947 A Visit to the Capital

    "If you help me, I will turn the table around! Not only would he change his impression about us, he will, I guarantee it, like us!" said Yang Qing with utmost confidence.

    "Please don't try it. Don't you see just what kind of people Jiang Fei have surrounded himself with? The other girls that were his juniors or seniors were much stronger, and even prettier than us. I do wonder where you got your confidence from," Yang Po retorted.

    "Heh. There's nothing to worry about! My plan is flawless! Just tell me if you're helping or not!" Yang Qing barked.

    "Enough is enough. What if your flawless plan accidentally backfires? What would you do if Jiang Fei is genuinely off to get you? Not even the entire alliance could stop him? I'm sure that the Aquamoon Heavenly Palace could do nothing to stop him," said Yang Po, worried for her sister.

    "Oh! Come on! I'm just trying to make him like us! How bad would I need to f*ck things up to make him hate us? Please... I need your help!" said Yang Qing as she leaned in from behind and begged with puppy eyes.

    "Urgh... might as well. At least I'll be there to see how you crash and burn!" said Yang Po before she pressed her knuckles on Yang Qing's forehead playfully. She was the elder sister. As long as the plan was not too crazy, she would always be there to support her younger sister. There was one other reason... Yang Po genuinely wanted to be with Jiang Fei. At the very least, at her current state of affairs with him, all she could hope for was just being accepted by him. The glare of hatred that Jiang Fei gave off to the girls was painful to watch.

    For Jiang Fei being surrounded by a mountain full of beautiful girls was nothing to be surprised about. It had always been that way for those that mingle in the Metahuman society. The strong attracts while the weak follows. Yang Po and Yang Qing were "sold" off as bargaining chips to get more pills. The consequences of Granny Jinghua had placed the two sisters in an awkward position. In truth, they were not loved, but from the eyes of the public, they were Jiang Fei's women and must never be touched. They had only two options left for them. They could either fight for Jiang Fei's attention, or be left alone for the rest of their lives. There was no other option.

    Yang Po might be the cool beauty, but she too, like most women, would want to love and be loved. Jiang Fei's attraction was unquestionable. He might not have the good looks of prince charming but he had the strength of a knight in armor tested in battle. If he were to be compared to the other guys in the alliance, Jiang Fei would lose when it came to charm and appearance. Even so, deep down, Yang Po did not care about that. Unconsciously, Yang Po was attracted to Jiang Fei because of his manner of conduct. It was an unconscious attraction since Yang Po had always been suppressing her emotions ever since she could even remember anything. Not even his twin sister could read what Yang Po was thinking about; not even she herself knew what she wanted in a man. She might not know it but deep down, she had started to grow wary of her emotions towards Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei was completely oblivious to what the two girls were planning. It was best that way since the closer he was to them, the more danger he would be exposed to. He could swear that the girls would try their best to use Jiang Fei in whatever manner they wanted. Hence, to play it safe, it was better to create a virtual barrier between them.

    When Jiang Fei returned home, the entire family was up and was getting ready for the day.

    "Mom, I'm going out for a bit. I'll be back before dinner!" Jiang Fei told his mother during breakfast.

    "Sure. Do come back earlier! I'm cooking tonight!" the mother replied.

    When the war between China and America ended, the ever-silent Shang Guanqi opened up about the Metahuman conduct to Jiang Fei's parents. They were informed roughly about everything there was needed to know about China's martial artists businesses and a little bit about the rest of the world. She also did not forget to inform how Jiang Fei had established himself in the alliance. Hence, when Jiang Fei informed the parents about going out, both of them were calm about it since they knew that Jiang Fei would be safe since they were informed about his "greatness".

    After breakfast and a quick clean up, Jiang Fei and Ariel left Manda Square and out of the city.

    "Where to?" Ariel asked.

    "The nation's capital! Green Willow's!"

    "Oh! That place must be in ruins!" said Ariel before teleporting the two of them with a snap of her fingers. Just as she said, Green Willow Heights was still in ruins. The place was supposed to be the home of Ding Tianqi. However, due to the small quarrel Jiang Fei had with Ma Xuantong, the entire place were destroyed.

    Initially, there was a plan to restore everything back to the way it was before but after the war, many disciples were injured and was in no shape to do any hard labor work. Knowing that, Ding Tianqi had postponed any restoration plans and decided to find another place to rest and recuperate.

    "To the capital!" said Jiang Fei, leading Ariel towards the city instead of the ruins of Green Willow Heights.

    Green Willow Heights was situation deep in the mountains but the mountains were approximately less than a hundred kilometer away from the center of the capital. Traveling on foot was just a walk in the park. However, before they could approach the city, the two was approached and stopped by a nice black sedan.

    "Sorry to interrupt, are you Mr. Jiang Fei?" sai the driver after he lowered the window. The driver was a young man, perhaps even as young as Jiang Fei, dressed in full military uniform.

    "Yes, I am..." Jiang Fei answered.

    "General Fan has sent me here to pick you up. Please..." said the young man before opening the rear passenger door with just a push of a button.

    "Very well," said Jiang Fei, entering the car without hesitation. When Jiang Fei and Ariel were in the car and the driver started driving at top speed, no one talked. Instead of driving towards the capital city, the car went away from the main freeway and entered the mountain range.

    Both Jiang Fei and Ariel were quiet and was putting on a poker face. Ariel had nothing to worry about traps since she was a Level 5 Metahuman. With her strength, not even a nuclear bomb could put a scratch on her. Jiang Fei, on the other hand, was in good terms with the military and knew that they would not do anything to wrong him.

    Jiang Fei was calm of the sudden appearance of the car since the reason he was going to the capital was because he was invited by General Fan. He was informed about it when Zhang Song came over to talk business with him. He did not immediately take off to meet General Fan since he just came back home after the war and wanted some quality family time for himself.

    Although no one was talking in the car, Jiang Fei was busy conversing with Ariel and 0542 via telepathy!

    "Dearest... this man is not a human!" she said.

    "Not human, you say? I'm impressed. Looks like the military have put in a lot of effort in perfecting the Android technology. Although the driver was not giving off a welcoming vibe, without actual inspection, he could pass off as a regular human any day!"

    "0542, scan the Android for me."

    "Yes, captain. The Android has a full metal alloy skeletal system with no special combat or weapon's attachment. This Android functions no more than just a driver! It is not fit for combat," 0542 explained.

    "No more than just a driver..." Jiang Fei murmured inaudibly. Jiang Fei was surprised to know that since he had never thought the military would even invest and produce non-combat type Androids.

    Just then, the car entered deep into the mountains and when there was no road left to drive on, the drive continued still.

    Jiang Fei was taken aback but when the driver sped up, Jiang Fei felt there was something amiss. One second before Jiang Fei was prepared to jump out of the car, the car went straight into the mountain wall, as if it was not there. Jiang Fei turned around and realized that it was just a hologram.

    "A large scale holographic projection?" Jiang Fei muttered. He was impressed that humans were able to replicate what 0542 could.

    The mountain was merely a disguise for a huge man-made tunnel that only grew larger. At one point, the tunnel was so huge that two large airbuses could fit inside it.

    The car stopped at a platform and a rail guard popped up to hold the car in place.

    "Are we here?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Please wait a moment, Mr. Jiang Fei," said the driver. As soon as he said that, the car was locked in place and Jiang Fei could feel a sudden jerk before it went down like a lift.
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