952 To Strike Firs

    "Master! The Church is here!" cried Akatziris.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei acknowledged and quickly sped up to lose the incoming Overlord tier NPCs.

    Even though the system had announced Jiang Fei's position, those there were grounded could not make a move on him. They were the weaker NPCs. The ones that were in the air, chasing after Jiang Fei, were unmistakably the Overlord tier bosses. They had the ability to detect living beings within a certain proximity. If Akatziris could detect them then they could do the same. Naturally, they would be able to detect Jiang Fei's presence above all.

    Unfortunately for Jiang Fei, even though he had gained a boss status, he did not gain the perception ability. Hence, he had Akatziris with him. An Intermediate Overlord tier boss would undeniably have the ability.

    According to Akatziris' report, Jiang Fei was able to roughly estimate the position of the incoming threats. Based on their general direction, Jiang Fei proceeded to move away from it. Even though they were able to teleport, these bosses could not properly teleport next to Jiang Fei without proper sight or a mental image of the place.

    "We can't outrun them like this! We will be caught sooner or later!" Jiang Fei snarled. He had overestimated the Skygliding Dragon's flying speed. He had genuinely thought that he would have the advantage but the enemies could teleport faster then he could get away from them. In no time at all, the distance between them was closing in.

    "How many are they?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "I can only sense four!" said Akatziris as she closed her eyes to increase her perception.

    Right now, the Nephilim and the Celestials were at war but even if they were not at each other's throats, the two races would not let each other go without first killing them. At this point, Akatziris knew that if she were to be caught, there would not be an escape route for the two of them.

    Jiang Fei was a player. If he died, he would lose his equipment and be done with it. Akatziris was different. As a special NPC of the game, her death would be permanent! That was why the fear of death was great at that moment.

    "Only four?"

    Jiang Fei started to squeeze his brains to calculate the risk and method to get out of there. In just two seconds, Jiang Fei gritted his teeth and snarled, "So be it! Let's find a place and settle everything there!"

    Jiang Fei had never faced off with four Overlord tier bosses at the same time. Even so, if he did not deal with the problem now, there would be more NPCs coming out of the faction territory just to kill him!

    Jiang Fei studied the map that Nina had given him and quickly selected a place to become the battleground.

    "Akatziris! Hold tight! I'm going to speed things up a bit!" Jiang Fei exclaimed and violently pulled the reins of the Skygliding Dragon. As a response, the dragon roared deafeningly before making a 90 degree turn downward and dive vertically.

    "Kyaa!" she shrieked.

    Even though Jiang Fei had warned her to hold on, the sudden burst of speed had almost knocked her off the seat. She quickly grabbed onto Jiang Fei's waist tightly and would not let go.


    Jiang Fei felt it all. The perfect, soft, perky yet bouncy peaks of Akatziris pressing against his back. Jiang Fei knew that Akatziris was not doing it on purpose. It was merely an involuntary response for the sudden plunge. That was why he did not say anything about it. To be perfectly honest, Jiang Fei was enjoying it. Unfortunately for him, the moment of bliss lasted for only a few seconds as the dragon reached their destination and quickly pulled up and hovered around five meters above the ground.

    "Jump!" Jiang Fei cried before unsummoning the dragon and landing on the ground safely.

    As soon as his feet touched the ground, four pillars of light came shining down from the heavens and in front of Jiang Fei.

    Before they could materialize themselves, Jiang Fei turned to Akatziris and said, "Find the weakest one and use whatever skills you have to bind him! Leave the rest to me!"

    Akatziris might be an Intermediate Overlord tier but she was no fighter. Her skills and attack patterns were mostly supportive hence rendering her attacks weak.

    "Very well!" Akatziris answered. The woman was frightened to the core as she had never encountered four Overlord tier bosses at the same time.

    As soon as she got ready, the four pillars of light subsided, revealing the four NPCs that were chasing after Jiang Fei. These four were high Church officials that were in charge of their own respective churches. Because of the divine revelation, or system announcement, these four NPCs headed out to answer the call and chase after Jiang Fei.

    The leading NPC raised his sword and glared at Jiang Fei.

    "Demon, it is time for you to repent your sins and die!"

    "Bring it!" Jiang Fei roared.

    Jiang Fei was seen as the worst kind of demon in the eyes of the Church. To them, the very air that he breathed was so toxic that his existence was not tolerated and must be purified!

    The sword wielder made a simple slash but the result of the slash was unbelievable. A large pillar of white light came down from the sky, aiming for Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei saw the attack coming yet he stood his ground, planning to take the attack without defending.


    -78,542! (1,247,854 reduced)

    The light attack dealt not more than 80,000 damage, which was only a tiny dent to Jiang Fei's almost 15,000,000 health points. As soon as he could even see the emptied section of his health bar, the crazy effect of the Spirit Cauldron kicked in and restore his health back to 100%.

    The attack was powerful to begin with and it was exceptionally strong when used against Demon race. It was, after all, an ultimate move. However, Jiang Fei's health points and Defenses were too strong that he was able to resist 95% of all incoming Magic attacks. That was why the boss's attack did not feel like an ultimate move.

    "Kill the demon!" the leader roared. The other three NPCs leaped into action and started unleashing their attacks on Jiang Fei.

    One after another, powerful and flashy attacks were being hurled at Jiang Fei. Even though the effect was spectacular, it was nothing but loud noises and flashy lights. Jiang Fei was receiving attacks from four bosses at the same time and yet... they were barely able to leave a dent on Jiang Fei's armor! Just when Jiang Fei had lost one percent of his total health points, the insane recovery effect kicked in and restored Jiang Fei back to full health.

    "Had enough?" said Jiang Fei when the attacks stopped.

    "My turn."

    Jiang Fei unsheathed the Destroyer of Kingdoms, the sword of Abraham, and charged towards the NPCs.

    The Holy tier two-handed sword was a gigantic sword. From afar, one would think that Jiang Fei was holding a large piece of iron plank. The sword was so broad that it was thicker than Jiang Fei's entire body!


    The sword made a loud whooshing sound every time Jiang Fei swung it. From one point of view, one would doubt that Jiang Fei was making a sword slash. It looked more like swinging a cricket bat!

    Divine Barrier!

    Before the sword could land on the shield user, the magician standing behind quickly cast a protective spell on him.

    The target that Jiang Fei was aiming first had a shield on his right and a short sword on his left. Clearly, the NPC was a tank-class character. Even with the barrier in place, the NPC gripped his shield tight and lift it up to intercept Jiang Fei's attack. From the looks of the shield's glowing luster, Jiang Fei appraised it to be a strong shield with a powerful defense stat. He could block the attack but could he do it continuously?
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