934 Another Quest Delegation

    With Augustus' approval of where Jiang Fei stood, Jiang Fei had undoubtedly become the next in line after Otis as the Nephilim King's successor. Despite that, Augustus was a Celestial being and would not die in the next few hundred centuries. Even Otis had no idea how long he needed to wait before he became the future Nephilim King, let alone Jiang Fei. It was next to impossible for Jiang Fei to take over the throne.

    Despite that, Jiang Fei was still promoted to the fourth most powerful person in the Nephilim race after the Nephilim King, the Nephilim Queen, and the Elder Prince.

    Therefore, the high-tier Nephilim members regarded Jiang Fei with an added sense of respect. Although the promotion in Jiang Fei's rank did not increase his Attributes, he now had a bigger say in managing affairs within the Nephilim race, which was definitely beneficial to him.

    "Alright! Let's discuss how we shall attack the Light Faction!" Augustus said as he gestured for everyone to calm down.

    All of a sudden, the entire great hall became silent.

    "Ah Fei, do you have any ideas?" The Nephilim King asked Jiang Fei. Clearly, he was allowing Jiang Fei an opportunity to exhibit his talents.

    "Your highness, I think that the Dark Faction's army should take the lead and confront the Light Faction head-on. This will draw the Light Faction's attention to the front and allow Adventurers to harass them continuously. The Celestial race will buy into the idea that we are fighting them from the front. We will then teleport the remaining members to the back of the Celestial race. These members will then cooperate with the Oceanic race to annihilate our enemies!" Jiang Fei explained the strategy which he had formulated a long time ago.

    "Your plan sounds good. However, how would we set up a teleportation point behind the Celestial race?" One of the Nephilim commanders queried.

    "I'll solve that problem!" Jiang Fei said with a smile.

    "Oh!? Can you do that?" Augustus was stunned. If Jiang Fei could really achieve what he had mentioned, the battle would become much easier for them.

    The Light and Dark Factions had occupied their respective territories for a very long time. Both parties had built castle after castle, and all of these castles were connected to each other. In a direct confrontation, the war would take at least three to five years to end even if the Nephilim race and the Oceanic race worked together.

    However, if Jiang Fei could set up a teleportation point in the region behind their enemies, which would be scarcely guarded, they would be able to surprise their enemies and take out the senior members of the Celestial race in a single strike. If that were the case, their enemies would become scattered, and it would be a piece of cake to round up the remaining soldiers.

    "I can do it!" Jiang Fei said with a serious tone as he nodded.

    "Alright! We'll do as you say!" The Nephilim King nodded in agreement.

    The Nephilim King had agreed without hesitation mainly because Jiang Fei's plan did not deviate much from the usual way of attacking. If Jiang Fei successfully set up a teleportation point in the inner sections of the Light Faction, the Nephilim army would naturally be able to bypass the Light Faction's line of defense.

    However, if Jiang Fei's plan failed, the Nephilim army would still be on standby. They could then march forward and attack the Light Faction from the front as usual. The only downside to this plan was that Jiang Fei would waste some material used to create the teleportation point. Otherwise, the Nephilim race's original battle plan would not be affected at all.

    "Otis! You will personally take charge of the frontlines. You must ensure that Ivan and the rest put the greatest amount of pressure on the Light Faction. Draw the Light Faction's attention to the front of the battlefield!" Augustus commanded. Although the Nephilim King looked after Jiang Fei out of respect for Ou Yezi, Otis was still his biological son and would, therefore, be given more opportunities to earn fame and honor.

    "Verdure Glider, I will now give you the right to coordinate the Adventures in the war against the Light Faction!" As the Nephilim King waved his hand, a golden light flashed upon Jiang Fei's body.

    "Ding! You have acquired the Right to Quest Delegation (Limited)!"

    "Awesome!" Jiang Fei was delighted. He immediately bowed to the Nephilim King, "Thank you, your highness!"

    Jiang Fei was very happy because the Nephilim King Augustus had given him the right to issue quests once again. Jiang Fei could now directly issue quests to other players.

    "Verdure Glider, don't let me down again!" The Nephilim King said as he stared straight into Jiang Fei's eyes. Clearly, he was warning Jiang Fei not to disappear in the middle of an important battle as he did in the past.

    "Your highness, don't worry. I will definitely not let you down!" Jiang Fei said assuringly. He understood that this was his last chance. If he failed to take full responsibility, he would never have another opportunity to receive the right to issue quests.

    After leaving the Nephilim King's Palace, Jiang Fei checked the details of his right to issue quests. This time, Jiang Fei could issue any PvP quests regardless of whether the target was part of the Light Faction's army.

    This meant that Jiang Fei could coordinate groups of players to fight against the Light Faction. He could also issue quests to Dark Faction players before they departed so that they would earn additional quest rewards while killing opponents.

    "Come on! Gather all the group leaders at the great hall!" Jiang Fei got down to the business of issuing quests as soon as he returned to the Demon Dragon Fortress.

    "Guild master, what's up?"

    "What's the rush? I'm still fighting monsters..."

    "Yeah, I'm leveling up soon!"


    Members of Empyreal Dragon who held positions of group leaders and above very quickly gathered at the great hall.

    "I have acquired the right to issue quests yet again!" Jiang Fei said. The group leaders in the guild all stopped complaining as soon as they heard Jiang Fei's words.

    They recalled that they had earned a lot of rewards the last time Jiang Fei obtained the right to issue quests. Although Jiang Fei had logged out of the game unexpectedly during an important battle due to urgent matters in the real world, Empyreal Dragon's members had still earned a lot of benefits before he left.

    Therefore, everyone was excited when they found out that their guild master had acquired similar rights. A new opportunity to get rich had come along.

    "Guild master! Hurry up!"

    "Yeah, we are all waiting to get rich with you!"


    "Alright! I am going to start issuing quests now!" Jiang Fei said as he began to issue two types of quests. The first was a type of quest against monsters. Players who enjoyed PvE battles could form groups to assault the small monsters near the Light Faction's borders. This type of quest rewarded players quite handsomely.

    The second type of quest was purely for PvP players. Anyone who accepted the quest would be able to assassinate players from the Light Faction and be rewarded accordingly.

    The first type of quest was more suited for PvE players like Seven Stars Warrior and Lady Casanova as they were more skilled in fighting monsters. Even if they only killed a Lower Lord from the Light Faction, they would still receive significant rewards.

    The second type of quest was considerably less rewarding. However, it still suited PvP players like Billy Boy and Little Rain, who would normally form groups to kill other players. Now that they earned additional quest rewards for doing what they normally did anyway, there was nothing to lose.
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