937 Not in a Hurry

    Jiang Fei handed the negotiating matter over to Lady Casanova. After Billy Boy was done with the battlefield, he would go and look for Evil Laughter. Although Jiang Fei would have to fork out a lot for the Cauldron of Agility, he still felt like this was easier than hunting Evil Laughter down and killing him.

    For Jiang Fei, it was not difficult to kill Evil Laughter. Basically, a slash of his sword would do the job. However, the problem was that this guy had the Cauldron of Agility. He was amazingly fast and Jiang Fei could not catch up with him. Moreover, this guy was also a retired professional player. He was pretty skilled and quite vigilant. It was not that easy for Jiang Fei to ambush him.

    If Jiang Fei's surprise attack failed, this guy would become more alert. Then, he would be even more difficult to deal with. So, it was naturally the best if Jiang Fei could make him give the Cauldron of Agility up voluntarily.

    Now, Jiang Fei finally understood what Han Tianyu always told him at the beginning-any problem that could be solved with money was not a problem at all!

    After everything was arranged, Jiang Fei played around with Sylphy and the other NPC girls for a while. Soon, it was time to go offline.

    After exiting the game, Jiang Fei and his family had breakfast together. Then, Shang Guanqi brought Si Tuying out to practice. Recently, Si Tuying had become more diligent. According to Shang Guanqi, Si Tuying was very talented and was improving very quickly.

    Shortly after breakfast, Jiang Fei noticed two martial artists had arrived at the door of his home.

    These two martial artists were not strangers to Jiang Fei. They were the Yang sisters.

    "Quite early!" Jiang Fei smiled. The sisters came over to bring him to meet the officials of the Martial Arts Alliance.

    "Ariel, let's go!" Jiang Fei called for Ariel. Before the Yang sisters could knock on the door, he took the initiative to open it.

    "Senior Jiang, if you're ready, we can set off," Yang Po said to Jiang Fei.

    "Sure!" Jiang Fei nodded, then left Manda Square with the Yang sisters.

    Jiang Fei was familiar with the place where they were meeting. It was the Hidden Dragon Village located in the suburbs. It used to be Old man Hai's stronghold. Jiang Fei had been here more than once. Previously, he had even learned a set of martial arts skills from Old man Hai here.

    "This counts as a revisit, right?" Jiang Fei sighed. As he looked at the rows of stone-built houses from afar, he felt a little sad.

    Half a year ago, he only came here because old man Hai forced him to. Now, however, he could probably kill Old man Hai who was at the beginning stage of Level 4 with one attack.

    0542, how long until the new potion is completed? Jiang Fei asked in his heart.

    "Captain, it is expected to be completed in four hours!" 0542 replied.

    Very good! Jiang Fei nodded. Since the potions were about to be completed, he had even more capital for negotiation now!

    As they were all martial artists, everyone moved very swiftly. While Jiang Fei spoke to 0542, the four of them had already arrived at Hidden Dragon Village.

    "Hahahaha! Younger brother Jiang, you're here!" As soon as Jiang Fei arrived, Bai Wanli was the first to come out of a stone house to greet him.

    "Jiang Fei, long time no see. I hope that you've been well!" Ganyang Zhenren also walked out. Now, these two were undoubtedly the leaders of the Martial Arts Alliance.

    After the war in Japan, the Martial Arts Alliance suffered heavy losses. Soaring Cloud Sect had also withdrawn from the Martial Arts Alliance. Hence, the most powerful Snow Mountain Sect and Rainbow Longsword Sect had undoubtedly become the leading figures in the Martial Arts Alliance. The heads of the two sects naturally became the leaders of the Martial Arts Alliance.

    "You both look very well. I suppose there's something that you both are happy about recently?" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Hahaha! Jiang Fei, to us, the fact that we can see you today is the happiest thing!" Ganyang Zhenren laughed. Although he and Bai Wanli were obviously happy because they had soared in status, it was something they could not admit directly.

    "Come! Younger brother Jiang, let's talk inside!" Bai Wanli said as he grabbed Jiang Fei's wrist and both of them walked into the stone house together.

    "There's so many of you here!" Jiang Fei looked around and smiled at all the sect leaders. Basically, all the well-known sects were here.

    "Haha, younger brother Jiang, that's because you're an important person. As soon as they heard that you were coming, they rushed here to greet you!" Bai Wanli laughed.

    "Hehe..." Jiang Fei laughed. He was now sure that these martial artists were eyeing the new potion in his hands.

    As soon as he entered the door, Bai Wanli and Ganyang Zhenren started complimenting Jiang Fei. People would never put in the effort if there were no rewards. Jiang Fei was no longer an ignorant boy. He had been dealing with these martial artists for so long. What did he not understand?

    However, the more attentive these guys were, the happier Jiang Fei was. After all, the more these martial artists wanted the potion, the easier it would be for him to exchange it for advanced martial art techniques. If he got his hands on many top-level techniques, 0542 could refer to them and tailor special powerful ones for him.

    Alright! Be prepared to make a loss! Jiang Fei sneered in his heart. He was afraid that these martial artists would be fettered by traditions. If they believed that martial artists should not take shortcuts when it came to practicing martial arts, he would not be able to sell his potions. He would also not be able to find any testers.

    As long as these martial artists were interested in the potion, everything would go as planned. Jiang Fei did not care if they lowered the price too much, because the cost of making these potions was very low. All it needed was a Bio-Sample of a Level 5 alien beast.

    Although it was very hard to obtain these Bio-Samples, Jiang Fei was now raising a fat beast like Doomsday. So, he basically had unlimited resources. No matter what price the martial artists were going to offer him, Jiang Fei was confident that he could get his hands on all their high-leveled techniques.

    After beating around the bush for a while, they eventually got around to the topic at hand.

    "Younger brother Jiang, I heard that your master has developed a new potion?" In the end, Bai Wanli could not help but bring it up.

    Originally, these martial artists were planning to wait for Jiang Fei to bring it up. After all, Jiang Fei was the one who proposed this transaction first. However, Jiang Fei had been avoiding the topic ever since he walked in. This made the martial artists anxious. Why did they even rush over here in a hurry? For the potions, of course!

    One had to know that all the major sects had suffered heavy losses. It would take them at least a few decades to recover their strength. If they had bad luck and did not receive any talented disciples, it might take them hundreds of years. Hence, how could they not be excited when they heard that Jiang Fei had such a magical potion?

    However, the more these martial artists looked forward to it, the less hurried Jiang Fei was. He had been around Han Tianyu for so long that he had learned quite a bit. He certainly knew that the person who was in a hurry at the negotiating table would lose out. So, he kept beating around the bush. In the end, Bai Wanli took the bait and talked about the potions.
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