977 Reported

    After bidding farewell to Han Tianyu, Jiang Fei and his companions immediately teleported to Manda Square's roof. When Jiang Fei entered the house, Shang Guanqi and Si Tuying were not around. They must have gone to the martial arts training center.

    "Mother, this is my junior Bella. She will be staying with us for a few days," Jiang Fei said.

    "Nice to meet you, aunt!" Isabella greeted Jiang Fei's mother, respectfully.

    "Nice to meet you. Please feel at home," Jiang Fei's mother said pleasantly while glancing playfully at Jiang Fei.

    "Hehe..." Jiang Fei chuckled. His mother was more open-minded than he was. She probably wished for him to marry all of these women around him.

    "Where is father?" Jiang Fei asked carefully. Although his mother was open-minded, Jiang Fei's father was an old-fashioned man. When Ariel had first arrived, Jiang Fei's father had already given him a stern warning. He would probably not be happy that Jiang Fei brought Isabella home this time.

    "He had probably gone out for a stroll..." Jiang Fei's mother laughed. Ever since Han Tianyu was held hostage by the military, the Manda Group became gradually absorbed by the military. Naturally, Jiang Fei's father was also under constant surveillance. As such, Jiang Fei's father finally decided to quit his job.

    "Ehh?" Jiang Fei suddenly thought of an idea. Since their family did not have any close friends or family in the city, and his father had resigned, perhaps he could move his family to the Winter Islands. After all, the territory belonged to Jiang Fei and was much safer in all aspects.

    Han Tianyu was the chief governor of the Winter Islands. He would definitely make sure that Jiang Fei's parents were well taken care of. Apart from the 50,000 android soldiers, there were also Hong Yu and the other female Bio-Humans on standby to defend the territory. Who would dare to touch Jiang Fei's parents? Besides, none of the Level 5 experts would embarrass themselves by kidnapping Jiang Fei's parents.

    Therefore, if Jiang Fei was able to persuade his family to move to the Winter Islands, his parents' safety would be guaranteed. In other words, Jiang Fei would not have anything more to worry about.

    Although the military had been keeping a low profile, Jiang Fei had not forgotten about their Supreme Android Soldier Project. Once the military had achieved a significant breakthrough in the project, a battle between the androids and the martial artists was unavoidable. Jiang Fei would then find it very difficult to keep his parents out of the fight. However, if they moved to the Winter Islands, Jiang Fei would not need to worry about their safety in the battle.

    As he thought of this, Jiang Fei decided to have a discussion with his father after dinner. Jiang Fei felt confident that he would be able to persuade his mother as she had an easy-going personality. Meanwhile, Jiang Fei would need to get the final agreement from his father before making the necessary arrangements.

    By the evening, Jiang Fei's father had returned along with Si Tuying and Shang Guanqi. Jiang Fei's father did not ask anything when he noticed an unfamiliar girl in the house. However, Si Tuying and Shang Guanqi were both stunned when they walked through the door.

    Si Tuying was no longer a normal human as she once was. Now, she possessed capabilities of a Beginner Level 4 expert. Shang Guanqi was even at the Advanced Level 4 stage and, with years of experience as an assassin, she could sense that something was amiss with Isabella.

    "Ah Fei, this is..." Shang Guanqi asked.

    "Oh! Please allow me to introduce. This is my junior, Bella!" Jiang Fei first introduced Isabella before pointing at Si Tuying and Shang Guanqi. "This is Little Ying. And this is my older sister, Shang Guanqi."

    "Nice to meet you both!" Isabella was a little unhappy at first when she saw the two girls. After all, Jiang Fei had only told her about Si Tuying. However, when she heard that Shang Guanqi was Jiang Fei's older sister, she immediately smiled.

    "Oh, I see. You are Little Fei's junior. Bella, please feel at home with us. We have just returned from our martial arts training. We will now take a shower and get changed. Talk to you in a bit," Shang Guanqi said politely before dragging Si Tuying into her room.

    Jiang Fei noticed that Si Tuying and Shang Guanqi both looked upset. All this while, he had only been worried about how Bella would react. Thus, he had completely neglected Si Tuying's feelings. Although Si Tuying did not get jealous as easily as Isabella did, she was still somewhat unwilling to share her boyfriend with another woman.

    When Ariel first appeared, Si Tuying had only been able to accept it with the help of Shang Guanqi's counsel. However, Jiang Fei had brought another woman home today. Si Tuying wanted to question Jiang Fei on the spot.

    However, Shang Guanqi was very vigilant and immediately stopped Si Tuying from doing so. After all, she had a much stronger sensing ability than Si Tuying, but yet she could not detect any energy wave from Isabella. This could mean that Isabella was either a normal human being or a metahuman who was much stronger than Ariel.

    Although Shang Guanqi's Level 4 capabilities did not allow her to determined Isabella's true identity, her instincts warned her that Isabella was extremely dangerous.

    Therefore, Shang Guanqi predicted that Isabella was probably a metahuman who was much stronger than Ariel. Since Ariel was already a Level 5 expert, one could only imagine how strong Isabella was.

    Due to such considerations, Shang Guanqi immediately stopped Si Tuying from lashing out. After all, if Si Tuying acted inappropriately in front of a Level 5 expert, she would be in trouble even if Isabella did not punish her immediately in front of Jiang Fei.

    "Ahh! I have such bad luck in romance..." Jiang Fei frowned. Things had gotten out of control, but it was far too late to regret it. He could only bear with the consequences.

    After approximately twenty minutes, Shang Guanqi called out from the other side of the walkway. "Little Fei, come over here. Our father wishes to speak to you!"

    "Oh!" Jiang Fei answered. He asked Ariel to stay with Isabella as he ran to the study.

    As soon as he entered the study, Jiang Fei noticed that his father was gloomy. Si Tuying, who sat across his father, seemed very upset. Shang Guanqi was also looking at Jiang Fei disapprovingly. Needless to say, the two women had complained about Jiang Fei to his father.

    "Tell me. What is up with Bella?" Jiang Fei's father asked.

    "She's my junior..." Jiang Fei felt very awkward.

    "Is she only your junior?" Shang Guanqi asked. She was very close to Si Tuying. Naturally, she stood on Si Tuying's side.

    "Erm... She is also my fiancée..." As soon as Jiang Fei said these words, tears started rolling down Si Tuying's cheeks.

    Although he knew that his words would hurt Si Tuying greatly, Jiang Fei did not dare to lie. Despite the closed doors and the great soundproofing system in the house, he could not prevent a Level 5 expert from hearing what he said. If he said something untruthful and was heard by Bella, he would not be able to handle the consequences.

    "You..." Jiang Fei's father stood up angrily.

    "Little Fei, how could you do this?" Shang Guanqi yelled.

    "We were engaged a long time ago. Si Tuying and I were still not together back then. Moreover, this was also a decision made by the elders..." Jiang Fei's words were interpreted by both sides differently.

    On Isabella's side, her engagement to Jiang Fei was decided by the Nephilim King. As the Nephilim King was Isabella's father, he was naturally one of the elders. However, to Si Tuying and the rest, Jiang Fei's elder who decided on the engagement was none other than his teacher, Zhuge Shanzhen.
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