972 The Final Step

    In the evening, Jiang Fei delivered the potions he had promised to Bai Wanli and the others. Jiang Fei did not care how the martial artists would distribute the potions.

    After returning home, Jiang Fei found out from 0542 that the ultimate skill would require around seven days to complete. As such, he had nothing else to work on until Isabella was revived.

    Jiang Fei continued to earn Experience points with other players in the game. Right then, Jiang Fei had also reached Level 91. Ever since he had attained the Overlord status, Jiang Fei needed much more Experience points to level up.

    For four consecutive days, Jiang Fei spent a great deal of time earning Experience points with other players. The players' average level had increased to Level 70 in less than ten days. This was perhaps five times faster than the normal rate of leveling up.

    Over the past few days, Jiang Fei had received news from the Nephilim King that the Divine Light God had indeed disappeared. Nobody knew if he was dead or alive. Like the Dragon God, the Divine Light God had vanished into thin air.

    "First, the Dragon God, now the Divine Light God. Where had they all gone to?" Jiang Fei felt that something was amiss. However, he did not have the slightest clue what could have possibly happened to them.

    Today was the day Isabella would be revived. Jiang Fei was extremely excited when he logged out of the game.

    "Mother, I am heading out. I might not come home tonight!" Jiang Fei greeted his mother before leaving the house. As he was unsure of how long Isabella's Soul Guiding process would take, Jiang Fei did not know when he could return home.

    "Alright! Be careful out there!" Jiang Fei's mother said. Although she was generally concerned about Jiang Fei, she was aware that it was very safe outside for the time being. Therefore, she was not too worried.

    "Mother, don't worry. I won't be in danger!" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "I want to come with you!" Si Tuying suddenly wrapped her hands around Jiang Fei's arm and said. Right then, Si Tuying had already acquired Level 4 battle powers. Not only had her energy level reached Level 4, but she had also learned enough techniques from Shang Guanqi to be able to fight against normal Beginner Level 4 mutants. However, she might still find it difficult to defeat martial artists on the same level.

    As she was fully capable of defending herself, Si Tuying wanted to accompany Jiang Fei so that she would not have to worry about his safety from home.

    "Ehh... Next time..." Jiang Fei felt very awkward. He was going out to revive Isabella. How could he bring another girl on this trip? What if Isabella freaked out when she saw Si Tuying?

    "Oh!" Although Si Tuying was disappointed, she stopped begging after seeing the troubled expression on Jiang Fei's face.

    "I'll bring you with me next time!" Jiang Fei added when he saw how disappointed Si Tuying seemed. After all, he really did have feelings for Si Tuying. Even so, he did not dare to bring Si Tuying along.

    "Alright! Be careful!" Si Tuying nodded as she turned around and walked into the kitchen to help his mother with some chores.

    "Ahh! Let's go!" Jiang Fei called out to Ariel as they both then left the house together.

    This time, Jiang Fei had chosen the Winter Islands as the location to resurrect Isabella. This was Jiang Fei's base where Han Tianyu was the lead commander. After a call was made, Han Tianyu evacuated a large island to be used by Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei and Ariel arrived at the roof of Manda Square before Ariel used her teleportation skill. As she had already been to the Winter Islands once, Ariel was able to accurately teleport them both to the desired location. As soon as the white light dissipated, Jiang Fei and Ariel arrived near the Kīlauea Volcano.

    "Alright, let's do it here!" Jiang Fei nodded. The island had already been evacuated by Han Tianyu. Jiang Fei was not worried about anyone appearing there for no reason.

    "Yes, captain!" 0542 answered as it activated a projection to cover the entire island. As such, even the satellites would not be able to see what was going on on the island.

    After everything had been prepared, 0542 retrieved a huge Cultivation Pod from the spatial ring. One could vaguely see the outlines of a human body immersed in a dark green liquid through the crystalline walls of the pod.

    "Captain, the body has already been completed. The energy charge is also done. Please initiate the soul transfer as soon as possible. Otherwise, the body might create a soul on its own!" 0542 said. In the past, the Japanese had failed to anticipate something like this happening. That was why they had wiped away Jenny's consciousness but allowed Phoenix's consciousness to develop.

    "Let's begin!" Jiang Fei nodded as 0542 initiated the final step to revive Isabella.

    Buzz! As the Cultivation Pod's device started spinning rapidly, a strong flow of energy surrounded the Cultivation Pod. The energy was so strong that even Jiang Fei, who was at Pinnacle Level 4, was pushed backward continuously by its strong pressure.

    After being pushed several meters away, Jiang Fei was finally able to stand on a spot with Ariel's help. Jiang Fei could tell from this that the energy surrounding the Cultivation Pod was even stronger as Isabella's soul was being transferred into her body.

    Jiang Fei was unsure of how much time had passed. Perhaps it had been several over ten minutes or even several hours. Time had become something illusory to Jiang Fei. However, Jiang Fei soon noticed that the sky had turned dark.

    Crack! A bolt of lightning struck the ground as the sound of thunder could be heard in the sky.

    "Holy crap. Is this some kind of a trial?" Jiang Fei did not know what was about to happen. Although something similar had happened when Ariel was being revived, Jiang Fei recalled that it was not as extreme as what was happening now.

    Right then, Jiang Fei was not the only one who was surprised by the odd phenomenon in the sky. Even Han Tianyu had noticed the strange occurrences.

    However, the electromagnetic energy in the thunderclouds was far too strong. Despite multiple attempts to contact Jiang Fei, Han Tianyu could not do so. Therefore, he could only observe the lightning from afar. He did not dare to get close.

    "Hehe, we have yet another playmate!"

    "I wonder who had successfully advanced to our level!"

    "Should we go over to check it out?"

    "Nevermind. Let's wait until he has succeeded. We will only be asking for trouble if we get involved now."

    Several Level 5 experts had sensed the frightful energy. However, all of them were aware that someone new had successfully advanced to Level 5. In spite of that, the thunderstorm's energy was far too powerful for them to get close. Besides, they would not receive any benefits from disrupting the advancement of another Level 5 expert. Therefore, the existing Level 5 experts decided to stay put. They would only congratulate the new Level 5 expert once the advancement process was completed.
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