935 Dreamy Star

    As Jiang Fei issued the quests, Empyreal Dragon's players started getting to work. Seven Stars Warrior immediately brought players to hunt for Light Faction's commanders while Billy Boy and Little Rain brought others to the PvP battlefield. The latter group of players was very motivated by the additional rewards from fighting PvP battles.

    After everything was sorted out, Jiang Fei asked Lady Casanova, "How is the investigation going?"

    "I have news about Dreamy Star. However, I still haven't found the Cauldron of Agility," Lady Casanova said as she shook her head. After all, she had only started the investigations a few days ago. Even if she had a lot of contacts throughout the game, she still needed time to search for certain things.

    Lady Casanova had been able to find Dreamy Star primarily because he had delivered himself to her doorstep.

    Originally, Dreamy Star had plans to contact Jiang Fei directly. After all, he had made a bet with Tutu that he would sell the Holy Item to Jiang Fei whom he had stolen it from in the first place. However, he later found out that Jiang Fei had blocked all incoming friend requests, and there was no way he could contact Jiang Fei otherwise. Therefore, he decided to reach out to other officials in Empyreal Dragon. That was how he ended up contacting Lady Casanova.

    "Oh? Did he look for me on his own initiative?" Jiang Fei was surprised.

    "Yeah!" Lady Casanova nodded.

    "Invite him out then. I'd like to meet him in person!" Jiang Fei decided he would meet Dreamy Star in person to find out why this player had had the guts to steal from him.

    "I'll make the arrangements!" Lady Casanova replied and immediately reached out to Dreamy Star.

    After the necessary arrangements were made, Jiang Fei and Dreamy Star finally decided to meet in a tavern in Dawnlight City. Dreamy Star had chosen that place due to his own safety considerations.

    After all, this was the main city for beginners. There were high-tier guards all over the place. With these guards around, Jiang Fei would probably be deterred from acting out of place against Dreamy Star.

    However, Dreamy Star had clearly underestimated Jiang Fei's capabilities. Most of the guards in the beginners' main city were only Level 70 and Level 80 Advance Elites. Occasionally, there would be a Leader amongst these groups. These guards had no problem overpowering normal players who did not play by the rules.

    However, Jiang Fei had already acquired Overlord capabilities. None of these guards could even defeat him. Every main city had a mayor. If someone broke the rules by attacking others in the main city, he would become the public's enemy. If not for such concerns, Jiang Fei would have occupied cities on his own.

    Two hours later, Jiang Fei arrived at the tavern in Dawnlight City as planned. He finally met Dreamy Star in person.

    Dreamy Star (Elf, Penta-Elemental Mage)

    Level: 72

    Health Points: 32,000

    Mana Points: 50,000

    Jiang Fei took a quick look at Dreamy Star's Attributes. From the looks of his Health Points and Mana Points, Dreamy Star was still far from becoming an elite Magician despite his adequate equipment. However, with the attribute boosts from his Hidden Class, Dreamy Star had rather strong battle powers.

    "You actually dare to seek me out. You are quite brave!" Jiang Fei nodded at Dreamy Star when they met. As 0542 had already been reactivated, Jiang Fei was not worried that Dreamy Star would become invisible again. 0542 would be able to detect Dreamy Star even if he was in the invisible state. Besides, Jiang Fei could easily kill Dreamy Star with a single attack.

    "Of course. I have always been brave." Dreamy Star smiled in return. As he could not see Jiang Fei's attributes, and they were still in the main city, Dreamy Star thought that he would be safe. However, Dreamy Star did not realize that Jiang Fei was capable of killing him even if the guards tried to stop him.

    "Tell me. Why did you seek me out?" Jiang Fei did not take action immediately. He wanted to know what trick this fellow had up his sleeves.

    "Let's talk inside!" Dreamy Star said as he sent a group invitation to Jiang Fei. Clearly, he wanted to invite Jiang Fei into a room in the tavern.

    The tavern was similar to dungeons. Players could only enter the same room once they had formed a group. It was relatively safer to converse in a private room.

    "Sure!" Jiang Fei accepted Dreamy Star's group invitation.

    "You..." After the group was formed, Dreamy Star was lost for words when he saw that Jiang Fei had close to 560,000 Health Points.

    "Let's go inside!" Jiang Fei took the lead as he walked into the tavern.

    "Ehh..." Dreamy Star suddenly felt remorseful. He had taken on too great a risk in meeting Jiang Fei out of the blue. If Jiang Fei was determined to kill Dreamy Star, nobody in the city could stop him due to his high Health Points.

    Moreover, Jiang Fei was well-known in Dawnlight City for his overpowering Attack Power. Dreamy Star was not even sure if he would survive a single attack from Jiang Fei. The only way he could protect himself was to use invisibility.

    Although Dreamy Star now felt he had acted too rashly, Jiang Fei had already walked into the tavern. If he wanted to win the bet he made with Tutu, he would have to enter the tavern.

    "Nevermind! The higher the risk, the greater the reward!" Dreamy Star finally gritted his teeth and walked into the tavern.

    In the room inside the tavern, Jiang Fei chuckled when he saw Dreamy Star walking toward him. "Can we talk now?"

    "Yeah!" Dreamy Star drew in a deep breath before speaking. "I found a piece of pretty good equipment when I was strolling outside a few days ago. I think you might be interested."

    "Hehe. You found it?" Jiang Fei was trying very hard to control his temper.

    "Yeah! I found it!" Dreamy Star shrugged.

    "Alright. Tell me more." Jiang Fei pretended to be interested as he smiled at Dreamy Star.

    "Don't you want to know what I found?" Dreamy Star asked.

    "Tell me what it is." Jiang Fei suddenly felt interested.

    "It's a Holy Item!" Dreamy Star said as he sent a message with details of the item to Jiang Fei.

    High Humans' Willpower (Accessory, Holy Item) (Locked)

    Requirement to Unlock: God's Ichor!

    Remark: High Humans' Willpower is a crystal that will unveil tremendous powers after being unlocked.

    "It's actually a Holy Item!" Jiang Fei was surprised. After all, the Dragon that he killed previously had only dropped a piece of Legendary equipment. Although the Protective Dragon Tooth Charm had insane attributes, it was still a lower-tier item. Jiang Fei could not believe that the Dragon he killed, later on, had actually dropped a Holy Item.

    Although the Holy Item required God's Ichor to be unlocked, and Jiang Fei had already used the God's Ichor he possessed to unseal Wu Geng's tomb, he knew that he would still meet another Ancient God later on. He would find ways to unlock the Holy Item when the time came.

    "What do you think? If you are interested, you may offer a price," Dreamy Star said calmly.

    "Don't you know that you should never bring the goods along to a trade negotiation?" Jiang Fei asked with a devilish smile.

    Jiang Fei could not help but feel that this was a joke. Dreamy Star had clearly stolen the item from Jiang Fei, and now he was selling it back to Jiang Fei. Although players would lose items randomly from their backpack when they died, the chances of getting the desired item to drop from repeated kills were quite high. Jiang Fei believed that he would be able to make the Holy Item drop before he kicked him back to the Beginner's Village.

    While players did not lose Experience points in faction regions, players' levels would still be reduced if they died in Dawnlight City.
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