967 The Nephilim Kings Arrival

    Due to the Heaven-piercing Twilight Bow's automatic adjustment effect, Jiang Fei only needed to fire his arrows in an approximate direction. The arrows would hit his intended target with certainty. Therefore, all eight arrows fired by Jiang Fei had landed on Cosmic Dragon without fail.

    Although Jiang Fei's Attack Power had been reduced to 10% of the original amount after putting Abraham, Destroyer of Kingdoms, away, Cosmic Dragon was still a Magician who could not withstand eight arrows from Jiang Fei.

    Shuffle! A white light flashed as Cosmic Dragon was killed. He did not even have time to cry out in pain.

    Clang! Clang!

    Cosmic Dragon's equipment fell to the ground. Apart from the Apostle of God which was bound to him due to Profession restrictions, the rest of Cosmic Dragon's equipment all dropped to the ground.

    "Grab it all!" Before Jiang Fei could even move, a bunch of Light Faction players had rushed over. In the blink of an eye, Cosmic Dragon's equipment had all been snatched. The scene unfolded so quickly that Jiang Fei could not even see who had taken the items.

    "Damn! How dare you steal my stuff. Screw you!"

    "What do you mean by your stuff? It belongs to whoever snatches it first!"


    Players would always be tempted by riches. As Cosmic Dragon's equipment were all very valuable, the players got into a huge fight. Regardless of who snatched one of the equipment, they would not last for more than a second before they were killed. Although they might not drop the desired equipment, nobody would give up on the chance of getting their share of the riches.

    In the end, nobody knew where the equipment had gone. Everyone would rather accidentally kill others than miss out on the opportunity. An internal conflict had thus arisen.

    "Damn! If I knew this worked, I would have killed him earlier!" Jiang Fei was dumbfounded. He had always possessed good equipment and also a lot of wealth. On top of that, Jiang Fei also had the attribute boosts from the Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom. Therefore, he was not interested in the small amounts of additional attributes from these equipment.

    However, other players thought differently. If they could obtain such equipment, their death would be worth it. After all, the entire set of equipment worn by each of these players could not even match a single one of Cosmic Dragon's equipment in value.

    "Ahh..." Jiang Fei shook his head. By right, Cosmic Dragon's equipment belonged to him since he was the one who killed Cosmic Dragon. However, the Light Faction players had already gotten into a messy fight over those equipment. Nobody knew who had successfully snatched the equipment. Perhaps those who did had already returned to the city after their death. Therefore, Jiang Fei could not be bothered about gathering the equipment.

    "What's the situation? Is there a solution?" Jiang Fei asked Otis after returning to the valley. Although the Light Faction players were in a big mess now, they would still attack the valley after they were done with the internal fighting.

    "I have no idea..." Otis shrugged.

    "Damn!" Jiang Fei was fuming.

    "Although I don't have any solution, my father can solve this. He said that he will take full responsibility for the war and that we don't need to worry about anything!" Otis laughed.

    "That's why you look so calm. You were waiting for me to panic!" Jiang Fei tutted. He could not believe that Otis had actually fooled him.

    Since the Nephilim King Augustus had said that he would personally resolve the danger in the valley, Jiang Fei naturally stopped worrying. Now that he had nothing to do, Jiang Fei sat quietly on top of the mountain as he observed the Light Faction players' internal fighting.

    The Light Faction players had fought for more than an hour over Cosmic Dragon's equipment. In the final thirty minutes, when Cosmic Dragon's equipment had stopped dropping, the players were finally certain that the equipment had all been brought back to the city by players who had died. There was no point in continuing the fight.

    After that, the Light Faction players reformed their groups. However, Cosmic Dragon did not appear this time. Perhaps he had realized that nothing good would come out of opposing Verdure Glider. He should probably avoid Verdure Glider to avoid more losses.

    Although Cosmic Dragon was not there, the Light Faction still had another leader. Right then, Shadow Cloudfall stepped forward. This young lady was on par with Cosmic Dragon amongst Professional players in the Light Faction. Although Cosmic Dragon was much stronger than her, she was pretty and had almost as many fans as Cosmic Dragon in the game.

    Now that Cosmic Dragon had become terrified of Verdure Glider, Shadow Cloudfall naturally took over as the Light Faction's leading player. In fact, Shadow Cloudfall had a distinct advantage compared to Cosmic Dragon, which was her identity as a female player. Surely, Verdure Glider would not stoop so low as to challenge a lady to a solo fight.

    In all honesty, Jiang Fei would not request for another solo fight regardless of who his opponent was. That was because Nephilim King Augustus had already taken over the role of defending the valley. Jiang Fei had joyfully become an observer.

    "Charge!" The Light Faction's players began charging toward the valley. This time, even the Nephilim soldiers did not make a move.

    Just as the Light Faction's players were about to reach the valley's entrance, a black meteorite suddenly landed near the entrance. If the Light Faction's players had run any faster, they would have been squashed by the meteor.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    The first meteor was swiftly followed by a shower of meteors which created huge pits near the valley's entrance.

    "What's going on?"

    "Holy crap. What the heck are these?"


    The players were taken by surprise with the sudden arrival of the meteor shower. After all, these huge meteors appeared very threatening. None of the players were willing to sacrifice their own lives.

    After approximately five minutes, the meteor shower finally stopped. The region around the valley's entrance had been indented with huge pits all over the place.

    Crack... Crack...

    As the sound of cracking could be heard, arms made of lava rocks gradually extended from each of these huge pits.

    "Roar!" One of the Giant Lava Beasts dug its way out of a huge pit.

    This was only the beginning. More of the Giant Lava Beasts gradually climbed out of their respective pits. The meteor shower which had lasted for five minutes must have meant that there were a lot more of these Giant Lava Beasts.

    These Giant Lava Beasts were not Normal monsters. They were all Level 85 High Lords. Each of them would require a group of one hundred players to defeat. In fact, that could only be achieved without external disturbances. Now that there were several thousands of these Giant Lava Beasts gathered together, the Light Faction players could not possibly defeat them.

    Fortunately, the Giant Lava Beasts did not immediately start attacking the Light Faction players. Instead, they stood quietly near the valley's entrance. After that, a black teleportation door was opened as a five-meter tall Nephilim boss appeared.

    The Nephilim King Augustus had arrived.
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