978 Summoned by Lu Fu

    With Zhuge Shanzhen's name brought into the discussion, even Jiang Fei's father became speechless. After all, Zhuge Shanzhen was Jiang Fei's master. Since the engagement was a decision made by an elder, Jiang Fei's father could not blame him.

    Unlike Jiang Fei's father, who was only a normal human who did not know much about the metahuman's world, Shang Guanqi and Si Tuying were both more than familiar with Zhuge Shanzhen's name.

    Now that Jiang Fei had provided sixty-five bottles of Energy potions to the Martial Art Alliance, Zhuge Shanzhen had become the most influential person in the Martial Art Alliance and even the entire metahuman circle.

    The potions had been exchanged by the bigger sects at a hefty price. Naturally, they would not offer the potions to normal disciples. Only Level 4 and above disciples would receive the potions. Therefore, almost overnight, sixty-five Pinnacle Level 4 experts had been created. These were the strongest forces just below the Level 5 stage.

    With such a large scale increase in capabilities, the Martial Art Alliance had reached a new height in their powers. They were much stronger than even before the war had taken place. If not for the existence of Level 5 experts, the Martial Art Alliance might have claimed to be the strongest party in the metahuman circle.

    Meanwhile, Zhuge Shanzhen had undoubtedly become the most respected individual in the metahuman circle for being able to catalyze the Martial Art Alliance's growth in powers. Even other Level 5 experts could not achieve what Zhuge Shanzhen had done. In fact, forcefully creating a single Beginner Level 4 expert was already a difficult feat, let alone dozens of them. Doing so might even put these Level 5 experts' lives at risk and even affect their own capabilities.

    Therefore, Zhuge Shanzhen's stature was second to none at the moment. Many of the Level 5 experts were finding ways to locate Zhuge Shanzhen so that they could meet him and learn from him.

    As such, even Level 5 experts would not dare to challenge Zhuge Shanzhen's decision on Jiang Fei's engagement, let alone Shang Guanqi and Si Tuying, who both belonged to the younger generation.

    "Little Fei, although we cannot change Zhuge Shanzhen's decision, you must make sure not to put Little Ying in a difficult position!" Shang Guanqi could only say such things to console Si Tuying.

    "Definitely! Definitely! I will not put any of them in a difficult situation!" Jiang Fei nodded repeatedly.

    Seeing as Jiang Fei had made his promise, Jiang Fei's father merely frowned. His son was a grown man. He could no longer interfere with Jiang Fei's personal life. Since Si Tuying had already accepted the fact that Jiang Fei would have more than one woman in his life, Jiang Fei's father decided not to stand in the way.

    "You will solve your own problems, young man!" Jiang Fei's father shook his head as he left the study.

    "Little Ying, I know this isn't fair for you, but..." Jiang Fei had initially wanted to say something to make Si Tuying feel better. However, he realized that he could not bring himself to say another word.

    "Ahh! Forget it. I'll just have to accept my fate..." Si Tuying shook her head. She had already known that this day would come from the moment Jiang Fei brought Ariel home. Although she felt sad, she could not bring herself to leave Jiang Fei. Therefore, she had no choice but to accept his decisions.

    Si Tuying was able to accept Jiang Fei being surrounded by other women, mostly because of her family's background. Her father was the leader of a group of gangsters. He too had more than one woman apart from Si Tuying's mother. As Si Tuying had grown up in such a complicated environment, she naturally found it easier to accept such conditions.

    "Whew..." Jiang Fei sighed in relief. However, at the same time, he felt like he was a jerk. He felt sorry for the women around him. However, this was the nature of his personality. He never knew how to reject others and naturally had to suffer the consequences.

    Regardless of what happened, the day was finally over. Isabella and Si Tuying had both accepted each other's existence. As for how well they could get along, it depended on Ariel, the peacemaker.

    After that, the entire family had dinner together in a not entirely awkward atmosphere. As Jiang Fei's mother and Ariel were both very engaging, things were not too quiet at the dining table. However, Si Tuying and Isabella had only accepted each other's existence. They were not quite ready to be the best of friends yet.

    After dinner, Jiang Fei felt more exhausted than a day of fighting in a war. He had not even been this worried when he fought against the mutants during the war in Tokyo.

    When it was time to rest, Si Tuying stayed in Shang Guanqi's room as usual. Isabella initially wanted to sleep in the same room as Jiang Fei. However, Jiang Fei did not dare to keep Isabella in his room when his parents were still there. Instead, he asked Ariel to bring Isabella to the guest room. Moreover, Jiang Fei intended to enter the game at night. Therefore, it was not inappropriate for Isabella to sleep next to him.

    After entering the game, Jiang Fei realized that drastic changes had occurred in the game. Firstly, the players had stopped killing each other for Experience points. While Jiang Fei had stayed offline for the last couple of days, the players had already mostly reached Level 80 and above.

    As soon as the average level of players reached Level 80, the system issued a notification that the war between the Light and Dark Factions had ended. The final victory belonged to the Dark Faction.

    After the war between the Light and Dark Factions had ended, the system introduced a series of dungeons which included two group dungeons for Level 70 and Level 80 players respectively. This ensured that the players were still interested in the game after the war between the Light and Dark Factions.

    Not long after Jiang Fei had logged onto the game, and before he had even greeted the officials in his guild, Ou Yezi appeared in front of him.

    "Little Fei, where have you been for the past few days?" Ou Yezi asked.

    "Ehh, I faced some difficulties in my world. That's why I was delayed," Jiang Fei answered.

    "Alright. Nevermind that. Follow me. The young master would like to meet you!" Ou Yezi tugged at Jiang Fei's arm as he instantly teleported the two of them away.

    A white light flashed before Jiang Fei's eyes. When he finally recovered his vision, Jiang Fei had arrived at the High Humans' Wonderland in the Clouds.

    "Master, why is the young master looking for me?" Jiang Fei asked curiously.

    "Don't be silly. It's about the War of the Heavens, of course!" Ou Yezi rolled his eyes at Jiang Fei. Right then, the Celestial race and the Nephilim race had already been united. The High Humans had become one race at last. Naturally, the High Humans' leadership wanted to start preparing for the War of the Heavens.

    "Oh!" Jiang Fei nodded. He then chatted with his teacher briefly before the two arrived in front of the young master of Lu Fu's palace.

    "Greetings, young master!" Ou Yezi bowed respectfully at the empty emperor's desk.

    Buzz! A white light flashed as Lu Fu's shadow projection appeared behind the desk.

    "Young master, I have brought Verdure Glider to meet you!" Ou Yezi said as he bowed yet again.

    "Greetings, young master. Verdure Glider is at your service!" Jiang Fei bowed at Lu Fu as he spoke.
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