961 Dock Landing Ship

    Jiang Fei was very pleased with himself for sorting things out with the key individual. However, he still had work to do. After all, the huge teleportation point had not been completed yet.

    "Let me help you!" Sharaz volunteered to assist Jiang Fei. After she had reached the Infatuated state toward Jiang Fei, there was nothing more important than fulfilling his desires.

    Sharaz was much more efficient than Jiang Fei as she was a Celestial being. Originally, the teleportation point would have taken Jiang Fei three days to complete. However, with Sharaz's help, it would probably be done by tomorrow.

    "Divine Light God, you old fool. Even the heavens want you dead!" Jiang Fei snorted.

    If the Divine Light God had not sent Sharaz to kill Jiang Fei, and had only sent a normal Overlord or even large numbers of weaker soldiers, Jiang Fei's progress would have been delayed. However, the Divine Light God had made a terrible mistake by helping Jiang Fei out instead. He had even caused his own fiancée to cheat on him.

    After the gaming time came to an end, Jiang Fei was forced to log off. By then, more than half of the teleportation point had already been completed. With Sharaz's help, Jiang Fei predicted that the structure would be done by noon the next day.

    After logging out of the game, Jiang Fei had breakfast with his family as usual. As Shang Guanqi's body had not fully recovered, Si Tuying stayed at home to look after her instead of going out to train.

    By noon, Jiang Fei had received more good news. Han Tianyu had called him to tell him that the major rice-exporting country's military had fully evacuated from the Winter Islands. In fact, the civilians near Kīlauea Volcano had also been moved by Han Tianyu to another island. In other words, Jiang Fei could now retrieve Braveheart's fragment from the depths of the volcano.

    "Mother, I will be heading out for a while. I'll come home in the evening!" Jiang Fei informed his mother. As Han Tianyu had prepared everything in advance, Jiang Fei would not need to spend much time at the Winter Islands. All he had to do was to retrieve Braveheart's fragment and be on his way home.

    "Alright! Don't come back too late!" Jiang Fei's mother was not too worried when she heard that he would not be leaving for a long period.

    Jiang Fei brought Ariel to the roof of the Manda Square. Although the Winter Islands were not too far away from China, it would still take them around ten hours by flight. However, with Ariel's teleporting ability, they did not need to travel for such a long time.

    Although Ariel had never been to the Winter Islands, she could still teleport herself and Jiang Fei to the eastern coast of Tokyo. From there, Jiang Fei could ride on the Gigantic Sword to get to the Winter Islands.

    Han Tianyu had followed Jiang Fei's instructions to evacuate the area around Kīlauea Volcano. Thus, not a soul could be found within a ten-mile radius. However, Jiang Fei had left his Gigantic Sword a few thousand meters above the ground so that it would not be exposed. He then allowed Ariel to transport both of them to the ground.

    As soon as they landed near the entrance to the Kīlauea Volcano, Jiang Fei asked 0541, "Can we confirm the signal from the fragment?"

    "Scanning..." 0542 was still in the process of scanning the surroundings.

    After approximately ten minutes, 0542 provided Jiang Fei with an accurate report of the scan.

    "Target fragment is located 150 meters below the volcano. I can confirm that it is the Dock Landing Ship specifically designed for Braveheart!" 0542 said.

    "Damn!" Jiang Fei was greatly surprised. Fortunately, the major rice-exporting country was not capable of extracting the fragment. Otherwise, they would have obtained the far more advanced Dock Landing Ship as compared to the scrappy technology China had acquired.

    "What's the status of the Dock Landing Ship?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "It should be in good shape. At least, the ship's mainframe is still intact. I have already established a connection with the Dock Landing Ship's mainframe. However, the body of the ship has been damaged and can no longer be activated from afar," 0542 answered.

    "Alright! I've got it!" Jiang Fei nodded. Although it was a Dock Landing Ship, it was torn out of Braveheart when it crashed on Earth. It was natural for the ship's body to be damaged.

    "Ariel, bring me over!" With Ariel around, Jiang Fei did not have to waste 0542's energy to protect him against the lava's heat energy.

    "Okay!" Ariel nodded as she formed a glowing membrane around Jiang Fei. The two of them slowly descended from the entrance of the volcano.

    As the two continued to sink into the lava, Jiang Fei could not see anything but red flames. However, Ariel's protective shield had completely sheltered the two of them from the heat.

    "Fortunately, the Level 5 experts are not interested in this technology-related stuff. Otherwise, I would not have had the chance to acquire this Dock Landing Ship!" Jiang Fei mumbled to himself.

    The major rice-exporting country's Level 5 experts did not need to obey anyone's commands. If they had helped the Mutants Brotherhood out, the major rice-exporting country would have developed sufficient tools for space travel.

    Luckily, the Level 5 experts were too proud to help anyone but themselves. That was why Jiang Fei had the opportunity to claim the Dock Landing Ship for himself.

    After they had descended 150 meters into the volcano, Jiang Fei very quickly discovered the Dock Landing Ship's location with 0542's guidance.

    "Holy crap! It's huge!" Jiang Fei was surprised by the size of the Dock Landing Ship. He had originally imagined it to be several meters. However, it turned out to be as long as five hundred meters.

    "This is a military Dock Landing Ship. It's used to transport 50,000 robotic soldiers and battle weapons. Of course, it needs to be this big!" 0542 explained.

    "Damn! Let's talk inside!" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. Although 0542 had only been around for a short time, and should not have developed emotional thinking, Jiang Fei still felt that it had spoken to him in a patronizing tone.

    After they had located the entrance to the ship, Jiang Fei asked Ariel to use her short-distance teleportation. The two very easily entered the Dock Landing Ship.

    Although the interior of the ship was only separated from the lava on the outside by a very thin layer, Jiang Fei could not feel any heat on the inside.

    As soon as Jiang Fei and Ariel entered the Dock Landing Ship, the lights came on. The entire Dock Landing Ship was lit.

    "Let's go to the cabin!" Jiang Fei said to 0542. He needed 0542 to show him the way. Otherwise, the interiors of the huge ship were akin to a maze in which Jiang Fei would certainly get lost.

    "Captain, this way!" 0542 projected the map of the Dock Landing Ship's interiors in Jiang Fei's mind.

    With the map, Jiang Fei could easily find his way to the Dock Landing Ship's cabin.

    As Jiang Fei approached the control panel, he placed the mysterious ring on it. "Do your job. Make it mine!" Jiang Fei commanded 0542.

    "Yes! Captain!" 0542 immediately got to work. 0542 needed to form a link with the mainframe of the Dock Landing Ship to establish Jiang Fei's authority over the ship. Once this was done, Jiang Fei would be able to find out what was in the Dock Landing Ship and also store the entire ship in his spatial ring.
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