963 Revive, Bella!

    Although Jiang Fei was unable to locate the engine room, the large amount of energy he had discovered still made him extremely happy.

    With the 30,000,000 Energy Crystals, Jiang Fei might not be able to mass-produce Bio-Humans, but he could at least revive Isabella.

    A long time had passed since Isabella had sacrificed her life for Jiang Fei. However, Jiang Fei had not been able to revive her due to the lack of energy. Now that he had found 30,000,000 Energy Crystals, he could finally revive her.

    "0542, can you initiate Isabella's revival procedure?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Principally, it can be done. However, if we revive her with the standards you have set previously, we would be left with very little energy!" 0542 clearly was not keen on reviving Isabella immediately. After all, Jiang Fei could do a lot of things with the 30,000,000 Energy Crystals. However, not much would be left if Isabella was revived in accordance with the high standards set by Jiang Fei.

    "Activate the revival procedure immediately!" Jiang Fei commanded. He had only asked 0542 to confirm if the conditions for revival were met. Jiang Fei felt very guilty keeping Bella in the small dark house for such a long time. Now that she could be revived, why would he even hesitate?

    "Alright. As you wish, captain!" After all, 0542 was only an Assistance System. It would still have to obey Jiang Fei's every command.

    "How long will it take to revive Bella?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Based on your standards of revival, her body would require 172 hours to complete. The energy transfer would take eighty-one hours. As the time needed for the final Soul Guiding procedure cannot be confirmed, I can only provide the current estimation of 253 hours for Isabella's revival," 0542 replied after making the calculations. The Soul Guiding procedure could take between two hours to over ten hours, depending on the strength of one's soul. However, unlike the two preceding procedures, which could be carried out within the spatial ring, the final Soul Guiding procedure needed to be done in the external space.

    "253 hours adds up to approximately eleven days. That's reasonable!" Jiang Fei mumbled to himself. Although Isabella's revival time was much longer than Hong Yu and the other female Bio-Humans, it was acceptable due to the higher standards of reviving a Level 5 expert.

    Jiang Fei was fine with waiting for another eleven days since he had already waited so long. Besides, 0542 had already begun the revival process. In a few days, Isabella would be able to stand before Jiang Fei in person.

    After storing the Dock Landing Ship away, Jiang Fei was brought out of the volcano by Ariel. As most of the energy found had been used to revive Isabella, the repairing of the Dock Landing Ship would have to be delayed. Despite the temptations of space travel, Jiang Fei was more concerned with reviving Isabella. Therefore, he did not mind delaying such matters.

    After leaving the volcano, Jiang Fei had a quick chat with Han Tianyu. For the past few days, Han Tianyu had been thoroughly enjoying himself as the sole leader of the Winter Islands.

    As Jiang Fei was not keen on interfering with the affairs of the Winter Islands, Han Tianyu had taken full ownership of managing the territories. Thus, Han Tianyu had a much more enjoyable time than when he had worked as a military arms dealer in the past.

    After some small talk, Han Tianyu started asking Jiang Fei about the development plans for the Winter Islands. Jiang Fei was both clueless and uninterested in the matter. Therefore, Jiang Fei told Han Tianyu that he could do whatever he liked with the Winter Islands. Jiang Fei then handed the 10,000 android soldiers to Han Tianyu and promptly returned to Manda Square with Ariel.

    When Jiang Fei arrived at home, the sky had not turned dark completely. He had made it back in time for dinner.

    As Isabella's revival procedure had been initiated, Jiang Fei was in a very good mood. He even ate two extra bowls of rice.

    However, after a short moment of happiness, Jiang Fei calmed down and started thinking rationally. Indeed, he was very happy that Isabella could be revived. However, how would he explain to Isabella, the presence of the other ladies?

    Isabella was not as easy-going as Ariel. If she were to become mad, Jiang Fei would not know what to do.

    Jiang Fei logged into the game while such the conflicting thoughts still occupied his mind.

    In the game, Jiang Fei felt much more relaxed. After successfully taking control of Sharaz, Jiang Fei was able to speed up the process of setting up the teleportation point. With Sharaz's help, Jiang Fei had fully completed the teleportation point by noon according to the game's time.

    "You may go back. For now, don't let anyone find out about our relationship. I would like to announce it to everyone during a special moment!" Jiang Fei said to Sharaz before activating the teleportation point.

    "Handsome young man, you are quite the romantic, aren't you? Alright, I'll do as you wish!" Sharaz looked at Jiang Fei seductively as she teleported away.

    Jiang Fei did not want to expose Sharaz mainly because he wanted to backstab the Divine Light God during a key moment. Although Isabella would soon be revived, Jiang Fei still held a grudge against the Divine Light God for causing her death.

    After Sharaz had left, Jiang Fei nodded at Akatziris. "Let's begin!"

    "Yes, master!" Although Akatziris still seemed unhappy, she did not dare to delay the work that needed to be done.

    As Jiang Fei and Akatziris cast their spells together, the giant teleportation point was gradually activated.

    Buzz... A bright light flashed as the first batch of Nephilim soldiers appeared in front of Jiang Fei.

    "Greetings, Master Verdure Glider. I am the Third Army Guard's Vice Major General, Yisuke!" The leader of the group of elite Nephilim race members was a high-tier Nephilim. From the redness in his eyes, Jiang Fei could tell that he was a member of the Nephilim royalty.

    "Alright, set up your defenses around his valley. Make sure the teleportation point is secure!" Jiang Fei did not have time to make small talk with Yisuke. After all, the teleportation point's activation had already alerted the Celestial race. The enemy's armies would arrive very soon.

    "Yes, Master Verdure Glider!" Yisuke immediately followed Jiang Fei's instructions to organize elite troops into a defensive formation at the entrance to the valley.

    "Come on! Brave Nephilim soldiers, the end of the Celestial race has arrived!" Jiang Fei uttered under his breath. The huge teleportation point was very efficient. It could be used to teleport troops once every five minutes and was capable of teleporting tens of thousands of elite soldiers each time.

    "What?! The darned Verdure Glider had set up a teleportation point within our territory?!" At the same time, the Divine Light God was extremely infuriated.

    Although the Divine Light God was aware that Jiang Fei had made it into the Celestial race's territory, he had not been able to personally kill Jiang Fei due to the Nephilim King's presence. However, he had sent his fiancée to do it instead. Little did he know that not only was Jiang Fei able to survive the attempted assassination, Jiang Fei was also able to set up a teleportation point in such a short amount of time.

    "Women truly can't be relied on," the Divine Light God snorted. He immediately commanded the Celestial race's army's departure. They must destroy the teleportation point before all of the Nephilim race's elite troops arrived.
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