output even higher.

    In fact, Jiang Fei noticed something incredible about the Protective Dragon Tooth Charm. The Ferocious effect was far more useful in battle than he had thought.

    After striking the same target five times consecutively, Jiang Fei would induce fear in the target for 0.1 seconds every time he attacked the target. Although it was a short period, it was enough to stun his opponent for a brief moment. However, with Jiang Fei's high Attack Speed, which allowed him to attack four times in a second, his opponent would be stunned four times per second. Although the duration was short, it was enough to prevent his enemy from reacting at all.

    For example, whenever the Dragon raised its claw, Jiang Fei's attack would interrupt its attack. As soon as the Dragon opened its mouth, Jiang Fei's attack would also interrupt it from using Dragon's Breath. Although the duration of fear-induced was very short, Jiang Fei was still able to interrupt the Dragon's attack each time. The Dragon would have to restart its action after each time it was interrupted. Therefore, unless Jiang Fei's enemy had a faster Attack Speed than Jiang Fei, it would not be able to attack him at all.
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