970 Sly Old Fox

    Right then, both the Celestial race members and the Light Faction players were hoping that the Divine Light God would suddenly appear and bring about a miracle.

    Unfortunately, half an hour had passed, and there was still no sign of the Divine Light God.

    "Did you kill the old man last night?" Jiang Fei glanced at Sharaz. It was a crucial moment for the Light Faction. If the Divine Light God still did not show up, it was probably because he had died.

    "Ehh... I don't think so," Sharaz said with the slightest bit of hesitation. She seemed as if she was trying to recall the process of her attacking the Divine Light God the night before. Although the young lady was very strong, the Divine Light God should not be killed that easily based on his capabilities.

    "That's strange!" Jiang Fei murmured. The same thing had occurred when the Dragon race had been annihilated. Dragon God Bennette Straz had not appeared despite the bitter ending faced by the Dragon race. Could there be a hidden conspiracy?

    Jiang Fei frowned as he tried to figure out an explanation for what had happened. Meanwhile, the Dark Faction's members were beginning to lose their patience.

    "Diana, it's time for you to make a choice!" The Nephilim King Augustus said. Although he did not want to bully a woman, he also did not want to waste any more time.

    "Ahh!" The Moon God sighed. She did not really have a choice.

    Just as Diana was about to announce her final decision, a golden light suddenly flashed in the sky. The light spiraled downward and finally stopped in between the Light and Dark Factions.

    "I am Ou Yezi. Where are you, my disciple?" The man dressed in a full suit of golden armor, who looked like Ares, was none other than Ou Yezi, the leader of the Four Sages of the Heavens.

    "Teacher! I am here!" Jiang Fei jumped off the small mountain the moment he saw Ou Yezi. He then ran as fast as he could to Ou Yezi.

    "Alright!" Ou Yezi nodded at Jiang Fei as he then turned to face the other Celestials.

    "Greetings, Master Ou Yezi!" All of the Celestials, including the Nephilim King, Moon God Diana, and Demon King Ulysses, bowed respectfully at Ou Yezi.

    "Alright!" Ou Yezi nodded. He then said to the Nephilim King and the Moon God, "You two have been at war with each other for several thousand years. It's time to stop the internal fighting."

    "As you wish, master!" Diana immediately smiled when she heard Ou Yezi's words. Now that the Light Faction faced immediate destruction, there was no way she could prevent it on her own. With Ou Yezi's words, the Light Faction had been promptly rescued.

    "This..." The Nephilim King was not happy with Ou Yezi's decision. After all, they had put in so much effort and were so close to victory. Ou Yezi was asking them to give up thousands of years of hard work. How could they possibly be appeased? However, Ou Yezi represented the leadership of the High Humans. The Celestial race and the Nephilim were only two of the main branches of the High Humans. Even if Augustus was not happy, he could not refuse Ou Yezi's wish.

    Therefore, the dissatisfied Nephilim King shifted his gaze to Jiang Fei. Although Jiang Fei was not even a Celestial, he was still Ou Yezi's disciple. If he tried to negotiate, perhaps the situation could still be salvaged.

    "Master..." Jiang Fei was actually quite upset when he heard what Ou Yezi said. After all, he had also put in a lot of effort into the war between the Light and Dark Factions. Now that Ou Yezi had suddenly appeared and involved himself, all of Jiang Fei's efforts would go to waste.

    "Step aside!" Ou Yezi waved his hand before Jiang Fei could even finish speaking.

    "Ohh!" Jiang Fei immediately kept quiet when he saw Ou Yezi's serious facial expression.

    On the Dark Faction's side, both the Nephilim King and Emperor Poseidon were upset. The Demon King Ulysses was the only one who felt extremely happy. This was primarily because he would not be affected by either side winning the war. Secondly, he was now certain that Jiang Fei was Ou Yezi's disciple. He really had gotten lucky.

    Just as the Moon God was in a state of relief, and the Nephilim King was cursing under his breath, Ou Yezi suddenly continued speaking. "Now that you have caused enough trouble, it's time to rejoin the High Humans. From today onward, the Celestial race and the Nephilim race will cease to exist. You will all become part of the High Humans. As for the ruling authority of our new race, we will let the Adventurers decide!"

    "Ehh?!" Augustus was stunned for a moment before joy filled his heart.

    Ou Yezi's words might sound fair and impartial. In fact, it sounded as if he was trying to prevent a great massacre amongst the High Humans and therefore decided to let the Adventurers decide the final victory. However, there was a clear imbalance in the number of Adventurers on both sides.

    The Dark Faction's players were three times greater than the Light Faction's players. As such, there was no doubt that the Dark Faction would win. On top of that, the incredibly powerful Jiang Fei was also on the Dark Faction's side. Therefore, the Light Faction's players did not stand a chance.

    "Woah! He is indeed a sly old fox!" The Nephilim King and Emperor Poseidon thought to themselves. The two were still troubled a while ago by how Ou Yezi did not seem to care for his own disciple's well-being. Little did they know, this old fellow had plans for the Nephilim race to take over the Celestial race from the beginning.

    If the war between the Light and Dark Factions continued, there would still be an underground resistance even if the Moon God surrendered. Moreover, even if the Nephilim race conquered the entire Celestial race, they would be left with very little resources.

    However, if the High Humans' leadership voiced out for the Nephilim race and the Celestial race to rejoin the High Humans, the Celestial race would have no reason to object. After all, it was a rightful act to return to their roots.

    After that, Ou Yezi orchestrated a battle that guaranteed the Dark Faction's victory to decide the new race's leadership. This was undoubtedly the most effective way for the Nephilim race to absorb the entire Celestial race. For the Nephilim race, this was nothing more than a change in the method through which they would obtain the same beneficial outcome.

    "Master, you are an expert!" Jiang Fei whispered into Ou Yezi's ears.

    "Step aside!" Although Ou Yezi appeared to be glaring at Jiang Fei, his eyes were filled with fatherly love.

    "Master Ou Yezi, you..." The Moon God was dumbfounded. However, when she saw how Ou Yezi and Jiang Fei were throwing glances at each other, she understood that Ou Yezi would still prioritize his disciple no matter what.

    "Alright then! We'll do as you say!" Diana shook her head, helplessly. Although she felt disappointed with the outcome, it was not too bad for the entire Light Faction. After all, the Light Faction was doomed in the war between the Light and Dark Factions. Ou Yezi's decision had salvaged the Light Faction's reputation. After all, returning to their roots sounded much better than being conquered by their enemies.
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