953 And Blood Was Spilled

    The huge sword descended from the sky, like a giant log, hammering it against the boss' shield.


    The NPC grunted as he flexed his muscles to harden the armor around his biceps that were about to burst open. Even though he could physically withstand the attack, the man was literally pushed into the ground. Jiang Fei pushed his sword a little harder and the next thing he knew, the NPC's shield broke in two.

    "What? Was it even possible?" Jiang Fei gasped. Clearly, he did not know about weapons or armors breaking in the game. Durability aside, there were other hidden mechanics in the game that other players in the game knew about. When a powerful weapon, be it of Level or Tier, hits a lower grade armor, there is a chance of the armor breaking, or being destroyed. The greater the gap, the higher the chance.

    Jiang Fei's Sword of Abraham, the Destroyer of Kingdoms, could be considered as the best amongst all Holy tier items. It was made from a broken horn of the Primordial Demon King. How could a mere shield withstand that hit?

    The shield was broken but the surprising turn of events did not stop there. With no shield or any guard blocking Jiang Fei's attack, Jiang Fei sword went straight through the boss's hands and into his face!


    The boss might have high defensive stats but since Jiang Fei had gained the Overlord tier status, the damage reduction in play was not too obvious.

    One million damage in a single hit was strong but not strong enough to be a threat to an Overlord tier boss. However! Jiang Fei's attack speed was blazing fast! The moment the first hit landed, Ruthless Barrage activated, as well as the Intimidate effect of the Dragon Tooth Charm.

    Because their levels were the same, the resistance of Jiang Fei's skill on the boss was not very effective. Jiang Fei's attack-induced Intimidation effect was very short, so short that it could not be considered as a reliable disabling effect. However, with Jiang Fei's attack speed, the effect would manifest itself three to four times in just one mere second! As a result, the boss was rendered stationary, not moving or attacking!

    "Victor! What have you done, you evil demon!" cried the magician NPC before continuing their attack.

    Angel of Revenge!

    Jiang Fei activated the ring's skill, granting him a short double-damage effect for 30 seconds as well as an immunity to all negative buffs.

    A few seconds later, Jiang Fei's attack power rose to over 5,000,000, thanks to the effect of Ruthless Barrage. Couple with the Angel of Revenge effect, Jiang Fei's attack was breaching the 10 million mark.

    Although his current weapon had rendered Jiang Fei's attack speed slower than when he was using the Heaven's Breaker Twilight Bow, Jiang Fei could still dish out four attacks in one second. Even with a healer providing support to the tank, Jiang Fei's attack speed and power were too much for the tank to last long.

    The NPCs were already having a hard time dealing with Jiang Fei's absurd level of Defense and when Jiang Fei started to fight back, things got out of hand almost instantly. Without any way of countering his power, the bosses started to kite Jiang Fei around. Unfortunately, kiting was ineffective against Jiang Fei since they were unable to cast any slowing spell on Jiang Fei, due to his immunity to debuffs, as well as his insane movement speed gained from having so many Lover's Contract!

    "Oh, glorious Divine Light God, why hast thou forsaken me?" cried the tank as he fell to the ground, dead.

    10 seconds was all it took for Jiang Fei to end his life. A mere 10 seconds! Once the tank was down, the rest of the NPC party would not have much to live for. Beside the magician boss that had teleported away at the very last minute, the Priest and the Warrior bosses were killed on the spot in less than a few seconds.

    "How... my master..." Akatziris gasped. She was extremely worried at the beginning and her worries had only gotten worse when the four pillars of light appeared. She was genuinely afraid that her master would perish and in turn her. However, she never would have realized that her master was so strong that she didn't even need to move a finger! All four Overlord bosses were beaten like a poor puppy, even though one managed to escape.

    "Eh? What just happened? Why are they so weak?" Jiang Fei purposely mocked them.

    To be fair, Jiang Fei had never gotten into a fight after he had equipped the huge gigantic sword. That weapon had unquestionably increased Jiang Fei's attack power by several times. Paired with the insane defense the Cauldron of Vitality had granted him, Jiang Fei was more than just a strong player.

    "Master..." Akatziris moaned as she gazed at Jiang Fei. Her father might have sold her off to him but from where she stood, it was considered a good change of environment. Ever since the day she was with Jiang Fei, there had never been a situation where she would be troubled.

    "Alright then, let's leave," Jiang Fei huffed and puffed. He took off into the skies on the Skygliding Dragon and carried on with his original mission. Even though he was genuinely excited about his "new found" strength, he would not forget that there would always be someone stronger than him. Even though he had dealt with four NPC bosses in less than a minute, he did not dare to stay in the same place for too long.

    Right now, Jiang Fei's fear of the Church's NPC bosses were nullified. The only thing that scared him was the Divine Light God. However strong he may be, there was no telling what the Divine Light God could do to him.

    While there was still a mission for him to do, Jiang Fei took his time to examine the equipment dropped by the bosses. These were the loot of three Overlord tier bosses! How could he not be excited? Furthermore, the experience points granted after their death was so much that it was enough to fill his experience points gauge.

    "Such a waste. I should have chased after that fourth magician and have his head!" said Jiang Fei, disgruntled at him escaping.

    "Master, do not fret. There will be another chance!" said Akatziris, advising him from being too bloodthirsty.

    "Mhm. There will be more blood to spill!"

    The war of Light and Shadow was coming to a close. With his ability and strength, he should be able to end the war quickly by participating in the fight, killing all the stronger NPC bosses and leaving the weaker ones to the other players.

    The one last magician that had escaped was the reason why Jiang Fei did not level up. If he had killed him, Jiang Fei would have gained a level. Although he was frustrated, he focused on something else.

    The three bosses had dropped many items and each one of them had dropped at least one Ancient Inheritance tier equipment. This fight was better than the one he had with the dragons.

    Jiang Fei was currently holding the exact same shield that the tank boss had dropped. The shield was of Ancient tier and had powerful Health points and Physical attributes. However, there was a catch. The shield had a powerful Physical Defense attribute but a negative defense against magic. Not only did it not have any Magic Defense, the shield actually amplified incoming magic attacks! If one were to use the shield against a boss that mainly used Physical Attacks, they would be taking hits as if they were a gentle pat in the back. If they were facing a boss that uses Magic Attacks, they would be beaten down faster than a fly being swat.

    Even though the shield was akin to a double-edged sword, it was still a good shield when used properly. In most cases, if one were to anticipate a fight, they would need to check on the boss before equipping the shield.
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