959 The Forgetful Divine Light God

    "Who goes there!" Jiang Fei roared.

    Goosebumps rose all over his body. It was the first time he felt scared. But a second after that, Jiang Fei grew impatient. Fear was drowned by annoyance. Before Jiang Fei started the construction of the Teleportation Circle, he made sure that there was no one around the canyon. Akatziris was by his side at all times and not even she could detect anyone. If there was anyone, she would be the first to notice. Not even a sneaky, stealthy Assassin could sneak past her detection, especially at that close proximity.

    However, as keen as her senses could be, both Jiang Fei and Akatziris did not realize the presence. Not after when the laughter rang in their ears.

    Jiang Fei turned his head around so fast that if he had done it in the real world, he would have snapped his head and died. There was a tree behind him and behind it was a person. As she realized that she was spotted, she gave up trying to hide and strode away from the tree and into the open.

    Jiang Fei had spent a considerable amount of time scouting for places that suited his needs. Additionally, he had spent another good amount of time to construct the Teleportation Circle. All of this started since the beginning of the day, hence, it was already nightfall, 8pm. The moon was already high up in the sky. Jiang Fei was incredibly shocked seeing a person coming out from behind the tree. If it was in the real world, Jiang Fei would have already delivered a destructive blow to whoever or whatever that was doing that. A normal human would have already ran away, thinking it was a ghost!

    "Art thou pales to the moonlight shine, what purpose thou possess that weary one's mind?"

    Words of a poem were sung, ever so soft and kind. When the clouds that hid the moon slowly drifted away and shined its light across the canyon, Jiang Fei and his unknown guest were illuminated. At that moment, all sense of fear was gone, replaced with admiration. The woman haunting Jiang Fei was a beautiful woman. A woman so beautiful that Akatziris could not even be compared to. Nina, Sylphy, or Hua Mulan possessed an aura of beauty unique to them, all but regal and dignified. Somehow, this woman who was standing in front of the tree, eclipsed the beauty of Nina, Sylphy, and Hua Mulan. If Akatziris, the succubus, was considered to be alluring, the woman of the tree was even more so. A beauty that triumphed even the likes of a succubus!

    When the woman trotted closer and closer, Jiang Fei gulped down a mouthful of saliva. When she was close enough, Jiang Fei was momentarily distracted by her name. Thanks to the ring, Jiang Fei was able to read her status.

    Sharaz (Flame Dancer, Lower Celestial)

    Level: 101

    Health Points: 100%

    Mana Points: 100%

    Note: The eldest daughter of Ulysses the Demon King. Fiance of the Divine Light God.

    "F*ck me! A Celestial boss!" Jiang Fei gasped in horror. Jiang Fei was surprised, not of her level, but of her identity.

    First of all, this woman was the eldest daughter of Ulysses, the Demon King, which was also the sister of Dhakasoron, the boss that Jiang Fei had blasted to the afterworld. The worst part was the sword that Jiang Fei was carrying behind his back! Abraham, the Destroyer of Kingdoms! That was a Holy item of the Demon race! Technically speaking, every Demon would want to kill Jiang Fei, just for having the sword!

    Another surprising note was her marital status. How was she bethroned to the Divine Light God? There was no such information posted on the official site. It seemed that the Divine Light God had run out of options, having to seek out his only ally left, the Demons, to fight the Nephilim.

    Demons and Nephilims were different from each other and the Celestial despised both of them. However, when the Nephilims were considered as the one true enemy, the Celestial did not consider the Demon race as hostile, merely undesirable. They were a race that possessed a minimal amount of intelligence and had a tendency to kill, even if they were one of their own. Even so, the Draconian race was being snuffed out. The Nephilims and the Seafolks had formed an alliance to fight the Light Faction. With no options left, he had formed an alliance with the race that he had considered as barbaric and as intelligent as monkeys.

    The Demon race considered themselves as part of the Chaos Faction. They do not care for allies nor enemies. Killing and being killed was part of their daily routine. However, there were exceptions such as Ulysses. Although he harbored the same bloodlust as other Demons, he possessed intelligence, the same as any other bosses. Hence, when he realized that the Nephilims and the Seafolks were forming an alliance, there would be changes made to the lifestyle of all Demons. That was when the Divine Light God came in with a proposal. He agreed immediately and even give away his own daughter to the Divine Light God as a token of peace.

    Unfortunately, the Divine Light God's status was lowered when he agreed to marry Ulysses' daughter. Even so, he realized that there was no other route to take. Fortunately, Sharaz was strong. So much so that the Celestial had gained a powerful Celestial tier ally in their ranks. Hence, even though the Divine Light God had become the son-in-law of Ulysses, it was worth the humiliation.

    Sharaz's mission was to find and kill the person named Verdure Glider. However, since the Divine Light God and the Moon God were being eyed by the Nephilim King and Queen, no one would touch Verdure Glider lest they feel the wrath of the Nephilim King. Sharaz had ultimately become the best person in the entire realm to kill Verdure Glider since no one besides the Light Faction knew about the Celestial being united with the Demons.

    However, even with such meticulous planning, the Divine Light God had failed to realize that Jiang Fei was a lady-killer. The Demon that was so consumed in bloodlust was immediately tamed when she approached Jiang Fei, triggering the effect of Romeo. All hostility was gone and replaced with Friendly.

    When Sharaz got even closer to Jiang Fei, the effect "Blessing of the Dragon God" activated, adding 5,000 Reputation points to Sharaz. Her reputation points with Jiang Fei immediately rose to Respect. Additionally, Jiang Fei had the title "Romeo" and no matter which angle Sharaz looked at Jiang Fei, he was nothing but handsome and attractive.

    She was clearly trying to seduce Jiang Fei when she had delivered a poem, singing at that! It was obvious what Jiang Fei was going to do. Not only did Jiang Fei robbed Nina from the Divine Light God, but he was also going to do the same with Sharaz!

    When Sharaz winked a few times to get Jiang Fei's attention, his heart beat faster. He could not help it. The woman was at an entirely different league compared to the other girls that were surrounding him at all times. To be fair, Flame Dancer was a title, a special designation given to those that were able to seduce with just a flick of one's finger. Even though Jiang Fei was not like other men, he was still a healthy, growing, youthful man with thoughts any healthy, growing, youth man would have. Biologically speaking, Jiang Fei was never going to be immune to that sort of tactic.

    "Calm down! Calm down! I am the master of my own mind! This is just a f*cking game goddammit! That girl should just be covered with mosaic!" Jiang Fei scolded himself.

    "D-do you.. I mean... can I help you?" said Jiang Fei, stumbling on his words.

    "Mmm... What a cute little man. There's no need to hide your intention with pretense. That sword behind your back... I'm sure you did not pick that off the ground somewhere..." said Sharaz, practically moaning to Jiang Fei.

    "Ugh..." Jiang Fei was lost. He had the habit of storing the sword in his ring inventory so that no one would realize its whereabouts. However, ever since the day he had equipped it and killed the three Overlord tier bosses with it, he no longer kept it in his inventory. Now, he was caught red-handed by a Demon, a Celestial tier Demon at that! The elder sister of the person he had murdered! If Jiang Fei were to face Sharaz without the Romeo title in effect, Jiang Fei would have been killed a million times over.

    "Mhmm... There's no need for you to be scared. I don't have any intention to have my way with you... However... I must say... I don't mind having it your way... As long as you cooperate with me... ufufufu..." said Sharaz whilst chuckling at the most erotic way possible.
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