983 New Plan

    Shahraz focused all her attention on Jiang Fei. As she was a Celestial-tier powerhouse, she was naturally not bothered about Akatziris. On the other hand, Jiang Fei focused all his attention on the Cauldron of Charm, so he did not notice Akatziris's change in mood.

    "Ding! Quest updated!"

    After the Cauldron of Charm was unsealed, Jiang Fei's Quest updated.

    Quest Name: Collect the Nine Cauldrons

    Current Link: Get the Cauldron of Luck from Tian Wen.

    Quest Rewards: Unknown!

    "Tian Wen?" Jiang Fei muttered to himself. Although he had never seen Tian Wen before, he knew that this was his master's acquaintance.

    In addition to Ou Yezi, who was the leader of the Four Sages of the Heavens, Jiang Fei had also met two other Sages. The Peach Blossom Fairy was probably still forcing Zhao Sheng to marry her, and Huang Xie was already dead. So, Tian Wen was the only one who would have a Cauldron.

    Jiang Fei looked at the row of Cauldrons in his backpack and did some calculations. Other than the Cauldron of Luck that was in Tian Wen's hands, there were no other Cauldrons with any NPCs.

    Currently, Jiang Fei owned six Cauldrons. After he takes the Cauldron of Luck away from Tian Wen, there would only be two Cauldrons left. One was the Cauldron of Strength which was with People Not People, and the other was the Cauldron of Agility, which was with Evil Laughter.

    Now, however, Jiang Fei had another problem. He did not know where Tian Wen was. If he could not even find Tian Wen, there was no way he could even start the Quest to obtain the Cauldron of Luck.

    "Forget it. I'll ask Ou Yezi about it when I have the chance!" Jiang Fei shook his head. He had to rely on Ou Yezi to bring him back to the Wonderland in the Clouds. So, even if Jiang Fei wanted to get all Nine Cauldrons as quickly as possible, he still had to wait for Ou Yezi to pick him up.

    When he got tired of Shahraz, Jiang Fei sent her away. Then, he returned to the Demon Dragon Fortress with Akatziris. Seeing that there was still a lot of time left, Jiang Fei brought the players in the main team to clear some Dungeons.

    When it was six o'clock in the morning, Jiang Fei was kicked out of the game once again.

    "Sigh!" After he opened his eyes, Jiang Fei sighed. Originally, he was freed from his burdens after he had resurrected Isabella. However, now that Nina and Sylphy had both evolved, he suddenly had to face an energy deficit of sixty million crystal lattices!

    "Darn it! I never get to rest!" Jiang Fei sighed.

    Then, he got up and washed himself. He now understood why monogamy was stipulated in the law. It was definitely set that way to protect men. Otherwise, men would be exhausted sooner or later!

    After eating breakfast, the girls seemed to be a little more harmonious around each other. Maybe they were acting all prim and proper just so they could leave a good impression on Jiang Fei's parents.

    In any case, Jiang Fei had a happy morning. Putting this moment of peace to good use, Jiang Fei began to consider his next task. After all, Nina and Sylphy had entered the endless void and were suffering. He could not just stay at home and do nothing.

    This time, however, Jiang Fei did not plan to go out and try to find a needle in the haystack. He had gone to almost all the unfrequented places on earth, but he did not manage to find much energy using this method.

    The two times where Jiang Fei got the biggest amount of energy was when Han Tianyu gave him one thousand crystal lattices, and when America provided him with the Landing Ship's coordinates as compensation. From this, it could be seen that trying to find a needle in a haystack was not reliable at all. If he wanted to find the engine room, he had to work with the big forces.

    Braveheart crashed on earth more than 7,000 years ago, and humans have been in the technological era for hundreds of years. Even if the engine room had not been excavated yet, it should have already been discovered. It was the same with the Landing Ship. Although humans already knew where it was, they were not able to excavate it because they were lacking technology.

    As for some of the Braveheart widgets, such as Manda Group's game console and the virtual appliance used to maintain "Dawn Break", Jiang Fei was not very concerned about them. It did not make much of a difference whether he had them or not. However, if a key fragment like the engine room had been discovered by a certain force, Jiang Fei had to snatch it back no matter what.

    However, judging by the current level of technology on earth, it seemed like planet Namek's energy technology had not been deciphered. This meant that human beings had the power to excavate the engine room, they just did not understand its value after excavating it. It was like how Han Tianyu used energy bars to build a wall.

    Thinking about this, Jiang Fei became excited. He was an outstanding teenager who grew up in a civilized society. A violent act like robbing was not his first choice. He had the energy potions that many huge Metahuman forces were drooling over. Hence, Jiang Fei believed that these forces would definitely be willing to exchange some fragments that they were unable to decipher or excavate for his energy potions.

    Even if the big forces were reluctant to exchange their own fragments for the potions, they could still rob the fragments of others. Jiang Fei was purely a businessman. When they handed him the fragments, he would hand them the potions. Fair and square!

    As for how the big forces obtained the fragments, Jiang Fei would not ask.

    After he planned everything out, Jiang Fei smiled. Although some people from the big forces might realize the value of these fragments, Jiang Fei believed one thing. As long as he continued to provide the Martial Arts Alliance with potions, the other forces would inevitably feel pressured once the Alliance becomes stronger.

    By then, no one would be able to stand the pressure. Even the intelligent ones would have to bow down to Jiang Fei to solve the current crisis.

    Moreover, Jiang Fei was strengthening the Metahuman forces just in case. After all, he was not clear about the military's Supreme Android Soldiers' plans. If the military managed to break through the Level 5 checkpoint, they would start to mass-produce. Even though these Level 5 Supreme Android Soldiers were not as strong as a real Level 5 Metahuman, if they were as strong as Ariel, it was enough for them to bring disaster to the entire Metahuman world.

    Therefore, Jiang Fei had to take precautions. He was using this opportunity to strengthen the Metahumans and to obtain the scattered Braveheart fragments at the same time.

    "Captain, great idea. Also, we can reduce the effectiveness of the potions so that we can use minimal Bio-Samples in exchange for more fragments!" 0542 said.

    "Mmm! You're right!" Jiang Fei nodded. This was especially with regard to the free potions he was providing the Martial Arts Alliance with. He had to make sure that he watered down these potions. Ever since he got his hands on the high-leveled martial arts techniques, there was nothing else that the Martial Arts Alliance could offer him. Since the Alliance was now useless to him, Jiang Fei naturally did not have to care too much about them anymore.

    When he thought about this, Jiang Fei dialed Schroder's communicator. Previously, Schroder and his girlfriend managed to get out of the war in Japan alive because Jiang Fei had mercy on them. As he was a peak Level 4 Metahuman, Schroder also managed to gain a higher status in the Mutants Brotherhood after the war.
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