956 The Means

    "You want it?" said Jiang Fei, slightly thrown. To be honest, Jiang Fei did not care for whoever wanted to try the potion. Even though this created a small tension between members of the alliance, Jiang Fei was clearly fine with it. All in all, he only did it to know about the potion's effectiveness on martial artists so that he could give it to Shang Guanqi. Having a few goons of the alliance to reach their maximum potential was just the cherry on the side.

    Jiang Fei was slightly thrown back because he knew that the potion was not perfect. Even though 0542 had gone ahead and made a few adjustments to it, there was still an unknown risk. Jiang Fei had to admit that he did not harbor any special emotion towards the Yang sisters but they were still people that he knew. The thought that he was having was all too similar to how he felt when Ding Tianqing tried the potion. Then again... Ding Tianqing might be better since he would not continuously harass him.

    "Brother Jiang! Please grant us this privilege!" said Yang Po when she noticed the doubt that was building up inside him. She did promise her sister to help her and even if Yang Qing did not say anything, Yang Po honestly thought that it was indeed a good chance for the girls to build a bridge to mend the relationship.

    "Fine," said Jiang Fei after lamenting shortly about it. It all came down to his decision to not care for anyone. He did, however, had somewhat of a positive impression on Yang Po since Yang Qing was the only one that had been bothering him.

    From his point of view, Yang Qing was the happy-go-lucky girl with a perpetual smile on her face. However, what lies behind that cheerful appearance was something deep that was filled with malice. He could not help it since the girl's behavior was too suspicious.

    On the other hand, Yang Po, the ice queen, was never talkative around anyone. The best part that Jiang Fei had immensely appreciated was the fact that Yang Po never clung onto Jiang Fei. She knew her boundaries and the respect of another. In fact, Jiang Fei could describe her as being voluntarily isolated like a thorny rose. He also felt that Yang Po was a trustworthy person that would accomplish whatever task that was given to her without complaints-a go-getter!

    That was why Jiang Fei felt annoyed and shocked when Yang Qing opened her mouth and nonchalantly asked him about taking the potion. He was going to reject that notion but quickly changed his mind when Yang Po pleaded. Yang Po must have thought it through deeply before asking.

    When Jiang Fei agreed to let Yang Po and Yang Qing take the potions, Jiang Fei could hear many disgruntled sighs around the room. The loudest being Bai Wanli and Ganyang Zhenren. The potion was priceless and since Jiang Fei was somewhat being the mediator, no one dared to say anything against Yang Po and Yang Qing from taking the potions.

    While everyone in the room was sighing disappointingly, Granny Jinghua was the only one then trying to stifle her smile. Both Bai Wanli and Ganyang Zhenren saw that but instead of feeling angry to resent the old woman, the two felt nothing but admiration for her. When Soaring Cloud Sect was taking charge, Aquamoon Heavenly Palace was just at the bottom of the top rated sect. In fact, no one would say anything if someone accidentally compared them to any second rated sect. Granny Jinghua had succeeded in bringing up her own status quo by sacrificing the honor of her two greatest disciples to Jiang Fei.

    Even though the Soaring Cloud Sect collapsed after the war in Japan, no one was accepting the fact the Aquamoon Heavenly Palace was any better. Before that moment, the sect was still the same as all other sects that joined the war in Japan.

    Many knew that Yang Qing and Yang Po were "given" to Jiang Fei but they knew better. Jiang Fei was not the kind of person that would give in to his lust just because two beautiful lamps were laid before him. He had his woman and nothing in the world was going to change his feelings about her. The problems lie not with Jiang Fei, but with the other elders.

    While Jiang Fei did not share the same culture as the martial artists, the others would still think the same. The situation goes like this: I may not like the woman and I do not wish to elope with her. However, anyone knows that this woman belongs to me and if someone were to lay their hands on her, I would be aggravated even if I do not have any romantic feelings for her.

    That was the culture and precisely because of that, no one would harbor any resentment towards Jiang Fei nor the two girls. Even when they know that it was all planned by the old vixen, they would still be fine with it and let it be water under the bridge.

    Two out of three bottles were claimed by the Aquamoon Heavenly Palace. With one remaining, all the martial artists were exchanging looks with one another, trying their best to send eye signals to let it go.

    When everyone reached an impasse, both Bai Wanli and Ganyang Zhenren exchanged a look and nodded.

    "Please decide someone to take the potion and have him or her to step up," said Bai Wanli.

    With Soaring Cloud Sect dethroned, the Snow Mountain Sect and the Rainbow Longsword Sect had taken up the spot as the strongest sects in the alliance. The difference in their collective strength was almost non-existent hence if one of the sects had taken the potion, they would have created a new Pinnacle stage of Level 4 fighter, throwing off the balance between the two sects. No one wanted that hence the both of them gave the potion up and let the other sects have it.

    The other sects elders were relieved when Bai Wanli and Ganyang Zhenren had given them permission to have one last hope to have the potion. However, there was only one potion left on the table and so many mouths to feed. The tension was high but it had always been that way before Jiang Fei had announced there was a potion to increase one's power. At the very last, after offers and offers of martial arts, Zhu Tianfei emerged victorious.

    Xiankong Island sect was only a small, second-rated sect that was considered the best amongst the other second rated sects. However, they had wagered and lost too many of their disciples. Their situation was almost similar to the Green Willow Height sect. If Zhu Tianfei did not get someone to reach the Pinnacle stage of Level 4 soon, the entire sect would be disbanded.

    Jiang Fei had clearly stated that if there was a chance for him to produce the perfect potion, he would put it up for trade and ask for martial skills in exchange. Xiankong Island did not have powerful skills to offer hence, having a chance of obtaining the potion would be during the testing period.

    If this attempt failed at producing a positive outcome, there would surely be a third trial. But, what if all the potions were tested well? That would put an end to any more "free" potions. Second-rated sects like the Xiankong Island sect would never have another chance to get that potion.

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    Not that anyone felt that but if anyone felt that Jiang Fei was being a greedy salesperson, they would be incredibly wrong since one of the potion's ingredients was the flesh of a Level 5 alien beast. No one in the alliance had ever heard of an alien beast, not to mention a Level 5 alien beast? Hence, having to trade their priceless martial arts that were passed down from generation to generation was all but worth it.

    "All three of you, please step up and take the potion," said Jiang Fei once all three potions had an owner.

    "We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!" said Yang Po, politely, before picking up one potion.

    "Yeah! Thank you Big Brother Jiang Fei!" said Yang Qing happily. The girl giggled happily before winking suggestively. That was the first step of her plan. The next step was all left for chance. Whether or not she and her sister would be disabled for life or become stronger.

    "Brother Jiang Fei, I thank you for granting me this old man a last chance to redeem himself!" said Zhu Tianfei before clasping his hand and bowing respectfully to Jiang Fei.
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