989 Ancient God’s Arrival

    In all fairness, all of the Nine Cauldrons were very powerful. Although each of them had its own merits, obtaining any one of them could dramatically enhance one's capabilities.

    However, if he had to say which one was the most powerful, Jiang Fei would absolutely pick the Cauldron of Luck!

    The Cauldron of Luck had three special characteristics. The first one made all attacks critical. Regardless of whether it was basic attacks or skills, all attacks would be critical hits. This would lead to a substantial increase in a player's damage output.

    As for the second special effect, the owner of the Cauldron would be able to dodge almost any attack. As long as the opponent's weapon had no special effects or the skill was not a sure-hit type of skill, Jiang Fei would be able to evade it. All attacks would be "luckily" dodged away by Jiang Fei.

    As for the third special effect, it could only be described as shameless. This special effect did not only work on players, but also on bosses. This meant that as long as the boss would drop rewards upon death, the three most valuable things would inevitably drop. Even if the boss was a boss that would only drop one piece of equipment upon death, if Jiang Fei was the one who killed it, the boss would still drop three items. The best three items!

    Moreover, this special effect worked the same way on other players. Originally, when players died, they would only drop their equipment. The items in their backpack would only drop out if they allowed it. However, if Jiang Fei killed them, it would be over for them, unless their items were non-droppable. An example was the Rainbow Equipment of a Hidden Class player. Such items would not drop upon death. However, other than that, players were better off not bringing their valuables around. Otherwise, if they were killed by Jiang Fei, their three best items would become his.

    Therefore, this Cauldron of Luck was not only great in terms of offense and defense, but it was also a must-have for a robber like Jiang Fei.

    "This is the eighth one! You're next!" After he kept the Cauldron of Luck into his backpack, Jiang Fei muttered to himself. Now, he just had to get the Cauldron of Agility that was with Evil Laughter. Then, he would have all the Nine Cauldrons.

    "Let's see if Smart Tomato can convince him to sell it. If that doesn't work out, I'll have to find a chance to attack him by surprise!" Jiang Fei decided.

    To start the War of the Heavens, Jiang Fei had to collect all Nine Cauldrons. This was why he had to get the Cauldron of Agility from Evil Laughter. Actually, even if Evil Laughter did not want to sell it, Jiang Fei could just kill him with one hit and get the Cauldron. However, the problem was that he could not catch up with Evil Laughter. So, he had to plan a sneak attack. If he caught Evil Laughter by surprise, he would be able to reach his goal with just one attack.

    In a blink of an eye, another three days had passed by. Unfortunately, there was not much progress on Smart Tomato's side. It seemed like Evil Laughter was resolute on not selling the Cauldron of Agility.

    "You want me to give up the Cauldron of Agility? No way! I know you want my Cauldron, but you know what? I want the other eight that are in your hands too!" This was the message that Evil Laughter told Smart Tomato to pass to Jiang Fei.

    Although there was a huge disparity in power between Evil Laughter and Jiang Fei, Evil Laughter was right about one thing. He and Jiang Fei were actually on the same level because the Cauldrons would definitely drop upon death. So, it worked both ways. If Jiang Fei killed Evil Laughter, he would obtain all Nine Cauldrons. However, if Evil Laughter could just kill Jiang Fei once, he would instantly get all Nine Cauldrons.

    Moreover, if Evil Laughter successfully killed Jiang Fei, then the High Human's Heavenly Court would undoubtedly abandon him instantly and consider Evil Laughter as the leader of the War of the Heavens. Then, even Ou Yezi would forget about their master and disciple relationship and stand on Evil Laughter's side. The winner would take it all. The reality was cruel like that.

    However, Jiang Fei's eight Cauldrons were not just for show. With the additional attributes of the eight Cauldrons, he had a huge advantage over Evil Laughter. Evil Laughter was absolutely no match for Jiang Fei. Even though Evil Laughter had 100,000 Agility, he could not break through Jiang Fei's Defense.

    Evil Laughter's only advantage was that he was faster than Jiang Fei. As soon as he felt like there were other Cauldrons in the vicinity, he could run immediately. Then, Jiang Fei would never be able to catch him.

    Precisely because of this, the situation between Evil Laughter and Jiang Fei was deadlocked.

    However, even though the humans were not able to start the War of the Heavens, the Primordial Celestials were not going to sit still.

    Since the main world was isolated, the Primordial Celestials no longer knew what was going on there. They probably did not know that the Celestials and Nephilims were now unified and that the High Humans were pulling their forces together, getting ready for the next battle.

    However, the Primordial Celestials were not just made up of NPCs. There was a player among them called Demonic Monarch.

    Originally, Demonic Monarch was only an ordinary elite player in the main team of Jiang Fei's guild. However, ever since he used the Destructive Shrine of the God of Avarice to sacrifice his pet, he established a connection with the God of Avarice. Then, he gave up his human identity and joined the Primordial Celestials.

    Hence, he was naturally teleported to the small world where the Primordial Celestials were at. Although he could not access any information about the main world in the game, he could still go offline and browse through the game forum.

    Moreover, Demonic Monarch had friends. He could just ask them about what was going on in the main world. The unification of the High Humans in the main world was not really a secret, so he was naturally very clear about it.

    After gathering all the information, Demonic Monarch reported the news of the unification of the High Humans to the Ancient Gods. This had created a sensation among the ancient gods.

    Although the humans failed to destroy the Heavens previously, it was a heavy blow to the Primordial Celestials. In their eyes, the Lord of the humans, King Zhou of Shang, was no different from the Grim Reaper. To avoid repeating their mistakes, the Primordial Celestials decided to control the humans first.

    However, since the main world was sealed away from them, the Ancient Gods could not directly enter the main world. So, they could only start activities through the cult organizations that they had left in the main world. They tried to open some small portals so that they could send some low-leveled Ancient Gods into the main world. Then, they would find a way to open larger portals. They wanted to start the war before the humans were ready to eliminate every single bit of danger.

    To the players, the small portals opened by these cults were actually Secret Dungeons. They could get a lot of Experience Points and equipment rewards upon clearing these Dungeons, but these players would inevitably die during the attempts. The Level of players would drop if they died in Secret Dungeons. The Experience Points that these players lose would recharge these portals, allowing the cult organizations to open larger portals.

    Therefore, players were constantly contributing to and assisting with the Ancient God's arrival, though unknowingly. Moreover, at this time, Jiang Fei was still wasting time with Evil Laughter. Evil Laughter could not kill Jiang Fei, and Jiang Fei could not catch up with Evil Laughter. While both of them continued to drag things, the first Ancient God arrived.
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