954 Second Potion Trial

    Besides the shield, the other two Ancient tier equipment were magic-based. As they were worthless to Jiang Fei, he would put everything into the guild storage and let the others have it. The Sword of Abraham, the Destroyer of Kingdoms, was all he needed.

    The further he went, the more enemies he met. They were just NPC bosses and a few players that had been living in a cave to not know who Jiang Fei was. Fortunately, with the power of the Cauldrons, no one could harm Jiang Fei. Inversely, all that dared to face Jiang Fei would be met with fire and fury!

    By the time the server shut down, Jiang Fei had reached the outskirts of the Celestial's territory. Like the Abyss to the Nephilim race, Celestials had their own territory which they dubbed as the Heaven. The place had nothing to do with its name as it was just a territory. The real heaven was amongst the cloud, where the High Humans lived and thrived.

    "I'm almost there. I guess tomorrow is the day I can set up the Teleportation Circle!" said Jiang Fei to himself. There was hardly enough time left for him to do anything. Tomorrow, he shall install the Teleportation Circle and inform the elite army to strike!

    After waking up, Jiang Fei received Yang sister's notification about the second potion trial. The alliance had agreed to send out their disciples to test the new batch of potions.

    Those elders in the alliance had not changed their mindset, even when they saw how dangerous it was to take the potion. No Level 2 disciples were able to survive the potion's effect while Level 3 and Level 4 martial artists survived and grew stronger. Those that survived the extreme pain were able to gain powerful strength. Take Ding Tianqing as an example. The man was able to reach the Pinnacle stage of Level 4. Other disciples that were once Level 3 had reached Level 4. With Ding Tianqing now a fighter at the Pinnacle stage of Level 4, Green Willow Heights had risen from being a nobody to becoming a second rated sect in the alliance.

    They were still considered to be only a second rated sect since they could not possibly be compared to those top rated sects. One of the undisclosed rules of being a top rated sect was having a Level 5 master in the sect. If the sect did not have any Level 5 masters in their ranks, they could never hope to be a top rated sect.

    Be it as it may, Green Willow Heights became a role model because of Ding Tianqing's daredevil attitude to try the new potion. As a result of him becoming stronger, the other sects decided to try their luck with it. Hence, ever since that day, when Jiang Fei came over to test the first batch of potions, many elders had chosen to remain in the Hidden Dragon Village instead of returning to their respective sects.

    The second trail of potions had not only garnered the interest of all other second rated sects. Many other top rated sects like Aquamoon Heavenly Palace would not let this opportunity to slip past too. Even the Snow Mountain Sect, the Rainbow Longsword Sect were also coming in from afar just to join.

    For one, Bai Wanli of the Snow Mountain Sect did not only stayed at the Hidden Dragon Village, he had also sent word to the sect and requested many Level 4 fighters to come to the village to join him. Bai Wanli himself was already at the Pinnacle stage of Level 4 and could not gain any benefit from the potion. The aim was not for him to take the potion but to let his other disciples take then. Having a few more fighters at the Pinnacle stage of Level 4 would greatly boost the entire sect's strength.

    Level 5 masters are not something that one could just find. Time, talent, and chance were the three things that one must have to achieve Level 5. Besides having a Level 5 master, another aspect to look for in a strong sect was the number of fighters at the Pinnacle stage of Level 4. Even without a Level 5 master, the sect could still be strong if they have more Level 4 Pinnacle stage fighters. The Soaring Cloud Sect was able to maintain its position as the strongest sect in the entire alliance, not just because they had a Level 5 master in their ranks but also a large number of Level 4 Pinnacle stage fighters.

    Right now, Jiang Fei's potion could help the fighters to find their place in the alliance. No one would pass the opportunity to give up on having a potion that could raise one's level. Even if there was a risk, it was a bet that they were willing to throw their chips in.

    The heads of these sects were not stupid. They know that there was no such thing as a free lunch, not to mention the demands that Jiang Fei had requested before during his previous pills distribution. Right now, they were merely testing the effects of the potion and would not ask for any demands. When the potion was perfected, Jiang Fei would surely be asking a high price for one potion.

    Skills or martial art was extremely important for a sect, be it a small one or a prominent one. If it was possible, they would not want to give away their martial skills just for the sake of a potion. That was one of the other reasons why everyone would want to throw everything they can into testing the potion.

    "Let's go now," said Jiang Fei when he was already at their house. He had nothing better to do then hence it was better to quickly get over the matter about the potion.

    The second batch of potions was tweaked and completed much earlier. Jiang Fei had asked 0542 to make three potions. The reason Jiang Fei had decreased the number of potions produced was to prevent the sects from reaching the result they wanted and leave Jiang Fei be. Jiang Fei would not have anyone to turn to anymore for strong martial arts!

    Han Tianyu's insights had rubbed off on Jiang Fei, granting him better insights when it came to making important decisions. A potion that could increase one's power level was overwhelmingly strong that Jiang Fei could not just mass produce and distribute it just for the sake of it. Firstly, the materials needed to make the potion was the flesh of the Level 5 alien beast. Even though the beast was kept in an isolated area, safe and sound, he would need to so much flesh from the beast if he wanted to mass produce the potions to cater to everyone in the alliance.

    Moreover, reviving Isabella and other Bio-Human girls used the same materials. The amount of flesh needed was so much that the beast would rather be dead than to serve Jiang Fei as a cattle for slaughter. All he needed to do now was to create a very low supply of potion in order to increase the demand and in turn, the price.

    Jiang Fei followed the two Yang sisters into the Hidden Dragon Village. Because Ariel was by Jiang Fei's side, Yang Po and especially Yang Qing were behaving themselves. When Jiang Fei arrived, Bai Wanli and the other elders were already at the gates, forming at a welcome party for Jiang Fei.

    "Brother Jiang Fei! We heard you wanted to come! We had been here since morning!" said Bai Wanli with a cheerful smile. The man did not forget to express his friendliness as well as making Jiang Fei to stand on the higher ground. Unlike the previous attempt at testing the potion, Bai Wanli would want to make sure that this time, he would be able to make a few of his disciples climb the ladder of success.

    "The heavens had done me mercy for allowing me to be here to greet Brother Jiang Fei!" said Ganyang Zhenren. Like Bai Wanli, the man would not be ashamed of resort of butt-kissing to make sure he gets the miracle potions for his disciples.

    "Mr. Jiang Fei. We have waited eagerly for your arrival!"

    "Mr. Jiang Fei! ..."


    Besides Bai Wanli and Ganyang Zhenren, the other elders were also trying their best to be at Jiang Fei's good side. All the praises and wishful words inadvertently made Jiang Fei feel a little overwhelmed.

    The smaller sects knew that when Jiang Fei had perfected the potion, it would be close to impossible for them to get their hands on the potion. They knew that the potion were hard to make and when the larger, stronger sects could not get enough, the smaller sects would be able to acquire it then. Hence, they understood that their chances of having one or even two potions were to test them out during the testing period.
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