984 A Bothersome Ques

    The communication between Jiang Fei and Schroder went very smoothly. The Mutants Brotherhood had long been drooling over the magical potion in Jiang Fei's hands. However, due to the war in Japan, their relationship with Jiang Fei was not harmonious. So, they did not dare to contact Jiang Fei. Moreover, as the Mutants were scared of Zhuge Shanzhen. So, they did not dare to play dirty.

    Now, Jiang Fei had taken the initiative to hold out the olive branch. The Mutants Brotherhood represented by Schroder naturally would not miss this opportunity. Although the Mutants Brotherhood also valued their fragments, Jiang Fei was right about one thing. Even if the Mutants were reluctant to exchange their own fragments for his potions, they could still snatch the fragments from the others.

    Therefore, Schroder quickly reached an agreement with Jiang Fei. After they had agreed on the relevant trading methods, Jiang Fei was not bothered about what the Mutants Brotherhood was going to do next.

    Moreover, when Jiang Fei was negotiating with Schroder, he made it clear that he would not just accept any fragment. If it were not a fragment that he was interested in, he would not give even a drop of the potion.

    Jiang Fei was no longer the ignorant teenager he once was. Although he was still no match for these old foxes, he was not stupid. He would never allow these people to hand over a screw or some other small gadget from Braveheart in exchange for the potions.

    After negotiating with the Mutants Brotherhood, Jiang Fei sent the European Vatican a message. After all, he would only be able to sell his potions at a good price if there was competition. Although the European Vatican used to be a pawn of the Mutants, it was different now.

    After the war in Japan, the Mutants Brotherhood weakened significantly. As a result, their subordinates became less obedient. After all, no one would willingly be someone else's subordinate. Previously, the people of the European Vatican had to take orders from the Mutants due to the disparity in strength. Although everyone belonged to different groups, they were all white people. No matter what, it was still better than working for the martial artists. Moreover, the martial artists were way too arrogant. Even if someone wanted to be their subordinate, they might not want it.

    After he had contacted both sides, Jiang Fei also spread the news by word of mouth. As long as someone had a valuable extraterrestrial fragment, he would buy it with potions. Although the Metahuman community was mainly made up of the Martial Arts Alliance, the Mutants Brotherhood and the European Vatican, there was a chance that those scattered small forces or individuals would be able to give Jiang Fei a surprise.

    After everything was arranged, Jiang Fei had nothing else to do for now. He had cast his net, he just had to wait for the harvest!

    In the evening, Jiang Fei returned into the game again. To complete the Nine Cauldrons Quest, Jiang Fei spent a lot of effort. Some players from Empyreal Dragon had been assigned to keep watch at the blacksmith shop in Dawnlight City at all times, in case Ou Yezi suddenly appeared.

    Jiang Fei was trying very hard to find his master. After all, without Ou Yezi, he could not return to the Wonderland in the Clouds, let alone find Tian Wen to complete the Quest.

    After two days, Jiang Fei still did not manage to find Ou Yezi. However, on the third day, Ou Yezi voluntarily came to him.

    "Have you gotten the Cauldron of Charm?" Ou Yezi asked.

    "Of course!" Jiang Fei said proudly. The Quest that Zhao Sheng issued was not difficult to him at all.

    "Eh? Zhao Sheng did not give you a hard time? You've been torturing him these past two days. He's acting like he has a big debt and he's hiding from his lender. He's been hiding at my place for a day!" Ou Yezi was confused.

    "Hehehehe..." Jiang Fei immediately sneered. Zhao Sheng was being forced into a marriage so hard all because of himself.

    "Forget it. It's good if he didn't give you a hard time. This is for you!" Ou Yezi shook his head and handed Jiang Fei a golden pearl.

    "What's this?" Jiang Fei took the pearl hesitantly.

    Moonstar Orb (Special Item, Epic)

    Use: Teleports you to the Wonderland in the Clouds.

    At a glance, Jiang Fei immediately understood what the Orb was for. This was similar to a fixed location Return Scroll that could be used infinitely. It allowed him to go to the Wonderland in the Clouds at any time.

    This Moonstar Orb was not like the Abyssal Gate that the Nephilim King gave him. He could not bring others along with him. Even so, it was now way easier for him to get to the Wonderland in the Clouds.

    "Oh! Master, do you know where master Tian Wen is?" Since Ou Yezi was here, Jiang Fei quickly tried to get some information from him. Otherwise, once Ou Yezi disappears again, he would not have a single clue as to how to find Tian Wen.

    "He... it's really hard to say..." Ou Yezi frowned, then gave Jiang Fei four coordinates.

    "Tian Wen is an alcoholic. This is the coordinates of four pubs in the Wonderland in the Clouds. He will appear in one of the four pubs every day at four o'clock in the afternoon, but he will leave immediately after he buys his drinks. If you want to meet him, it all depends on your luck!" Ou Yezi said to Jiang Fei.

    "I see..." Jiang Fei frowned. If Tian Wen went to the pubs in other places, it would be a lot easier. After all, Empyreal Dragon had a lot of members. Jiang Fei could ask his guild members to guard the pubs. If Tian Wen appeared, Jiang Fei could immediately rush over to the pub while his guild members delayed Tian Wen.

    However, Tian Wen would only appear in the Wonderland in the Clouds. Normal players could not come here at all. So, this Quest could only be done by Jiang Fei himself. Moreover, this Quest did not require any skills at all. It was completely dependent on his luck!

    After sending Ou Yezi off, Jiang Fei cleared two Dungeons with his guild members. When it was about time, he teleported to the Wonderland in the Clouds and picked a pub to wait for Tian Wen.

    Unfortunately, luck was not on his side. He waited until it was half-past four in the game, but Tian Wen still did not appear. Obviously, Tian Wen had disappeared after he bought his drinks at another pub.

    The next few days, Jiang Fei had nothing much to do. There was no news from the Mutants and the Vatican. At night, Jiang Fei did not manage to meet Tian Wen in the game.

    A week passed by just like that. Today, Jiang Fei waited in a pub in the Wonderland in the Clouds at four o'clock in the afternoon, as usual. This time, however, luck was on his side!

    Someone with a cloak over his head walked into the pub at four o'clock sharp. Although Jiang Fei could not see his face, as he was a player, he could see the name floating above the person's head. It was Tian Wen!

    "Finally!" Jiang Fei was ecstatic. This Quest was way too bothersome. Whether it was hard or not was an entirely different matter. The fact that whether he could even start the Quest purely depended on his luck was just too much.

    "Master! Finally, we meet!" Jiang Fei grabbed Tian Wen's arm, as he was afraid that this guy would just immediately disappear again. If he had to wait and bet on his luck just to meet this guy again, he would go crazy!

    "Haha! You're Verdure Glider, right? I know why you're here!" Tian Wen smiled at Jiang Fei, then took a coin out of his pocket and said, "Let's play. If you get it right, this Cauldron of Luck will be yours!"
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