981 Unexpected Evolution

    "Ah Fei, I... I..." Nina was gentle and introverted. It was quite difficult for her to face Jiang Fei's confession in the presence of the other girls.

    "Say it. If you like me too, just say it out loud!" Jiang Fei encouraged her.

    "Yeah, sister Nina, just say it!" Sylphy also shouted.

    "Ah Fei, I... I... I love you too!" It seemed like Nina had to put in a lot of effort. After saying that, the girl blushed crimson red as if blood could flow out at any time. She became too shy to even look at Jiang Fei after that.

    "Master! I love you too!" In contrast, the female general Mulan was much more prompt in saying it.

    "I love all of you too!" Jiang Fei loudly confessed.

    Jiang Fei and the three girls' eyes darted back and forth, the flame of love burning in their hearts. As he looked at their embarrassed, pretty faces, Jiang Fei's heart could not help but ignite with passion.

    However, when things were getting hot with the girls, 0542 the killjoy appeared.

    "Captain! Urgent report!" 0542's voice ranged in Jiang Fei's ear. If it was not an urgent matter, he would not interrupt Jiang Fei in the game.

    "What's up?" Jiang Fei immediately asked. At the same time, the flame of passion in his heart had dissipated.

    "According to the data I've been monitoring, Nina and Sylphy's data indicators have peaked. Requesting immediate extraction of both their data!" 0542 reported.

    "What?!" Jiang Fei never imagined that today's confession would actually prompt the completion of Nina and Sylphy's final evolution, causing them to achieve the standard of perfect Artificial Souls.

    Now, however, Jiang Fei was also in a difficult position because he had no energy left to resurrect Nina and Sylphy. If the two girls were to be extracted now, they would have to be sealed in an endless void for quite a long time.

    Although Jiang Fei had never experienced the pain of being sealed in an endless void, Isabella always looked terrified when she mentioned it. One had to know that Isabella's was not timid or cowardly at all. Hence, if a place could make her that scared, one could easily imagine how terrifying it was.

    "Captain, please make a decision as soon as possible. I can only maintain the shield for five minutes. If we do not extract their data before that, the signal of their evolution will be detected by the military. At that time, the military will also extract their souls!" 0542 warned.

    Although the military and Jiang Fei had no enmity against each other, 0542 understood that the Supreme Android Soldiers would eventually fight against Jiang Fei. If Nina and Sylphy were extracted by the military, they would definitely become Supreme Android Soldiers and stand as Jiang Fei's enemies.

    One had to know that 0541 and Jiang Fei had cultivated these two Artificial Souls. As a support system, 0542 would absolutely not allow them to become Jiang Fei's enemies.

    "Captain, if you give up on their extraction, I will destroy them!" 0542 said ruthlessly.

    "Alright, give me some time to explain the situation to them!" Jiang Fei also understood what 0542 meant. If he did not extract their souls, the military will turn them into his enemies.

    "Captain, you have ten minutes!" 0542 said. He could only hide it from the military for five minutes in real-time. This was equivalent to fifteen minutes in the game. However, after taking into account the time that had passed and the time required to extract the souls, Jiang Fei only had ten minutes to spare.

    "Dear, are you alright?" Sylphy looked at Jiang Fei and asked.

    Originally, Jiang Fei was looking at the three women with a look of affection. However, in a blink of an eye, his face had changed. It seemed like he was in a dilemma and unwillingness filled his eyes. Of course, the three girls would notice such a change.

    "Err... there are some urgent matters..." Jiang Fei did not know how to word it...

    "Captain, you have eight minutes left!" 0542 projected a huge countdown timer before Jiang Fei.

    "Sigh!" Acknowledging the urgency, Jiang Fei sighed and turned to Nina and Sylphy. "Due to some change in circumstances, I need both of you to go to my world and help me now!"

    "Really? That's great!" Sylphy said. Previously, when Jiang Fei had extracted Hong Yu and the others, she already wanted to go together with them.

    "Ah Fei, there's definitely some bad news, right?" Nina's sixth sense had always been very sharp.

    "Yes, due to some special reasons, you have to set off to my world now, and there may be some hardships in the process..." Jiang Fei said.

    "Darling, don't worry, no matter what the hardships are, we're not afraid!" Sylphy said as she held Jiang Fei's hand. Nina also gazed at Jiang Fei intently.

    "Master, if they encounter any dangers, I'll protect them!" Mulan said.

    "No! You can't go yet!" Jiang Fei shook his head. 0542 clearly stated that only Nina and Sylphy had successfully evolved. Mulan was just lacking a little more.

    As she was a military general, Hua Mulan's emotional growth was relatively slow. This time, Jiang Fei's bold confession had greatly increased her evolutionary index, but it had not reached the final target. Hence, only Nina and Sylphy had completed the final evolution.

    "Master, can't you make an exception?" Mulan asked.

    "No!" Jiang Fei shook his head. There were very few people who could complete the final evolution like them. So, Jiang Fei would never allow Mulan to be forcibly extracted before she completed the final evolution.

    "Ah Fei, what do you really mean by hardships?" Nina stared at Jiang Fei intently.

    "You will be stuck in an endless void for a while. There's nothing there, and you won't even be able to feel your own existence in the dark. So, in the loneliness, time will pass in a painfully slow manner. You might even feel like thousands of years have passed!" Jiang Fei explained.

    "That's really scary!" Nina lowered her head. Her voice made Jiang Fei's heart scrunch in pain. However, the girl quickly raised her head again and looked at Jiang Fei resolutely. "But no matter how scary it is, we don't care. For your sake, we will go through any test!"

    "Yes! Husband, we will soon reunite in your world!" Sylphy also said decisively.

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    "I'm so sorry..." As the girls were staring at him so lovingly, Jiang Fei suddenly did not know what to say.

    "Captain, you have one last minute!" 0542's unpleasant voice appeared again. At the same time, a black hole had appeared in the sky above Jiang Fei's head.

    "Is this the portal that summons us to your world?" Sylphy asked curiously.

    "Yes, the transmission is about to begin!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    "Ah Fei, before we go into the endless void, I have a request!" Nina whispered in Jiang Fei's ear.
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