927 Changes in the Martial Art Alliance

    Although the decision to destroy the Dragon race's nest was made, the Nephilim and Oceanic races needed to regroup their army. Therefore, it was not possible for them to mobilize their army on the same day. Meanwhile, Jiang Fei returned to the Demon Dragon Fortress and arranged for Lady Casanova to compensate the players.

    Despite the fact that Empyreal Dragon's members had lost a lot of their equipment, Jiang Fei was able to compensate them handsomely. As Rosette Rose had managed the guild's finances well, the guild had accumulated a significant amount of wealth. Since the players lost their equipment due to their participation in a guild activity, their losses were naturally borne by the guild itself.

    After that was sorted out, Jiang Fei spent time with Sylphy, Nina, and the other girls until it was time to go offline.

    At six o'clock in the morning, Jiang Fei logged out of the game.

    As 0541 was still affected by the forced downtime, no one was around to bug him. Jiang Fei came up with a simple plan for the day.

    Although Jiang Fei wanted to spend more time with his parents, there was a lot of work he needed to attend to, including matters related to the Martial Art Alliance and Han Tianyu.

    After breakfast, Jiang Fei went over to visit Han Tianyu.

    With Ariel's presence, Jiang Fei did not need to spend time on the road. In an instant, Ariel and Jiang Fei teleported directly to their target location.

    "Senior!" As soon as Jiang Fei appeared, Hong Yu and the other ladies swarmed around him.

    "Hey, sorry to keep you waiting!" Jiang Fei smiled as he nodded. He had no choice but to leave Hong Yu and the other female Bio-Humans with Han Tianyu. After all, he could not have brought all of these young and beautiful women home. He would not be able to explain it to his parents.

    "Ah Fei, you're here!" Han Tianyu said as he walked over.

    "Brother Yu, I am here to discuss arrangements at the Winter Islands," Jiang Fei said and explained why Welton came to visit yesterday.

    "It's great if those people choose to stay. Otherwise, what would we do with a desert island? I don't have a problem with treating them nicely. However, if they start being arrogant, I won't hold back!" Han Tianyu agreed to Jiang Fei's request to treat the islanders well. However, Han Tianyu would not be forgiving if they behaved in a crooked manner.

    "It's all up to you. I don't mind." Jiang Fei shook his head as he laughed. He really was not interested in managing the islands he owned. If not for Braveheart's fragments on the islands, Jiang Fei would not have even cared.

    "Alright, leave it all to me!" Han Tianyu nodded seriously. Although Jiang Fei truly did not care about the islands, Han Tianyu felt that he had been entrusted with a huge responsibility.

    If Jiang Fei was the king of the Winter Islands, Han Tianyu would be akin to the prime minister in charge of all military affairs. Han Tianyu felt appreciated and was glad he had chosen to be Jiang Fei's follower.

    Although Han Tianyu had also held an important position in China, he had a far grander title now.

    "Hong Yu, you and the other girls will stay with Han Tianyu for now. He might meet some troubles when he visits the Winter Islands. Please do as he says if that happens," Jiang Fei said to Hong Yu and the other female Bio-Humans.

    "Yes, senior!" Hong Yu and the other female Bio-Humans were fully obedient to Jiang Fei's commands.

    "Ah Fei, you are so generous!" Han Tianyu laughed. The level of security Han Tianyu was offered was perhaps even better than most government officials. After all, no one else in any country would have twenty-four Advanced Level 4 metahumans as their personal security guards.

    "Hehe..." Jiang Fei shook his head helplessly. He then said to Hong Yu and the rest, "I'll visit you often!"

    "Alright!" Hong Yu and the others nodded. Although they all seemed unwilling to part ways with Jiang Fei, they still obeyed Jiang Fei's commands as they were from the military.

    "Damn... this is tough!" Jiang Fei felt guilty after noticing the unwillingness in the eyes of Hong Yu and the other ladies.

    However, Jiang Fei was clueless about dealing with these ladies' emotions. After all, he did not have as much affection for them as he did for Isabella or Si Tuying. He had only attracted so many girls because of 0541's plan. Therefore, he felt very guilty toward Hong Yu and the other girls.

    "What am I going to do in the future?" Jiang Fei frowned. Based on 0541's projection, Jiang Fei would probably be surrounded by more ladies in the future. This would mean more trouble for him.

    After connecting Han Tianyu with the Mutants Brotherhood, Jiang Fei allowed Han Tianyu to deal with the rest. Jiang Fei was not worried about when the military would depart from the Winter Islands or when Han Tianyu would officially take over. He would retrieve Braveheart's fragments once Han Tianyu gave him the notice.

    After sorting things out with Han Tianyu, Jiang Fei and Ariel returned to Manda Square. However, Jiang Fei did not return home directly. Instead, he walked over to the unit across from his home.

    Although the war in Tokyo had ended, and most martial artists had returned to their own sects to rest and recover, the Yang sisters still lived across from Jiang Fei. According to them, they were there to ease the process of communication between Jiang Fei and the Martial Art Alliance. However, the two ladies probably had ulterior motives which Jiang Fei was not aware of.

    The Soaring Cloud Sect was thoroughly destroyed in the war in Tokyo. Not only were most of their elite members killed, some of their disciples even betrayed the masses by pledging their loyalty to the mutants. The biggest sect in the Martial Art Alliance had tarnished its own reputation overnight.

    Even if Feng Tianqi was a Level 5 expert, he could not stop everyone from gossiping. Instead, he decided to retreat into the mountains so that his remaining disciples could rest and recover. One day, they would find their way back to glory.

    Although Ye Tianshun had almost thoroughly destroyed the Soaring Cloud Sect's reputation, Feng Xuanyi and Chen Xuanming had sacrificed their lives to fight against their enemies. The two's brave act had earned them a lot of respect from the rest of the martial artists. In fact, the disciples who followed after them had also done the same and earned an equal amount of respect from the other sects.

    All in all, the Soaring Cloud Sect was done for. Other sects in the Martial Art Alliance each acquired new positions. The Snow Mountain Sect and Rainbow Longsword Sect now held the highest positions in the Martial Art Alliance due to their outstanding performance in the war in Tokyo. The Aquamoon Heavenly Palace had also achieved quite a lot on the battlefield as their disciples obeyed Jiang Fei's instructions unwaveringly. Thus, they earned the right to be Jiang Fei's point of contact in the Martial Art Alliance.
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