973 Bellas Revival

    An indescribable energy gathered within the thunderstorm. However, nothing seemed to be happening. It was almost as if the thunderstorm was biding its time while continuously collecting energy.

    "0542, what stage are we at?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Captain, the Soul Guiding process is already complete. I am now transferring some crucial information to her consciousness," 0542 explained.

    As Isabella was originally an NPC from the game, she did not have any knowledge of Jiang Fei's world. Therefore, some information about the reality needed to be transferred to her before she was awakened. Ariel and the other female Bio-Humans had all gone through a similar process.

    "It's done!" After approximately five minutes, 0542's voice could be heard. The final step to resurrect Isabella was complete.

    "Husband, let's stand further away..." Sensing the incredible amount of energy within the Cultivation Pod, Ariel pulled Jiang Fei five hundred meters away before coming to a halt.

    Even with Jiang Fei's Pinnacle Level 4 capabilities and vision, Jiang Fei could only make out a tiny dot of the Cultivation Pod. Although he could not see what was going on, Jiang Fei could sense the immense energy emanating from the direction of the Cultivation Pod.

    "Unlocking the Cultivation Pod!"

    "Removing all Cultivation liquid..."

    "Cultivation liquid removal is complete! Attempting resurrection now..."

    "All biological parameters are normal. Activating the final energy transfer!"

    With 0542's voice in his heart, Jiang Fei could keep track of the stages of Isabella's resurrection despite not being to see what was happening inside the Cultivation Pod.

    Once the energy transfer was activated, the thunderstorm in the sky began to react.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Beams of lightning struck the ground surrounding the Cultivation Pod. The booming sounds of thunder could be heard from miles away.

    "Is this really a trial?" Jiang Fei gasped in awe.

    From the energy waves released by these thunderbolts, Jiang Fei could sense how dangerous these lightning were even for a Pinnacle Level 4 expert like himself. If he had stood on top of the Cultivation Pod, he would probably be fried by now.

    "Not quite..." 0542 said as it projected a view of the Cultivation Pod in front of Jiang Fei.

    The thunderbolts did not actually land on Isabella. Instead, they were absorbed by a special device above the Cultivation Pod. The energy absorbed from these thunderbolts were then transferred into Isabella's body.

    Although the crystalline walls of the pod had been opened, and the dark green Cultivation liquid had already been removed, Isabella's body could still not be seen. At that moment, a dark green egg-like object was in the Cultivation Pod. Even without 0542's explanation, Jiang Fei knew that Isabella must be inside the egg.

    The thunderbolts' energy was continuously transferred to the dark green egg while Isabella absorbed this energy from within. The process lasted for approximately half an hour.

    Finally, the thunderstorm came to an end. The dark clouds faded, dissipating instantly to reveal the skies. Dusk had already arrived.

    "How did it go?" Jiang Fei asked worriedly. Although Planet Namek's technology had never failed him in the past, this was Jiang Fei's first attempt at resurrecting a true Level 5 expert. On top of that, he cared about Isabella a lot. Therefore, he felt very anxious at the moment.

    One would only worry about another person if he truly cared for her. This explained why Jiang Fei felt so worried.

    "Captain, don't worry. From the looks of the current situation, everything seems normal!" 0542 consoled.

    "Why isn't she moving at all..." Jiang Fei asked nervously.

    "Husband, I can already sense Sister Bella's aura. Instead of worrying about her, why don't you worry for yourself? Think about how you will explain to Sister Bella about your relationship with the other girls," Ariel teased.

    "Ehh..." Jiang Fei suddenly realized that Ariel was right. Bella was a girl who got jealous very easily. How would he explain those things to her?


    All of a sudden, lines of cracks began to appear on the dark green egg's surface. As the egg's shells began to fall apart, a finger extended out of the egg.

    Crack! Crack!

    Isabella, who was originally in a half-squat position, slowly stood up.

    Shuffle! Just as the eggshells fell away, Jiang Fei appeared right next to Isabella as he covered her body with a cloak.

    Jiang Fei had revived more than one female and was very much familiar with the entire process. Therefore, he was well-prepared for Isabella's revival. Not only did not he prepare pretty clothes, but he also prepared a cloak to cover her body the moment she was resurrected.


    A stream of lightning appeared from Bella's eyes as Jiang Fei was instantly pushed over thirty meters away.

    "Ughh..." Jiang Fei coughed up a mouthful of blood. He had been badly injured by the sudden attack.

    Right then, Isabella had only just been revived. She was not yet fully conscious. Therefore, when a random guy suddenly hugged her, she was taken by surprise.

    "Pervert, die!" Isabella was merciless. She conjured another beam of lightning in her hand. If this attack landed on Jiang Fei, even 0542's shield would not be able to save him from becoming partially disabled.

    In order to resurrect Isabella, Jiang Fei had used up all of his resources. All of the new and old sources of energy had been put into resurrecting Isabella. Right then, there was not much left for 0542 to use. The fact that 0542 had saved Jiang Fei once from the full impact of a Level 5 expert was already a miracle.


    As the lightning approached him, Jiang Fei subconsciously closed his eyes. Since he had already been severely injured, he had no energy left to resist the merciless attack.

    "Urghh..." However, the attack did not reach Jiang Fei after all. He could hear a whimpering sound next to him.

    When Jiang Fei opened his eyes, he saw that Ariel was standing in front of him. She had taken the hit from Isabella on his behalf. Right then, Ariel looked extremely exhausted. Although she was not physically hurt, she had clearly used up a lot of energy to absorb the impact of Isabella's attack.

    Although Ariel was also a Level 5 expert, she was modified using Phoenix's defective body. Therefore, she had not personally comprehended the laws of the Level 5 state. In other words, she was a fake Level 5. Thus, she was easily overpowered by Isabella.

    "Sister Bella! Wake up!" Seeing that Isabella was preparing for another attack, Ariel hurriedly shouted loudly. Although Ariel had an undying body, she could not protect Jiang Fei as she was no match for Isabella.

    "Ahh?!" Isabella was stunned when she heard Ariel's words. Isabella mumbled to herself, "Bella. That sounds very familiar..."
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