969 A Major Change

    Just as the Nephilim King Augustus cried out, everyone was shocked.

    The person who had appeared next to Otis was none other than Ulysses' eldest daughter, Sharaz. However, the young lady did not seem the slightest bit interested in Otis. Instead, she walked over to Jiang Fei.

    "The old man, Divine Light God, attempted to molest me. I had beat him up..." Sharaz complained to Jiang Fei with a tone that sounded like she was begging for his attention.

    Before Jiang Fei could even react, Otis' jaw nearly dropped to the ground. He was very confused by what he just witnessed. Everyone present had only just found out about the planned marriage between the Divine Light God and Ulysses' daughter. Meanwhile, Jiang Fei had already made the Divine Light God's fiancée cheat on him. It was too much to take in.

    Right then, Otis felt tremendous respect for his brother-in-law.

    "Hehehe..." Jiang Fei was unsure of how to react apart from laughing awkwardly. He finally understood why the Divine Light God had not shown up today. The Divine Light God was probably tending to his wounds at home.

    "Ehh... Sharaz, what's going on here?" Ulysses was equally confused.

    "Father! I have beaten Thor up for being an imbecile! This is the man I want to marry!" Sharaz pointed at Jiang Fei as she told her father the truth.

    "Ahh?" Ulysses was stunned for a moment. However, he quickly recollected himself. Ulysses then turned around to face Moon God Diana with an apologetic expression. "Uhm, I am really sorry. It appears that my daughter has changed her fiance. I am now on the Nephilim race's side. I'm truly sorry. You should probably surrender. I don't like bullying women..."

    "How could you do this?!" Diana was going insane. Although she had always known that the Demon race lacked integrity, she was still surprised by how quickly they had turned on her.

    It was true that the Demon race lacked integrity. However, Ulysses had other reasons for his sudden betrayal. Firstly, Sharaz was his favorite daughter. After all, Sharaz was able to reach the Celestial rank, which was a rare occurrence in the Demon race. Besides, the Demon race's members were mostly unintelligent beings. Most of Ulysses' children were not even able to reach the Overlord rank, let alone light the Godly Flame. Therefore, Sharaz was very precious to Ulysses.

    On top of that, the Demon race had formed an alliance with the Celestial race through an arranged marriage so that they would not be stuck in the neutral state. In the war between Light and Dark Factions, all races had to pick a side. Since the Divine Light God had reached out to the Demon race, Ulysses played along by suggesting the arranged marriage.

    Now that Sharaz had chosen her fiance from the Nephilim race, Ulysses actually did not mind. After all, forming an alliance with the Nephilim race to fight against the Celestial race was not any different from forming an alliance with the Celestial race to fight against the Nephilim race. He would not get into an argument with his daughter over such trivial matters.

    Thirdly, Ulysses had also considered the situation on the battlefield. Although he was an Intermediate Celestial, he would still have to pay a huge price if he wanted to defeat three or even four Lower Celestials. In comparison, defeating Moon God in a group of five was a much easier feat.

    Due to such considerations, Ulysses ultimately decided to abandon his alliance with the Celestial race.

    "All of you..." Diana was close to tears. She did not stand a chance against the Demon King Ulysses. Aside from him, she could not even defeat any of the other Lower Celestials in a solo fight. At most, she could break even with the Nephilim Queen or the Mermaid Queen if she fought them one at a time. Now that the five of them were working together, she was doomed.

    "Holy crap! The cowardly Divine Light God is still hiding!" Jiang Fei sighed when he saw such a scene unfolding before him.

    Although Jiang Fei had already predicted that this would happen from the day he had met Sharaz, he was not satisfied because the Divine Light God did not get to witness this huge turn of events in person.

    "Is this all real?" The Nephilim King and Emperor Poseidon were speechless. The Demon race had suddenly joined their faction. They were overwhelmed by the pleasant surprise. The two leaders looked in awe at Jiang Fei who sat quietly above the small mountain.

    At that moment, the Nephilim King and Emperor Poseidon realized the importance of strategizing ahead of time. The two were greatly impressed by Jiang Fei who now sat smiling on top of the small mountain as he overlooked the entire scene which unfolded before them.

    "Ou Yezi had indeed taught him well!" Poseidon sighed. Clearly, he believed that this was all caused by Ou Yezi's effective teaching.

    "Oh?! The adventurer is actually Master Ou Yezi's disciple?" Ulysses asked excitedly. As he was standing rather far away from Verdure Glider, he could only tell that Verdure Glider was a player. However, he did not know about Verdure Glider's background.

    "He is not a mere disciple. Master Ou Yezi had even passed on the Cauldron of Creation to him," the Nephilim King said smugly. Although Sharaz was a Celestial being, she had still become Jiang Fei's woman at a much later stage compared to the Nephilim King's daughter.

    "Is that so?!" Ulysses' eyes lit up. If that were true, Ulysses felt that he had just won the lottery.

    The war between the Light and Dark faction was only an internal battle between the High Humans. Both the Nephilim race and the Celestial race were still part of the High Humans. Even the Demon King had to pick a side in the war. After they were all unified, the Demon race would have an even lesser standing.

    However, if they were indirectly related to Ou Yezi, the Demon race would be regarded with greater respect. After all, Ou Yezi was the leader of the Four Sages of the Heavens. As the ultimate master of the High Humans was only a remnant soul, the true power was still in the hands of the Four Sages of the Heavens. Thus, Ulysses was very pleased with the man his daughter had chosen as her fiance.

    While Ulysses was filled with joy, Moon God Diana felt extremely awkward. What was she supposed to do now? Should she fight them? Was this a joke? With the clear gap in capabilities between the two parties, she was doomed if they really got into a fight.

    Should she escape? Forget about whether she would make it out alive. If the Divine Light God still did not show up, the Light Faction was done for once she left.

    "Sister, stop the hopeless struggle. There is no turning back. Thor has already run off somewhere to hide. You will not be put to shame if you surrender!" Mermaid Queen Sarahsia said.

    Right then, the three male Celestials did not feel comfortable speaking up. After all, it was not a gentlemanly behavior for three men to bully a lady. Therefore, the two female Celestials had to speak up to persuade the Moon God. Just as they had mentioned, it did not make any difference if the Moon God surrendered or resisted their occupation. The Light Faction was doomed. Unless the Divine Light God was able to bring about some sort of miracle, the Light Faction's fate was unalterable.
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