985 First Transaction

    "Ding! Quest updated!"

    After he heard a system prompt, Jiang Fei saw his new Quest.

    Quest Name: Destiny!

    Quest Requirements: Correctly guess the outcome of Tian Wen's coin flip.

    Quest Rewards: Cauldron of Luck!

    "F*ck!" After reading the Quest's details, Jiang Fei felt like killing someone.

    It was no wonder that Tian Wen was the holder of the Cauldron of Luck. Regardless of whether it was finding him or doing his Quest, everything depended on luck. If Jiang Fei was lucky, he would win the Cauldron. If he was not, nobody knew when he would be able to see Tian Wen again.

    "Come on! Young man! Tell me your answer!" As Tian Wen spoke, he threw the coin up high. The coin spun quickly in the air for about a second, then Tian Wen caught it with one hand.

    "What the f*ck..." Jiang Fei hesitated. He knew that as soon as he guessed it wrong, Tian Wen would leave. If he wanted to see Tian Wen again, he might have to wait for a very long time.

    "Come on, don't waste time. Tell me your answer!" Tian Wen looked at Jiang Fei and urged him.

    "Err... heads?" As this Quest was purely based on luck, there was nothing else Jiang Fei could do except make a guess. Anyway, no matter which side he chose, there was only a fifty percent chance of getting it right.

    "Is that so? Young man, it is now time to witness a miracle!" Tian Wen smiled slightly, then opened his palm. A coin was lying flat on his palm, with its back facing up.

    "F*ck!" Jiang Fei was about to go crazy. He finally got to meet Tian Wen after one whole week, and it was all over in three sentences? He had to start all over again.

    "Young man, it seems like you're not in luck today. Let's meet again someday!" Tian Wen laughed.

    "Sigh! Master, hold on a minute..." Jiang Fei still wanted to fight for it. However, Tian Wen quickly turned around and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

    "Damn it!" Jiang Fei stomped his foot. This Quest was so annoying. It could not be completed through strength and effort. Everything depended on luck.

    Although Jiang Fei was sad, Tian Wen had already left. The earliest he would be able to see Tian Wen again was tomorrow.

    After another three days, Jiang Fei was lucky enough to meet Tian Wen again. Unfortunately, he guessed the outcome of the coin flip wrongly again...

    On the fourth day, Jiang Fei exited the game in the morning. Tian Wen's Quest was irritating him. He hated waiting for Tian Wen every day at four o'clock in the afternoon. However, other than that, Jiang Fei was enjoying the game. At other times of the day, he would clear Dungeons with his fellow guild members. This made him find joy in gaming again.

    Originally, Jiang Fei thought that the Mutants Brotherhood or the European Vatican would be the first to come to him with news. He did not expect that the first news regarding an extraterrestrial fragment would actually come from an independent Metahuman.

    Precisely speaking, this guy did not look for Jiang Fei on his own. Instead, he was captured by the Martial Arts Alliance as an intruder.

    All Metahuman organizations had their own sphere of influence. For example, China was the territory of the martial artists. It was not that the other forces or individual Metahumans could not enter China. If they wanted to enter, they just had to inform and state their reasons.

    Apparently, this guy did not do so. He planned to sneak into China, then look for Jiang Fei. However, he had underestimated the martial artists. Although the martial artists did not care much about the secular world, they had been living in China for thousands of years. If a high-leveled Metahuman stepped into China, how could they not notice it?

    So, as soon as the guy walked out of the airport, two high-leveled martial artists had their eyes on him. He was also pretty funny. He knew that if he rebelled against the martial artists, he might be killed. So, he went straight toward an uninhabited area and voluntarily allowed himself to be captured.

    After being caught, he mentioned that he was looking for Jiang Fei. Originally, according to the rules of the Martial Arts Alliance, this guy had to be interrogated under torture by someone like Bai Wanjian. However, because it involved Jiang Fei, the Martial Arts Alliance made Yang Po and Yang Qing ask for Jiang Fei's opinion.

    Currently, Jiang Fei and Zhuge Shanzhen were like emperors in the eyes of the martial artists. This was especially after Jiang Fei announced that he was going to provide the Martial Arts Alliance with a batch of energy potions for free, to provoke the other Metahuman forces. The major sects even wanted to worship him after that. Who would dare to not worship him?

    "Okay, let's go and have a look!" Jiang Fei smiled slightly and decided to go to the Hidden Dragon Village with the Yang sisters.

    This time, however, Ariel was not the only one who followed Jiang Fei. Isabella naturally tagged along, but Jiang Fei felt like Bella's eyes were filled with hostility when she looked at the Yang sisters.

    "That's strange..." Jiang Fei wondered. Bella had never seen the Yang sisters before. It was her first time meeting them today. Why was she so hostile?

    Jiang Fei had no idea that this was all thanks to Ariel. To improve the relationship between Isabella and Si Tuying, Ariel thought of a way. She wanted to establish a common love rival for the two girls. The Yang sisters who were interested in Jiang Fei were naturally the best candidates.

    Isabella had been resurrected for half a month now. During this time, she was with Ariel every day. Every night, Ariel would brainwash her. So, how could she have a good impression of the Yang sisters?

    After seeing Yang Po and Yang Qing today, Isabella instinctively felt threatened. Of course, this threat was not because the sisters were strong. It was because of Jiang Fei!

    Yang Po and Yang Qing looked strikingly similar. Their faces were similarly beautiful, but their demeanors were completely different. One of them was like fire, and one was like ice. A man would definitely be quite tempted by them. So, Isabella became very vigilant as soon as she met them. After Jiang Fei introduced them to her, Isabella realized that they were the Yang sisters that Ariel had always mentioned. How could she still be nice to them?

    It was not good if Isabella was angry. She was a Level 5 Metahuman. Even the weather would change if she got angry. Even though she was holding it back because Jiang Fei was here, the pressure she was exerting was enough to scare the Yang sisters!

    "Brr..." Jiang Fei could clearly feel that Yang Po and Yang Qing were shaking. Obviously, Isabella's pressure was scaring both of them.

    "Bella, stop!" Jiang Fei quickly tugged Isabella. They were still in Manda Square. If she exploded in anger here, the whole building might be destroyed!

    "Hmph!" Isabella snorted, then removed the pressure. However, it left a mark on Yang Po and Yang Qing.

    "What's the origin of Jiang Fei's master? Why are all his disciples Level 5?" Yang Po wondered to herself as she held onto her sister's arm. The pressure made her clench her teeth. After all, the pressure exerted by a Level 5 powerhouse was not easy to withstand. If Bella did not care about the feelings of Jiang Fei and his family members, she could easily crush the Yang sisters into pieces just by exerting pressure.
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