930 I Dont Want Treasures

    After approximately half an hour, the Dragon race's gates were finally destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of the Nephilim race and Oceanic race's soldiers charged through the gates and were headed for the Dragons.

    Although the gates were destroyed, the Nephilim race and Oceanic race's soldiers were still being killed by the Dragon's magic spells.

    "Charge! Continue charging!" Poseidon seemed exceedingly calm. Jiang Fei finally realized how cruel a leader could be.

    Since time immemorial, it has always been said that excellent commanders treated soldiers like their own sons. However, very few were aware that truly successful commanders had to be cruel. The saying that soldiers should be treated like sons was merely a guise to garner support and loyalty from the soldiers.

    "Kill them!" While countless of these low-tier soldiers charged toward the Dragons, none of them survived.

    The gates of the Dragon race's nest now appeared to be a massive meat grinder. Millions of the low-tier Nephilim and Oceanic soldiers were killed. If the Dragons' cruel magic spells had not turned these soldiers into ashes, there would have been a river of blood in front of the nest.

    Countless sacrifices were made. Since the dawn of time, only the commanders who had successfully conquered cities were recognized. The soldiers who sacrificed their lives were never appreciated.

    Just as Jiang Fei and the other players were dumbfounded by the scene that unfolded before them, the Dragon guards finally ran out of Mana. Although they did their best to kill their enemies, the Dragons were still greatly outnumbered by the armies of the Nephilim and Oceanic races. The Dragons' fate was quite predictable.

    "It's time to reap the rewards!" Augustus smiled devilishly. Right then, the pure-blood high-tier Nephilim and Oceanic troops appeared. These elite troops who also had an advantage in numbers were hardly threatened by the Dragons which had used up their Mana.

    Indeed, the Dragon guards had wasted too much of their Mana on the low-tier soldiers. By the time the tougher opponents showed up, the Dragons were already quite exhausted.

    "Kill them!" The Giant Whale Warriors charged toward the Dragons with huge iron anchors in their hands. As the anchors smashed into the Dragons, the latter's bones were instantly crushed.

    "So delicious!" The pure-blood Nephilims sliced the Dragons' throats with their giant scythes and even drank the blood which flowed out.

    Dragon blood provided a lot of benefits to the other races. However, the players still shuddered at the sight of such a cruel scene on the battlefield.

    "Kill them!" When the main forces from the two races joined the battle, the Dragon race's gates completely collapsed within five minutes.

    The two armies' commanders immediately rushed into the inner sections of the Dragon race's nest.

    There were only very few adult Dragons left in the nest. Most of them had been killed at the entrance. Now, only a few older and weaker Dragons were left in the inner sections of the nest. The rest of the baby Dragons did not stand a chance against even the players, let alone the two joined armies with terrifying powers.

    "Dragon God, things have already gone this far. Are you still not going to show up?" Poseidon mumbled to himself. If the Dragon race's nest was truly destroyed, the Dragon eggs would not be spared either. If the Dragon eggs were also destroyed, the Dragon race would become extinct once and for all.

    However, when the Nephilim and Oceanic race completely took over the Dragon race's nest, and all of the Dragons were killed, Dragon God Bennette Straz still did not show up.

    "This is strange!" Augustus said with a frown. The Dragon God was not known to be a coward. Why had he not showed up even when the entire Dragon race was being wiped out?

    The Dragon race was a thing of the past. From then on, some players might only bump into a few lucky low-tier Dragons which had survived the massacre. The race itself would no longer exist.

    "Ah Fei, come here. Let's discuss how we will share these battle rewards!" Augustus gestured for Jiang Fei to approach him. The Nephilim and Oceanic races had conquered the Dragon race and its storage of treasures. Everyone waited excitedly for their share of the prizes.

    "Yeah, Jiang Fei, go ahead and make your pick!" Poseidon laughed.

    "Your highnesses, I don't want any of the treasures here! You can have them all!" Jiang Fei replied with a smile.

    "Oh? What do you want then?" Augustus asked with his brows raised. Verdure Glider was here with hundreds of thousands of Adventurers. It was impossible for them to not want anything in return for their effort.

    "I want the Dragon eggs!" Jiang Fei revealed his pre-determined objective.

    "What will you do with them?" Augustus's heart sank. He was concerned that leaving the Dragon eggs undestroyed would cause him trouble in the future. He had plans to destroy these Dragon eggs since the beginning.

    "I am sure you are aware that Adventurers can sign contracts with habitants of this world. Under normal circumstances, both parties would need to agree to sign the contract. However, since these are eggs, they do not have the choice of rejecting any agreement!" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Hmm..." Augustus remained silent for a while before replying Jiang Fei in a serious tone, "You may have them. However, you must promise that these Dragons eggs can only be bound to Adventurers with the Soul Snatching Contract!"

    Soul Snatching Contracts were a cruel type of contract. Such contracts were even stricter than the one between Jiang Fei and Akatziris. Not only would the pet be robbed of any rights, but it would also lose its ability to think for itself.

    In other words, as long as this kind of contract was signed, the Dragons which hatched from these eggs would become powerful beasts without any intelligence. Moreover, if these Dragons were abandoned by their owners, they would die immediately.

    "That's not a problem!" Jiang Fei laughed. He did not have any sentiments toward these Dragon eggs. Therefore, he was not resistant to the cruel contract.

    "Then it won't be an issue! Poseidon, can you do me a favor?" Augustus relaxed when he saw that Jiang Fei had nodded in agreement. As long as this type of contract was signed, the Dragon eggs would not pose any threat to him.

    "Sure!" Poseidon nodded. He shared similar thoughts with Augustus. Both of them wanted to prevent the Dragon race from recovering their former glory.

    Very soon, the two Celestial beings worked together to cast a curse on the Dragon eggs. These eggs would not be hatched unless the Soul Snatching Contract was signed with their respective Adventurers.

    "It's done! Let's take them away!" Jiang Fei waved his hands. The players behind him swiftly started moving the eggs away.

    There was a shockingly high number of Dragon eggs in the nest. Jiang Fei later found out that there were close to 500,000 Dragon eggs stored in the nest.

    This was not surprising as the Dragons were known for their lewd behaviors. Nobody could control their reproductive desires. However, the survival rate of Dragons was very low. Only one or two out of 10,000 Dragons would survive into adulthood. This explained why there were so few adult Dragons.
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