928 A Profit from Anothers Misfortune

    Before Jiang Fei even knocked on the door, the door was already opened and Yang Qing appeared. After all, they were both martial artists. Besides, Jiang Fei was not intentionally hiding his aura. Therefore, it was not surprising that Yang Qing had detected his presence.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, you have finally come..." Yang Qing appeared joyful until she saw Ariel standing behind Jiang Fei.

    Yang Qing knew who this young lady was. She also knew that this lady had Level 5 capabilities. She was probably the one who defeated Ye Tianshun and others who had betrayed the Martial Art Alliance.

    Although everyone appeared to be around the same age, there was still some tension due to the presence of a Level 5 expert. While Ariel might only be following Jiang Fei around quietly, Yang Qing still felt pressured by her presence.

    "Alright! Let's talk inside!" Jiang Fei nodded and started walking through the door.

    "You're here." Yang Po did not seem particularly excited about Jiang Fei's arrival. However, when she saw Ariel, she immediately got up from the sofa and bowed respectfully at Ariel. "Greetings, Senior Ariel!"

    "Greetings, Senior Ariel!" Yang Qing bowed as her sister did. Although this young lady who stood before the young sisters seemed very normal and rarely spoke, she was still a Level 5 expert. Therefore, the Yang sisters were very wary.

    "You're too kind. My senior is here to speak with the two of you. You can pretend that I'm not here," Ariel said chirpily. She had always been kind and approachable.

    "Yes!" The Yang sisters were still very respectful.

    "How are things with the alliance?" Jiang Fei asked straightforwardly. He was glad that he had brought Ariel along. Ever since Ariel's identity as a Level 5 expert had been exposed, the lower-tier martial artists had become very wary of her. Thus, they had also treated Jiang Fei with more respect. The Yang sisters, for example, had stopped bugging Jiang Fei whenever Ariel was around.

    "Everything is fine. However, all of the sects had suffered greatly from the war. Everyone is resting and nothing is being planned at the moment," Yang Po answered.

    The Martial Art Alliance had become much more united now. However, the alliance's capabilities was also significantly reduced due to the casualties suffered by the martial artists in Tokyo.

    Moreover, ever since Feng Tianqi had announced that his sect would remain secluded in the mountains, none of his disciples were allowed to leave the mountains. Basically, the Soaring Cloud Sect had become a nominal part of the Martial Art Alliance and would not be physically involved with the alliance's affairs. As such, despite there being greater freedom of speech among the other sects, the alliance as a whole had become much weaker.

    Fortunately, the Martial Art Alliance was not the only party that had suffered. The mutants suffered an ever greater loss with over 75% of their members killed. Although the remaining mutants had managed to retain the Bio-Technology, they would need a very long time to recover.

    While metahumans in Europe did not lose much, they were weaker, to begin with. Thus, although the Martial Art Alliance and the mutants had both suffered greatly, the European Vatican still did not pose a threat to them.

    After Jiang Fei heard the Yang sisters' explanation of the situation in the Martial Art Alliance, he shared his thoughts.

    "The mutants have the Bio-Technology. They might recover their former strength in perhaps years or even decades. What about the martial artists? They would probably need at least decades to a century to recover," Jiang Fei said as he laughed.

    "Senior Jiang, please be straightforward!" Yang Po said as she stared into Jiang Fei's eyes. The martial artists were well aware of what Jiang Fei was trying to say. After all, the mutants' capabilities were the result of genetic mutation. With their grasp of the Bio-Technology, even a Level 1 mutant would be able to evolve very quickly once his mutant ability was activated.

    On the other hand, gifted martial artists were very rare. The training required for martial artists to become capable required at least a decade to complete. Therefore, although the Martial Art Alliance did not lose as much as the mutants did, they required a much longer time to recover their powers.

    Yang Po was smart. She knew that Jiang Fei would not point out something like that and not offer any solution. Jiang Fei must have discovered a way to speed up the Martial Art Alliance's recovery. It all depended on what his offer was.

    "Hehe, I might have a way to speed up the training process for martial artists. Although they still need to spend time practising the techniques, I can hasten the progress in their levels!" Jiang Fei laughed as he said.

    As Jiang Fei had promised that he would help Shang Guanqi with increasing her capabilities, he had already asked 0541 to develop potions to strengthen the martial artists. Although the potions were not completed yet, the development process was nearly done.

    There were several reasons why Jiang Fei wanted to offer these potions to the Martial Art Alliance. Firstly, he needed to experiment with the potions on other martial artists before using them on Shang Guanqi. Jiang Fei and his parents treated her as part of the family. Thus, Jiang Fei did not want anything unfortunate to happen to her.

    Secondly, Jiang Fei was eyeing the best martial art techniques from each of the major sects in the Martial Art Alliance. Jiang Fei had previously requested 0541 to create a set of ultimate martial art techniques for him. However, 0541's progress had been very slow. After all, developing the set of techniques required a lot of energy, especially in calibrating data. Therefore, 0541 could not complete it in a short span of time.

    Therefore, Jiang Fei shifted his attention to the best martial art techniques from each of the major sects in the Martial Art Alliance. Although Jiang Fei did not plan to learn those techniques directly, he knew that 0541 would be able to use them as references. Consequently, 0541 would be able to reduce the energy used to calibrate data and also speed up the production of the set of ultimate martial art techniques.

    These were the main reasons why Jiang Fei had come to visit the Yang sisters. He wished to cooperate with the Martial Art Alliance.

    "This..." Yang Po hesitated after listening to Jiang Fei's proposal. The decision was not hers to make.

    "You don't need to reply immediately. Send my message to the rest of the sects. They can take their time to consider my offer. It's not urgent!" Jiang Fei said with a chuckle.

    Although Jiang Fei wanted to acquire his own ultimate martial art techniques as soon as possible, he did not want to rush things. After all, if he sounded urgent, the Martial Art Alliance might try to bargain for more. Waiting it out was the better option as Jiang Fei would then have the upper hand in the negotiations. He had learned how to be an effective negotiator from spending so much time with Han Tianyu.
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