945 Almost Invincible

    Jiang Fei was so excited that he could not hold his sword straight. His stats with five Treasured Cauldrons in his inventory made him a boss-like character.

    Even though the Cauldron of Creation and the Cauldron of Commanding could not directly affect his active stats, the Intelligence Cauldron, the Spirit Cauldron, and the most recent one, the Cauldron of Vitality had given him stats that were overwhelmingly powerful. So powerful that Jiang Fei could literally be a one-man-army.

    Player Name: Verdure Glider

    Race: Covet Nephilim (High Human)

    Level: 90

    Class: Beginners God of Craft

    Health Points: 14,964,768

    Attack Power: 1,709,040

    Physical Defense: 572,744

    Magic Defense: 309,255

    With 10,000 Vitality points, Jiang Fei's total health pool was boosted from around 500,000 to over 10,000,000! Even though he was not as strong as an Overlord tier boss, he was still stronger than any ordinary Lord tier boss.

    10,000 points of Vitality did not just add Health Points, it also increased Jiang Fei's Physical Defense points. With the Vitality and Intelligence's Cauldron in hand, Jiang Fei's Physical and Magical Defense were boosted by so much that no ordinary player could harm him. Now that Jiang Fei was Level 90, any one below the acceptable Level range could literally deal zero damage.

    Jiang Fei's Defense was so high that Jiang Fei's physical damage reduction rate of almost 99% while his magical damage reduction rate at around 95%. Paired with the crazy fast Health and Mana regeneration rate that was granted by the Spirit Cauldron, no one besides an Intermediate Celestial NPC or higher could deal enough damage to actually kill Jiang Fei, that or any skill that could cause instant death.

    "No wonder Wu Geng said that the person who could gather all nine Treasured Cauldrons could become the leader for the War of the Heavens! With 10,000 in all stats, one would be a boss for a boss!" Jiang Fei said to himself.

    It was crucial for Jiang Fei to become strong since a Primordial Celestial would be much stronger. Even though Jiang Fei had somehow managed to kill the Evil God Solan, it was nothing considering the fact that Solan was just a small, unimportant character amongst the rest of the Evil Gods. Not even Ou Yezi could be their opponent. If it was not for the Primordial Celestials, there would still be High Humans walking amongst them.

    "Just how strong are the Primordial Celestials...?" said Jiang Fei to himself. Even though he was strong, Jiang Fei begun to worry about the true nature of the Primordial Celestials. Wu Geng once held all Nine Treasured Cauldrons and yet he was defeated and beaten like a dog.

    Right now, even if he managed to gather all nine Cauldrons, he would only be one-tenth of what Wu Geng could do. For better or worse, it was still a long journey ahead before the War of the Heavens could start.

    "Might as well not think too much about it," said Jiang Fei and decided to deal with the current matters at hand instead of the far future.

    After obtaining the Cauldron of Vitality, Jiang Fei had confidence that he could take on the Divine Light God and the Moon God. At first, he was skeptical about it but now, even though he might be able to kill them, the two Lower Celestial NPCs could not kill him as well!

    With such absolute god-like stats, might as well consider that Jiang Fei had invincibility cast on him. With such sheer confidence, Jiang Fei was not afraid to show himself to the world and take on whoever dared to stand against him.

    When Jiang Fei returned to the war zone, the battle between the Light and the Shadow Faction was still at a stalemate. Players of both sides were constantly dying at each other's hand, only to revive and charge into the fight again. Even though the war was purposefully being dragged, many, but not all, were still eager to fight the war for as long as possible. The motivation of gaining experience points just by running into the cannon fire and die was strong. So many of the players that had died more than 10 times had already gained a level.

    "This is so nice! If only there's such a quest being issued every single day!"

    "I know right?! I only wish that the enemies had more cannons! I've been waiting all day just to get shot in the face and die!"


    Jiang Fei could not help but laughed at the erratic behavior of players.

    "Verdure Glider? Where have you been?" Otis asked when he saw Jiang Fei coming back to join the war.

    Currently, the Shadow Faction had stopped sending in additional NPC soldiers since the number of adventurers that were willing to "die for the cause" was more than enough. The Light Faction was applying the same strategy however there was a small difference. The Light Faction had not send in any NPC soldiers since the beginning of the war. Players of the Light Faction could take less than a few minutes to revive in the fortress that they were defending. Reviving and returning to the warzone was as easy as walking a few meters. It was far, far more efficient than the players of the Shadow Faction. The distance between the warzone and the nearest Shadow Faction fortress was quite far.

    Even though there were just too much death to account for, the smile on Otis face did not fade away. The rate of the cannons on the Light Faction fortress wall had slowed down significantly since the start. It was obvious that the ammunition for the cannons was about to deplete, causing them to make every shot count!

    "A small personal matter. Nothing important!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Very well. From the looks of things, in less than two days, the Light Faction would have to request additional help from the rear defending forces. That, or they would stop using the cannons once they depleted their ammunitions, allow us to break pass the fortress defense. Either way, they will be destroyed!" said Otis. The current war progress was within speculations and no matter what the Light Faction choose to do next, it would be beneficial to the Shadow Faction.

    If the enemy chose to request reinforcements from the rear, Jiang Fei would then sneak in from the back and plant the Teleportation Circle. By the time the front had received their help, the Shadow Faction soldiers would then teleport directly into the fortress and attack them from within!

    If by any chance that the rear forces did not answer the call for help, Otis would then attack with the intention to destroy instead of waiting for Jiang Fei's plan to mature. He would lead the entire Shadow Faction soldiers to break through the front defenses and destroy the fortress that the Light Faction had been defending for so many years. Even with the perfect defense terrain, no one would be alive when Otis was done destroying all the fortresses.

    "Looks like there would not be much progress today," said Jiang Fei, sighing disappointingly. These Light Faction fortresses that had been defended for years were stocked with enough provisions that would last for a long time. Even though they might deplete their ammunition soon, the NPC soldiers would have more than enough provisions to last for a long time.

    "What are you talking about? What kind of war ends in just one or two days?! Verdure Glider, you need patience!" said Otis, calmly and nonchalantly.

    "Yes, sir!" Jiang Fei answered and stood next to Otis patiently.

    As time ticked away, today's session was ending soon. The number of times that players dying and reviving was just uncountable. Even though they were growing bored, the temptation of huge experience points reward gained from Jiang Fei's issued quests was strong. In just half a day, many players around had already gained a level. Some that were extremely diligent had gained two levels! As for the players from the Light Faction, the only thing that was keeping them in the war was their wits and their will. It's only a matter of time before they lose their morale!
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