924 Beard the Lion in His Den

    Jiang Fei was pleasantly surprised by how the Legendary necklace was able to benefit him as much as a Celestial item could. As long as he increased his Attack Speed to the maximum, he would be undefeatable. If Jiang Fei successfully attacked a target five times consecutively, his opponent would not be able to respond at all. Jiang Fei would be able to continue hitting his target until it was dead.

    However, Jiang Fei had also discovered that the Protective Dragon Tooth Charm's effect did not work when he used the Heaven's Breaker Twilight Bow. It seemed that the effect would only be activated when Jiang Fei was in melee combat.

    'Looks like I need to spend more time to search for the assassin!' Jiang Fei thought to himself.

    To significantly increase his Attack Speed, Jiang Fei would have to continue wooing women to increase the number of Love Contracts signed. By doing so, his Infatuation skill would continue to stack his Attack and Movement Speed. Although this was a viable plan, Jiang Fei was not entirely on board with it. After all, having too many women around was not good for him.

    Apart from that, Jiang Fei also had another option, which was to look for the Cauldron of Agility. The increment of 100,000 Agility points would allow him to instantly acquire a massive amount of Attack and Movement Speed.

    However, Jiang Fei still had no clue about who the assassin who once ambushed him might be. Ever since then, Jiang Fei had never met the fellow again. It was almost as if the assassin had given up on killing Jiang Fei.

    Meanwhile, the Dragon Jiang Fei had engaged in battle was about to be killed. Although it was powerful, its might was hindered by Jiang Fei's Protective Dragon Tooth Charm. With Jiang Fei's incredibly high frequency of attacks, the Dragon was not able to counterattack at all. It was stunned four times in each second.

    "Roar!" As the Dragon cried pitifully, its Health Points had been reduced to zero. After that, Jiang Fei received another system notification informing him about the Experience points gained.

    "Guild master, check out what this one has dropped!" Little Rain and the others gathered around Jiang Fei. After all, they were all unimpressed by the previous Legendary equipment dropped.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded as he walked toward the Dragon's corpse.

    However, right then, a red light flashed above the corpse.

    "Ding! Player Dreamy Star has made a hostile move toward you!"

    A system notification suddenly appeared before Jiang Fei. However, neither was he attacked, nor did anything happen to him physically.

    However, just as Jiang Fei came around to his senses, the Dragon's corpse had turned gray. This meant that the equipment the Dragon dropped had been snatched away.

    "Damn!" Jiang Fei exclaimed. Although only players who had killed the Dragon could pick up the item dropped, someone appeared to have used a special tool to override that rule. It must have had something to do with the red light that flashed earlier. Therefore, Jiang Fei had not even been able to see anything when the item was snatched away.

    "Piece of **!" Although Jiang Fei was furious, there was nothing he could do. Jiang Fei might be very powerful, but he did not have any skills to detect hidden targets. He used to not worry about hidden targets because 0541 was around to alert him. 0541 would usually notify him if there were any hidden target creeping around.

    However, 0541 was still under the effect of forced downtime. Therefore, Jiang Fei did not notice anything until someone had already snatched the item away from him.

    "Alright! Dreamy Star! I'll remember you!" Jiang Fei said angrily. When Seven Stars Warrior instructed someone to use Illuminate, the fellow who had stolen Jiang Fei's equipment was long gone.

    "Lady Casanova! Find out who Dreamy Star is. How dare he steal from me?" Jiang Fei was truly infuriated. Things had always gone smoothly for him in the game since he first started playing it. Nothing of this sort had ever happened before.

    "Alright!" Lady Casanova nodded. She would have to instruct someone to check on the player after they returned to the guild's base. For now, everyone was occupied on the battlefield.


    While Jiang Fei was still fuming because of what happened, a player suddenly appeared amongst the Neutral Faction's group of players.

    Invisibility was a high-tier Magician's classic skill. Although one could not attack under the state of Invisibility, it was much safer as compared to Stealth of Bandits or Assassins. Unless other Magicians used Anti-Invisibility in advance, nobody would be able to detect the player.

    "Pay up!" Dreamy Star waved his hands at the fellow in front of him. There was a piece of shiny golden equipment in Dreamy Star's hands.

    "I'll be damned! You did it!" Tutu smiled as he raised his thumbs. "You are the only person who has the courage to steal a Holy Item from Jiang Fei!"

    "Enough of your rubbish. I've won the bet. Pay up!" Dreamy Star rolled his eyes. He was not a close friend of Tutu's. The only reason he had stolen from Jiang Fei was to win a bet.

    "That's not a problem at all! I always fulfill my promises!" Tutu laughed as he directly transferred 200,000 gold coins to Dreamy Star. Tutu then asked, "Are you going to sell the Holy Item you stole? I'm willing to buy it. Just make an offer!"

    "I will sell it, but not to you!" Dreamy Star turned around after receiving the payment.

    "Eh? Are you concerned that I won't have enough to pay you? Who will you sell it to?" Tutu blocked Dreamy Star's path. Tutu was a high-ranking military commander with an abundance of money. Meanwhile, Holy Items were hard to come by and were indeed priceless.

    "Of course I will sell it to Verdure Glider!" Dreamy Star laughed coldly. He then continued walking forward without looking back.

    "Interesting! If you dare to sell the item to Verdure Glider at the market price, I will give you another 100,000 gold coins!" Tutu was very impressed by Dreamy Star's courage. Dreamy Star was actually planning to sell something which he stole to the person he stole it from.

    "Hehe! Deal!" Dreamy Star nodded and proceeded to leave.

    "Verdure Glider, you have wronged me in the past. It's your turn to suffer now. This is karma!" Tutu laughed coolly he as observed the battlefield from afar. Not too long ago, Tutu had plans to annihilate Empyreal Dragon on behalf of the Light Faction. However, Jiang Fei had messed up Tutu's plan by bringing more troops to fight against him. Tutu had almost lost everything in that battle.

    If it were a direct battle between Tutu and Billy Boy's armies, Tutu might have succeeded with his perfect plan despite having weaker skills. The only thing which he failed to expect was Jiang Fei's sudden arrival, which caused his final defeat.

    Therefore, when he saw how Jiang Fei had suffered, Tutu felt very happy. He might have spent 200,000 gold coins without getting anything in return, but he felt that it was worth it.

    "Darn him! He'd better not appear around me. Otherwise, I'll skin him alive!" Little Rain fumed when he heard about what happened.

    "Ahh! We were too careless. Who would have known that such a tool existed?" Lady Casanova shook her head. As the game's system normally restricted the dropped items to only be accessible to players who killed the monsters, none of them had expected the incident to occur.
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