971 A Unique Ultimate Skill

    As Ou Yezi set the remaining conditions to end the war between the Light and Dark Factions, NPCs from both parties began to evacuate from the battlefield. The players who remained would decide the final outcome of the war.

    For the players, the battle originally decided on the status of either side of the Light and Dark Factions. The Light Faction's players were especially concerned about the outcome of the war. If the Light Faction lost, they would have no one to turn to.

    However, things were fine now. Regardless of who won or lost, everyone would become part of one big family. Players from both the Light and Dark Faction would all become members of the High Humans.

    Without the pressure to win, the war between the Light and Dark Faction had become a playground for the players to earn Experience points. After all, both parties could still receive quest rewards from the battle. As long as the players attacked their opponents, they would earn Experience points. Therefore, the players began engaging in battles excitedly. Some of the Dark Faction's players even stopped attacking cities so that they could earn more Experience points from fighting against Light Faction's players in the wild.

    For several consecutive days, Jiang Fei joined other players in fighting against the opposing faction as he had nothing else to do. However, Jiang Fei was not as efficient as players like Little Rain, who had Seal Curse Spells. Although Jiang Fei was invincible, he could not kill other players as fast as using Seal Curse Spells.

    Very soon, a week had passed. When Jiang Fei logged out from the game, Yang Po came to him with good news. The Martial Art Alliance had finally agreed to his request for some of their best martial art techniques in exchange for Jiang Fei's potions.

    "Very well!" Jiang Fei nodded. After acquiring these martial art techniques, 0542 would be able to create a unique set of ultimate skills for Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei followed the Yang sisters into the Hidden Dragon Village where he met Bai Wanli and the rest. This time, there were not as many martial artists involved. After all, the smaller sects did not have any strong martial art techniques to offer. Therefore, there was no point in showing up at all if they could not get a share of the potions.

    "Hi everyone, it's been a long time!" Jiang Fei greeted them cheerfully.

    "Hehe, Brother Jiang, let's get down to business. Have a look at these and let us know what they're worth!" Bai Wanli brought Jiang Fei into his house before retrieving a bunch of books tied together with a string.

    "Ehh, it's not electronic..." Jiang Fei was stunned. The previous martial art techniques he had acquired were all stored electronically. The physical books seemed rather troublesome to process.

    "Electronic versions are easily stolen. The traditional way of storing our techniques is safer..." Bai Wanli laughed awkwardly. The martial artists guarded these techniques with their lives. However, they were forced to sell these techniques to Jiang Fei today.

    "Sect master Bai, there's no need to be overly sad. Perhaps this is a good time for the Martial Art Alliance to share your respective techniques with each other. After all, these techniques would no longer be owned only by your own sect. If you share these techniques with the medium or smaller sects and also exchange some other techniques with the bigger sects, perhaps some of the talented disciples would be able to experience great breakthroughs!" Jiang Fei said with a laugh.

    Although Jiang Fei sounded very diplomatic, he meant every word he said. The bigger sects had kept their own techniques a secret from other sects, resulting in great limitations on the development of the martial art techniques. If this could be resolved, some of the martial artists might benefit from widespread learning and even experience outstanding growth.

    "Ahh! We'll talk about this next time..." Bai Wanli shook his head. Although Jiang Fei's words were reasonable, the individualistic nature of the martial art sects had existed for thousands of years. It was not something that could be changed overnight.

    Although these techniques were now given to Jiang Fei, he would be the only one who possessed such knowledge. Based on Jiang Fei's identity, he could not possibly spread the martial art techniques on his own. Therefore, the martial art techniques still belonged to each sect exclusively. Bai Wanli and the other martial artists were not keen on sharing their respective sect's techniques with others.

    "Alright then!" Jiang Fei shrugged. He was not interested in the decision made by these martial artists. He had shared his opinion with no specific intention. Since these martial artists wanted to maintain their individualistic nature, he could not be bothered to change their mind.

    Although the physical books were slightly more troublesome to read than electronic versions, Jiang Fei did not need to read them on his own. All he needed to do was to flip through the pages. 0542 would automatically scan and record everything in the pages.

    Although there were quite a number of martial art techniques provided by the Martial Art Alliance, the total number of books amounted to only thirty. After all, there were only so few first-class sects around. Moreover, these sects would not want to offer all of their techniques to Jiang Fei. Thus, Jiang Fei was quite pleased with the final amount.

    For others, reading thirty books required quite a lot of time. It would take a normal person at least an entire day to read through all of them. However, Jiang Fei merely flipped through the pages as 0542 instantly scanned and captured each page during the process. Therefore, Jiang Fei took less than half an hour to flip through all of the books. On average, he spent less than a minute on each book.

    "This book costs one bottle. This one costs two bottles..." Very soon, Jiang Fei had labeled the price of each of the books in accordance with the value given by 0542.

    0542's valuation was very simple. It was based on the energy utilization rate of these techniques. The higher the utilization rate, the higher the price of the technique.

    "Ehh... Brother Jiang, aren't you being a little sloppy here?" Ganyang Zhenren was not satisfied that one of his techniques was being equated with the value of a single bottle of potion.

    "Yeah..." Bai Wanli nodded along. Clearly, one of his sect's techniques had also been poorly valued. Moreover, Jiang Fei seemed to have gone through the techniques far too quickly. Based on the understanding of a normal person, Jiang Fei seemed to not have taken them seriously. He was seen as stating prices at random.

    After all, these were all martial art techniques which were incredibly difficult to understand. Even the most experienced martial artists would require months to comprehend some of those books. However, Jiang Fei had used less than a minute to decide the value of each of these books. The martial artists were hardly convinced.

    "Those are the prices I have offered, and they won't be changed. You can decide if you would like to make the trade!" Jiang Fei shrugged. 0542 had already scanned the contents of these books. Now, the physical books were worthless to Jiang Fei. He had only proceeded with the trade so that his reputation would not be affected. Besides, he did not really care about the potions. If the martial artists decided to withdraw from the trade, Jiang Fei was more than happy to oblige.

    "Ahh! Fine, let's trade..." Bai Wanli sighed. The Martial Art Alliance was extremely weak at the moment. They had no choice but to accept the trade. A few of them were just trying their luck by complaining to Jiang Fei. Even if Jiang Fei had offered a single bottle of potion for each of the books, they would have accepted the trade anyway.

    "Done! There will be a total of fifty-five bottles of potions. I'll send them over tonight!" Jiang Fei nodded as he gave 0542 a command, "Create fifty-five potions. At the same time, interpret these techniques and come up with an ultimate skill for me!"

    "As you wish, captain!" 0542 answered as it immediately started carrying out Jiang Fei's orders.

    "I will finally have my own unique ultimate skill!" After everything was arranged accordingly, Jiang Fei finally smiled.
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