990 Preparations Before Assassination

    "Ding! The cultists have opened the Chronos Gate and an Ancient God has arrived!"

    "Ding! The High Human's Heavenly Court has issued a public Quest. Anyone who discovers traces of the Ancient God can report to their nearest main city to get rewards!"

    The two system announcements were repeated up to ten times. This had never happened in "Dawn Break" before!

    Almost all the players were shocked by the two system announcements. Although the Quest Rewards were tempting, it was not easy to track an Ancient God.

    This time, the Ancient God did not arrive in the form of a Secret Dungeon, so his coordinates were not fixed. He would probably appear near a certain city, then launch an attack and disappear after the massacre. It was difficult for the High Humans to hunt him down and kill him.

    Therefore, the High Human's Heavenly Court released such a Quest, asking the adventurers to discover the whereabouts of this Ancient God. However, to the players, this was not an easy Quest.

    First of all, you had to obtain information about the whereabouts of this Ancient God. This depended entirely on luck. You could encounter him while leveling, or you would not see him even if you searched around for an entire month. Chances of anything happening were extremely volatile.

    It was not easy to encounter an Ancient God, and it was even harder to track one down. If players encountered the Ancient God, they would not get rewards if they just returned to the main city and reported it. They had to continuously provide the Ancient God's coordinates until the High Human NPCs managed to catch up to him.

    This way, it was impossible for someone to complete this Quest alone. Players had to work in a team of two at least. One person had to find and track the Ancient God, while the other would be in charge of reporting the information. This was the only way they would be able to complete this Quest.

    However, tracking an Ancient God was not something just anyone could do. An Ancient God was a Celestial-tier NPC. If you stayed too far, you would lose them easily. If you got too close, the Ancient God would detect and kill you instantly. So, to complete this Quest, players did not only need luck, but also skill.

    "Guild master, are we doing this Quest?" Lady Casanova sent Jiang Fei a message. After all, Jiang Fei was closer to the High Human's Heavenly Court. It was likely that he would be able to get some insider information.

    "Just tell the members to continue leveling up. If they encounter him, report it. If they don't, there's no need for them to specially look for him." Jiang Fei frowned. Frankly speaking, he did not really want his guild members to focus on this Quest.

    One had to know that the Ancient God was a Celestial-tier NPC. He could teleport anywhere. If he realized that some players were tracking him, he would instantly kill all of them and teleport away. So, average players were simply delusional if they thought they could track him down.

    "Alright. If any of them encounters the Ancient God, I'll make sure they report it in the guild channel." Lady Casanova nodded.

    "Sounds good!" Jiang Fei suddenly had an idea. Although it was difficult for an average player to do this Quest, he could probably try it out!

    Of course, Jiang Fei's so-called "try it out" was not to follow the Ancient God around and report it to the High Human NPCs. Instead, he wanted to try and see if he could kill this Ancient God!

    One had to know that Jiang Fei was not a beginner that had never seen an Ancient God before. Previously, the Blood God Veigar was left with one arm after fighting him. The Evil God Solan had also died in his hands.

    Therefore, Jiang Fei somewhat understood the general attributes of the Ancient Gods. Moreover, Jiang Fei also obtained some insider information from the Heavenly Court. This Ancient God was just a low-leveled Lesser Celestial. He was way weaker than the Evil God Solan that Jiang Fei had once fought.

    Although it was a long time ago, Jiang Fei still clearly remembered that Solan had 8.8 billion Health Points and that he was only an Intermediate Celestial. So, this newly descended low-leveled Ancient God probably only had around five to six billion Health Points. If Jiang Fei made complete preparations, he could really kill this Ancient God.

    Currently, with Ruthless Barrage, Jiang Fei had more than sixteen million Attack Power. If he activated Race transformation, Unholy Desire would buff him with triple the amount of Attack Power and it would reach nearly fifty million. Jiang Fei would be on Chaotic Attack mode after the transformation. He would ignore all Defense and deal damage directly!

    Not only that, Jiang Fei's Attack Speed was very high. With the help of his Clone, he could probably kill this Ancient God with just one hit!

    Even though he had more than ten million Health Points, it might not be enough as he would be fighting against a Celestial-tier NPC. However, the Invincible effect of his three-layered Shadow Barrier was long enough to allow him to resist attacks for one or two seconds. This was enough time for him to kill the Ancient God. Furthermore, he had the Cauldron of Luck with him. If this Ancient God's attacks were not sure-hit attacks, he would not be able to even touch Jiang Fei!

    However, just in case, Jiang Fei decided to go to Ou Yezi first to see if he could get some good items from his master. If he could just get a Heavenly Thunder from Ou Yezi, his assassination plan would surely be a success!

    Through the Moonstar Orb, Jiang Fei returned to Heaven's Realm. Ever since he obtained the Moonstar Orb, it became way easier for him to look for Ou Yezi. After all, Ou Yezi was not like Tian Wen who was someone people would only meet by chance. As Ou Yezi was the leader of the Four Sages of the Heavens, he usually had to manage the High Human's Heavenly Court on behalf of Lu Fu. So, as long as Jiang Fei entered Heaven's Realm, it was pretty easy to see Ou Yezi.

    "Aren't you busy collecting the Nine Cauldrons? Why did you suddenly think of me?" Ou Yezi asked. It was strange that Jiang Fei had come to look for him.

    "Hehe, master, I'm here because I miss you..." Jiang Fei said with a smile. He was only there to get some benefits, so he naturally had to behave.

    "Cut the nonsense. If you have something to say, hurry up. I'm busy!" Ou Yezi rolled his eyes at Jiang Fei. He still had to deal with many of the Heavenly Court's matters, so he really did not have much time to chat with Jiang Fei.

    "Well... master, you do know that an Ancient God has broken into the main world. I just want to lift a little burden off of you." Jiang Fei smiled.

    "Mmm! That guy is always wandering around and he never goes to big cities to make a mess. He only sneaks into small cities and leaves right after he has caused a ruckus. He's giving me a headache!" Ou Yezi frowned. Jiang Fei really knew what was bothering him.

    At this time, Ou Yezi was frustrated with this Ancient God invader. This guy was not very strong. If they fought head-on, he might not even be able to walk in front of Ou Yezi. However, this guy was very cautious. He never stayed long in one place. The main world was too big, so it was too difficult to catch him!

    Although him causing a ruckus in several villages did not affect the High Humans much, the problem was that this Ancient God's massacres would lead to the collection of different kinds of energy. The energy could be used to open more portals which were bigger. If they did not stop this, when the Ancient Gods invade in full force, it would be an absolute disaster for the High Humans!

    One had to know that although the Heavenly Court wanted to restart the War of the Heavens, they planned to fight in the small world of the Ancient Gods. They did not intend to let the war break out in their own home. Otherwise, regardless of whether they won or lost the war, they would ultimately be on the losing end!
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