991 Gnome Adventurous Goggles

    "Well... master. You see, as your apprentice, I'm planning to do you a favor by killing the Ancient God invader, but my Level is a little low. Aren't you supposed to lend me a hand?" Jiang Fei rubbed his hands with glee.

    "Hmph! I knew you were up to no good!" Ou Yezi glanced at Jiang Fei, then continued, "It's fine if you can't beat him. If you find him, just tell me. I don't need you to kill him."

    "That won't do! He moves around too quickly. By the time I get back here, he would have already run away!" Jiang Fei certainly did not want to go back empty-handed.

    "Heh..." As Jiang Fei was trying very hard to get something out of him, Ou Yezi found it amusing. Actually, he was just teasing his apprentice. There was no master who did not love their apprentice. When Jiang Fei said that he wanted to help, Ou Yezi already thought about giving Jiang Fei something so that he could defend himself.

    "Okay, kid. Stop acting. You're just here to take something from me!" Ou Yezi sneered at Jiang Fei, then took a Recipe out of the cabinet next to him and threw it to Jiang Fei. "Take this and leave. If you can't kill that stupid Ancient God, don't come back and see me!"

    After taking the Recipe, Jiang Fei immediately checked its attributes.

    Recipe: Gnome Adventurous Goggles (Engineering Recipe, Legendary)

    Use: Teaches you how to make Gnome Adventurous Goggles.

    Requires: Master Engineer

    Remaining Use: 1

    Gnome Adventurous Goggles (Plate Armor, Helmet)

    Activation: Attacks a single target with the Gnome Destructive Beam. If the activation is successful, it will immediately deal 400 million chaos damage to the target. If the activation fails, it will immediately return the target's total Health and provide it with a shield lasting thirty seconds, causing the target to enter an Invincible state.

    Remarks: The base success rate is 50%. If you are one Level higher than the target, the success rate is increased by 1%. If you are one Level lower than the target, the success rate is reduced by 1%.

    Equipment Requirements: Master Engineer

    This equipment was very strange. Even though it was a Helmet, it did not have any attributes. It only had one skill that could be activated. However, this skill was extraordinarily powerful. It could deal 400 million damage. Even a Celestial would be seriously injured! However, if the activation failed, it would be very bad. The enemy would regain full Health and thirty seconds of invincibility!

    "Is this from the Gnomes?" Jiang Fei asked after he finished looking at the Recipe. Only something from the Gnomes would be based on great power and accompanied by great risks.

    "Mmm! This is something we found when we discovered the remains of an ancient goblin empire." Ou Yezi nodded.

    "Is this thing reliable?" Jiang Fei smiled.

    "Cut the nonsense. Just take it and leave now!" Ou Yezi glared at Jiang Fei, then started to chase him away.

    "Hehe! Master, don't worry. As long as this thing works, I'll definitely bring you the head of this invader Ancient God!" Jiang Fei smiled at Ou Yezi, then turned and left Heaven's Realm.

    After he returned to the Demon Dragon Fortress, Jiang Fei immediately learned the Recipe. Although this thing required a Master Engineer, Jiang Fei who was a God of Crafts could completely ignore any Level or Class restrictions. So, he could learn any Recipe.

    The materials needed to make the Gnome Adventurous Goggles were quite rare. However, Empyreal Dragon had everything. So, Jiang Fei could just retrieve the materials he needed from the guild storage.

    Although high-leveled Recipes had a limit on the number of uses and the success rate was extremely low, Jiang Fei's Cauldron of Luck was not just for show. Although it was not stated specifically that it gave 100,000 Luck, it still had some effect. So, Jiang Fei did not hesitate. He crafted it as soon as he gathered all the materials.

    All the materials in his hands turned into Radiant, then gathered together. Soon, the prototype of the Goggles was complete and Jiang Fei concentrated all his strength onto crafting. He managed to get Triple Radiant.

    As it was his first time crafting such a high-end engineering tool, Jiang Fei was still relatively new to it. He only managed to get Triple Radiant, so the Goggles maintained its basic attributes and was not an Ascended item.

    "It's fine as long as I can use it." Jiang Fei nodded. Anyway, he only needed the activation effect of the Goggles. As for whether or not he could get an extra few hundreds of attributes, it was irrelevant to him.

    At this time, Jiang Fei had four attribute Cauldrons. This gave him an additional 400,000 base Attribute Points, so a few hundred Points were insignificant to him. To Jiang Fei, only the special skills or special effects on general equipment mattered now. The other attributes were irrelevant. With the additional attributes from the Cauldrons, whether an equipment increased his attributes or increased his Level was not as important to him anymore.

    The Gnome Risk Goggles looked like an old-fashioned aviator pair of goggles. So, after he equipped it, Jiang Fei looked pretty cool.

    "Now I just have to wait for the players in the guild to report on the Ancient God!" After everything was prepared, Jiang Fei could only wait for good luck.

    No one knew where the Ancient God would appear. Jiang Fei's only advantage was the fact that Empyreal Dragon had a large number of players. The members of the guild were distributed throughout the main world. Sooner or later, someone would definitely encounter the Ancient God.

    Another two days passed. That day, at noon in the game, finally some good news popped up in the guild channel. Someone had discovered the whereabouts of the Ancient God!

    In actuality, this was not the first time the Ancient God was discovered. Players from other guilds have discovered him many times. Unfortunately, they were all killed by the Ancient God instantly. Then, the Ancient God disappeared immediately after the massacre. The High Humans always rushed there for nothing.

    This time, the players from Empyreal Dragon were more fortunate. They had been training somewhere and were about to return to the nearby city to replenish their supplies. When they arrived in the city, they realized that the whole city was on fire and a dragon made out of swords was flying in the sky. Even though they did not see the real Ancient God, they knew that no one else would do such an evil thing.

    In order to avoid being killed instantly, these players did not dare to go closer. They just reported it in the guild channel.

    "Did the massacre just begin?" Jiang Fei immediately asked in the guild channel.

    "Yes! The people in the city are still fighting back, but looking at how they're being tortured, it should not last more than a few minutes!" The player at the scene replied.

    "Great!" Jiang Fei was overjoyed. Then, he immediately went to the target city through the Teleportation Point.

    As this was a replenishment city near a leveling area, there was a Teleportation Point in the city. As the Ancient God's massacre had just begun, the Teleportation Point had not been destroyed. Hence, Jiang Fei instantly arrived at the scene!
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