986 Openly Robbing

    Jiang Fei followed the Yang sisters to the Hidden Dragon Village once again. Isabella's appearance was clearly beyond the expectations of the martial artists. They were now even more impressed by Jiang Fei's master.

    "Who wants to see me?" Jiang Fei asked straightforwardly.

    "His name is Ruan Jincheng. He's from Luffa," Yang Po said as she led them to the front of a stone house.

    "Luffa?" Jiang Fei was familiar with this country. It was China's neighbor, located to the south of China. As the country was shaped like a slender strip on the map, it looked like a luffa. That was how it got its name.

    There were no Metahuman organizations in Luffa, but there were some Metahumans who worked for the country in exchange for money or women, such as Ruan Jincheng.

    "Okay, let's go in and see," Jiang Fei said as he walked into the stone house.

    "Come, release the seal," Jiang Fei ordered.

    "But..." The martial artist who was in charge of guarding Ruan Jincheng hesitated. Although Jiang Fei had a high status in the Martial Arts Alliance, he did not hold any positions. So, it was against the rules if Jiang Fei asked to release a serious criminal like Ruan Jincheng.

    "Do what he says!" At this time, Zhu Tianfei came in. Since he was promoted, his status had also improved. He now had great power within the Alliance. Currently, in Hidden Dragon Village, he was also the one in command.

    "Yes, sir!" Seeing that Zhu Tianfei had nodded, the martial artist who was in charge of guarding Ruan Jincheng removed the steel nails that had been nailed on his body. These steel nails that had been infused with Pure Qi, so it could keep the power of Metahumans sealed if they were nailed onto the acupuncture points.

    Although Ruan Jincheng was a peak Level 4 Metahuman, Zhu Tianfei was not worried that he would try to make trouble. There were many martial artists around. Moreover, Jiang Fei had two Level 5 bodyguards beside him. If this kid dared to stir up trouble, one look from the bodyguards would probably be enough to kill him!

    "I want to see Mr. Jiang Fei, I'm here to trade with him!" Ruan Jincheng was very fluent in Chinese.

    "I'm Jiang Fei. What do you want to trade?" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "You're Jiang Fei?" Ruan Jincheng stared at Jiang Fei for a long time. It seemed like he was trying to confirm Jiang Fei's identity.

    "Yes!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    "Is the deal that you talked about real?" Ruan Jincheng asked. He knew that although the Chinese martial artists were arrogant, they were upright and would not spread a lie to trick him.

    "Of course!" Jiang Fei smiled.

    "Then..." Ruan Jincheng paused, then looked around. It seemed like he was quite wary of Zhu Tianfei and the other martial artists.

    "I want to talk to him alone." Jiang Fei turned and smiled at Zhu Tianfei.

    "No problem!" Zhu Tianfei nodded. The martial artists were very aware of Jiang Fei's transactions with the other forces. Although they were a little unhappy about Jiang Fei providing the other forces with potions, this was his choice, and they did not have the rights to interfere.

    The Chinese martial artists were not the same as the other Metahumans. As they had never been interested in extraterrestrial fragments, they had nothing in their hands. Moreover, they were not particularly fond of fighting, so they were not willing to attack other Metahumans to obtain these fragments.

    Hence, it was already very nice of Jiang Fei to give them some potions for free. If they tried to stop Jiang Fei from trading with the other forces, they would be overstepping their boundaries.

    After seeing that all the other martial artists had left, Ruan Jincheng looked at Ariel and Isabella. Obviously, the presence of the two girls made him anxious.

    "They're my juniors. Feel free to talk!" Jiang Fei said after looking at Ruan Jincheng.

    "I know the coordinates of an extraterrestrial fragment, but it's in a military base in Luffa. If you can give me a bottle of energy potion and provide shelter for my son and me, I'll tell you the coordinates!" Ruan Jincheng said to Jiang Fei.

    "Oh? Do you know what fragment it is?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "I don't know, the extraterrestrial technology is way too complicated. Luffa is extremely behind in technology, so they can't even crack through the outer shell. They have no idea what's inside. The only thing I know is that it's a gigantic silver-white metal box that's three kilometers long!" Ruan Jincheng said.

    "Oh?" Jiang Fei was overjoyed. No matter what fragment it was, judging by its volume, it was already worth keeping!

    Then, Jiang Fei continued to ask Ruan Jincheng for more information about the fragment. In the end, he confirmed that the fragment was a rectangular metal box with a length of three kilometers and a width of nearly a hundred meters!

    "Alright! If what you say is true, I promise to fulfill your requests!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    "Thank you, Mr. Jiang Fei!" Ruan Jincheng immediately thanked Jiang Fei. The reason why he had betrayed his motherland this time was mainly for his son.

    Although Ruan Jincheng was a peak Level 4 Metahuman, his power system was somewhat similar to the Mutants. They were just born with it. The strength was completely dependent on their Bloodline power. Although his son was also strong, he was only an intermediate Level 3 Metahuman. Moreover, his son had offended a certain Metahuman force recently. The Metahuman force was now hunting his son down. It was hard for Ruan Jincheng to fight the enemies alone, and his son was not strong enough to protect himself. So, after hearing about Jiang Fei's deal, he decided to look for Jiang Fei and try his luck.

    After getting the coordinates from Ruan Jincheng, Jiang Fei ordered the martial artists to release Ruan Jincheng's son so that he could reunite with his dad. They did not have to be separated from each other anymore.

    At this time, Jiang Fei was like the precious child of the Martial Arts Alliance. His demands would naturally be met very quickly.

    "Let's go!" Jiang Fei said to the two girls beside him.

    "Yeah!" Ariel nodded, then immediately teleported them away. As she had been to the jungle in the peripheries of Luffa before, this saved Jiang Fei a lot of time.

    "Come on!" After they arrived at Luffa's border, Jiang Fei pulled out his Gigantic Saber. Ariel and Isabella clung onto him.

    As Luffa was a relatively small and weak country, Jiang Fei obviously came to openly rob them this time. Since he was going to rob them openly, there was no need to hide. They directly entered Luffa's airspace. Whenever there was a radar wave, Jiang Fei would ask Ariel to destroy the radar by casting an electromagnetic storm. Anyway, regardless of whether it was in terms of military power or Metahuman power, Luffa was weak.

    In terms of Metahuman power, there were only two peak Level 4 and three Level 4 Metahumans in Luffa. Ruan Jincheng was one of them, but he had betrayed Luffa. As for the rest, Jiang Fei could easily get rid of them on his own, even without the help of Isabella and Ariel.

    As for military power, Jiang Fei did not even have to do much. If he asked Han Tianyu to dispatch three thousand Supreme Android Soldiers, Luffa would be completely destroyed. Therefore, he had nothing to worry about to go against such a small country.
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