932 New Potion Completed

    After a long conversation with 0542, Jiang Fei finally understood what had happened.

    Apparently, Jiang Fei was not the first person to possess Braveheart's core controller. The mysterious ring had been used by many earthlings before Jiang Fei's time. However, back then, the state of technology was not very advanced on earth. Therefore, the Intelligent Assistance System was not able to help the ring's previous owners as much as it could help Jiang Fei now. In spite of that, the ring's past owners had still achieved quite a lot during the time they possessed it.

    Some of the previous owners of the ring included a famed emperor, an evil yet powerful wizard, and even a religious guru who created his own religion and was later claimed by others to be a god. Although some of them were evil and others not so, all of them possessed incomparable powers. Unfortunately, the state of technology on earth was not developed enough back then for the Intelligent Assistance System to acquire sufficient data flow to repair itself and to replenish its energy. Therefore, the past owners of the mysterious ring were unable to locate other Braveheart fragments. None of them were able to attain Level 5 capabilities, and ultimately all of them faded into history.

    In the process of communicating with interim captains, it was inevitable that the previous Intelligent Assistance Systems would evolve. Once they acquired emotions, they would normally breach regulations while assisting their captain.

    To restrict the Intelligent Assistance System's evolution, Planet Namek had set very strict regulations. As soon as these regulations were violated, the Intelligent Assistance System would be locked permanently or even deleted. The data flow contained within the system would create a new Intelligent Assistance System to replace the previous one.

    Before Jiang Fei discovered 0541, there were actually 540 other Intelligent Assistance Systems which had been locked or deleted due to their emotional decision-making.

    "This explains why 0541 had expressed admiration toward Ariel and Isabella more than once..." Jiang Fei mumbled to himself. As an intelligent system, being able to fully evolve was their greatest accomplishment. However, for 0541 who had greater intelligence than both Isabella and Ariel, this was only a dream which could never be attained.

    Making decisions out of emotional considerations was a clear sign of evolution for artificial intelligence. However, for Intelligent Assistance Systems like 0541, they would face the consequences of being emotional.

    Although 0541 had struggled many times in the past to avoid violating the regulations, it still became permanently locked in the end.

    After conversing with 0542, Jiang Fei got to know that nearly 330 of the Intelligent Assistance Systems had been locked while the remaining two hundred were simply deleted.

    0541 was only locked because it gave Jiang Fei very vague tips. If it had directly told Jiang Fei which girl he had to look for, 0541 would definitely have been deleted completely.

    "Ahh!" Jiang Fei sighed with annoyance. If he had known this would happen, he would not have forced 0541 to give him tips.

    However, it was far too late now. His regret would not change the outcome of 0541 being permanently locked.

    "Could this lock be opened?" Jiang Fei still held onto the final strand of hope.

    "Principally speaking, yes. However, you do not have the rights to do so at the moment!" 0542 answered.

    "How do I obtain the rights?" Jiang Fei raised his brows. He would not give up as long as there was a slight chance.

    "You must become Braveheart's official captain!" 0542 answered.

    "Oh, right!" Jiang Fei's eyes lit up. 0541 had once mentioned to him that as long as he rebuilt Braveheart, he would become its official captain. By then, Jiang Fei would be able to obtain all rights within Braveheart.

    "By the way, captain, the special energy potion you requested 0541 to produce is now complete. We can now experiment it on live subjects!" 0542 had inherited all of 0541's data. Therefore, it had knowledge of all previous tasks Jiang Fei had given to 0541.

    "Oh? In that case, prepare five sets of potions!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    "Please provide Bio-Samples, captain!" 0542 said.

    "That's a piece of cake!" Jiang Fei smiled. He used to be troubled by the difficulty of acquiring Bio-Samples from the high-tier Alien Beast. However, he had overcome that difficulty, and now getting the Bio-Samples was simply a walk in the park.

    After all, Jiang Fei had captured a Level 5 Alien Beast in Tokyo. Whenever he needed Bio-Samples, he would send Ariel to get them from the Alien Beast.

    After a while, everyone in the family woke up. Jiang Fei pulled Ariel aside after breakfast. "Ariel, I need your help!"

    "Yeah! Tell me what it is!" Ariel said obediently.

    "I need you to pay a visit to the Alien Beast. Get me one of its tentacles!" Jiang Fei said.

    "No problem!" Ariel nodded. Although she was disgusted by the Level 5 creature, she did not mind terrorizing the fellow if that was what Jiang Fei needed.

    After breakfast, Si Tuying went with Shang Guanqi to the martial arts training center to practice her battling techniques. Jiang Fei, on the other hand, retrieved the Zhanlu Sword from his spatial ring. With the Zhanlu Sword, the Alien Beast would not dare to deny Ariel of its tentacle.

    "I'm leaving!" Ariel instantly teleported right after accepting the Zhanlu Sword from Jiang Fei.

    As she had been to the Alien Beast's location several times, she was very familiar with how to get there.

    "Buzz!" A silver light flashed as Ariel appeared next to the lava rocks within Apple Hill.

    "Oh my lord, why are you here again..." The Alien Beast was close to tears when it picked up Ariel's familiar yet frightening aura. She was back after less than two months since her last visit.

    The Alien Beast had been diligently absorbing heat energy from the earth's core all this while. It had hoped that the Level 5 expert with the Zhanlu Sword would never visit again. Just as it had somewhat recovered and was prepared to leave next month, the expert was suddenly back.

    "Cut the crap!" Ariel used the Zhanlu Sword's sword energy to attack the Alien Beast.

    "Ouchhh!" The Alien Beast cried out pitifully as lava splattered into the sky. From the outside, it would appear that the most famous dormant volcano in Tokyo had just erupted.

    Although Ariel had swung the sword very lightly, it was still a Godblade. The valium material contained within was a deadly poison for any living being which possessed energy.

    Fortunately, the Alien Beast was also a Level 5 expert. Otherwise, it would have died instantly.

    Although the Alien Beast had used the energy in its body to lessen the impact of the attack, it was still greatly affected. Not only did it lose all of the energy it had been absorbing all this while, it actually even lost some of the previously stored energy. Even if it did not have to cut its own tentacle, it would still not be able to move away in less than a decade.

    In all honesty, Ariel had struck the Alien Beast intentionally. She had noticed that the Alien Beast was recovering far too well and predicted that it would attempt to escape very soon. Therefore, she decided to attack it so that it would not be able to move within the next ten years.
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