992 Soulcutter’s Spiri

    When Jiang Fei arrived in the city, he did not see the Ancient God invader. Instead, he saw the sword dragon that his guild member was talking about!

    The sword dragon was not a dinosaur from ancient times. It was a dragon formed out of countless swords. It flew around freely, killing the NPC soldiers and destroying all the defensive buildings in the city. In the face of this sword dragon, the defense of this city was ridiculous!

    "What the hell is going on?" Jiang Fei frowned. He ran toward the outskirts of the city. This sword dragon was definitely not the Ancient God because it did not have an NPC name on its head. It seemed more like a powerful skill.

    When Jiang Fei arrived at the outskirts, he immediately saw the Ancient God.

    "He doesn't look that powerful..." Jiang Fei complained. This Ancient God did not look as unique as the Evil God Solan or the Blood God Veigar. He just looked like an extremely ordinary elf.

    The Ancient God had slender ears and was very handsome. However, even though he was handsome, he was not one that stood out among the elves.

    Soulcutter's Spirit (Primordial Celestial, Lower Celestial)

    Level: 102

    Health Points: 550,000,000

    Attack Power: 3,000,000 (100 times damage to targets below Celestial tier)

    Skills: Unknown?

    Remarks: During ancient times, after the beginning of the heavens and the earth, Excalibur was the sword spirit of the first godly sword Soulcutter. The sword spirit that gained wisdom finally became a God, took over the sword, and turned into Soulcutter's Spirit!

    After seeing the enemy's attributes, Jiang Fei understood what this Ancient God was. He was a sword spirit that turned into a God. The sword dragon above his head was made out of his original form. Jiang Fei was not very concerned about the fact that it was the first godly sword during ancient times. He had been mixing around with the people in the Heavenly Court for a long time, so he naturally knew about Ancient Gods.

    These Ancient Gods, if you looked at their Remarks, all had remarkable origins. If it was not the first godly sword in ancient times, it would be the first demon in ancient times. Anyway, at that time, the High Humans were not born yet. Various production techniques like smelting and such were not developed enough, so even a brick would have been regarded as the first Celestial Weapon. So, even though these Ancient Gods had scary backgrounds, their strengths were not unmatched.

    Although Ancient Gods were a little stronger than Celestials of the same level, it was very limited. A Lower Celestial Ancient God could easily defeat a Lower Celestial High Human, but would easily be defeated by an Intermediate Celestial High Human.

    An example was this Soulcutter's Spirit in front of Jiang Fei. Lower Celestials such as the Nephilim King Augustus definitely could not beat him. However, if an Intermediate Celestial like the Demon King Ulysses came here, this sword spirit would be completely destroyed.

    This was why this Soulcutter's Spirit was so cautious. He would immediately disappear after every massacre, for fear of being killed by the High Human Celestials.

    Up until now, Soulcutter's Spirit had massacred at many cities, accumulating a lot of energy. These energies were carefully kept by the cultists while they waited for opportunities to open other Chronos Gates.

    "This sword..." Jiang Fei looked at the sword dragon above his head and muttered to himself, "Looks f*cking awesome!"

    Indeed, the body of Soulcutter's Spirit looked similar to a Chinese-style long sword. Compared to Abraham, Destroyer of Kingdoms, it was not only elegant and dynamic, but also more in line with Jiang Fei's desired aesthetics.

    "Mine!" Jiang Fei's eyes sparkled as he looked at the sword dragon in the sky.

    As it was such a cool sword, it would be strange if Jiang Fei was not tempted. Moreover, he was not being greedy at all. He had the Cauldron of Luck, so he was like a skilled robber. As long as he could kill Soulcutter's Spirit, the sword would definitely be his!

    In actuality, when Jiang Fei teleported to the city, Soulcutter's Spirit had already discovered him. After all, Soulcutter's Spirit was fighting on the enemy's territory, so he was extremely cautious. If something went wrong, he had to escape immediately.

    However, due to his Level, Jiang Fei succeeded in confusing Soulcutter's Spirit. Although he realized that Jiang Fei was here, he also knew that Jiang Fei was just an Overlord. So, Jiang Fei posed no threat to him at all!

    Even though Soulcutter's Spirit only had three million Attack Power, which was lower than Jiang Fei's, he still had an advantage due to his Celestial tier. He could deal a hundred times of damage to non-Celestial tier targets. One attack from him would deal three hundred million damage to Jiang Fei. Although Jiang Fei had the Cauldron of Vitality, he was not a Celestial. So, he would not even be able to tank one hit!

    After seeing Soulcutter's Spirit, Jiang Fei activated Shadow Barrier just in case. After all, someone like him was too weak in the face of a Celestial-tier NPC.

    Soulcutter's Spirit also saw Jiang Fei, but he did not care. He just continued to destroy the city's defensive buildings and slaughtered the people. In his eyes, Jiang Fei was no different from a guard soldier, so he did not need to target Jiang Fei specifically. If he shoved the sword dragon into Jiang Fei's face, Jiang Fei would turn into minced meat just like the other soldiers.

    "Here's my chance!" A cold light flashed through Jiang Fei's eyes. As Soulcutter's Spirit had underestimated him, the best time to attack was now.

    Transform! Battle Form!

    When Jiang Fei was about two hundred meters away from Soulcutter's Spirit, he suddenly activated his Demon form!

    Sudden Charge!

    Using a teleportation skill after his transformation, Jiang Fei instantly appeared near Soulcutter's Spirit!

    Gnome Risk Goggles! Activate!

    Jiang Fei immediately used the Goggles. It could not be helped. The risk was too big. It was better if he used it at the start, as the Soulcutter's Spirit still had full Health. Even if the activation failed, it would not be too bad for him. If Jiang Fei spent a long time attacking the boss until it had low Health, and the activation failed, he would kill himself.

    "Ding! Activation successful!"


    Was it because he had the Cauldron of Luck? Jiang Fei succeeded in activating the Goggles!

    The Goggles immediately dealt 400 million chaos damage. Soulcutter's Spirit who originally had 550 million Health Points instantly became low on Health!

    "D*mn you!" After he was seriously injured, Soulcutter's Spirit did not dare to look down on Jiang Fei anymore. He waved his hand aggressively and the sword dragon in the air immediately broke up. Tens of thousands of long swords immediately flew toward Jiang Fei!

    "F*ck!" Jiang Fei was shocked. Although Shadow Barrier could protect him three times, it was nothing against tens of thousands of attacks!

    Sudden Charge!

    As he did not dare to tank the attacks, he could only teleport away to dodge them. While he did, he activated his Clone!


    Three Clones rushed toward Soulcutter's Spirit, while Jiang Fei quietly sneaked behind him.


    Soulcutter's Spirit was already scared of Jiang Fei due to the first attack. Seeing that three Clones were rushing toward him, he immediately recalled all the swords and formed a sword net around himself. The net was five meters thick and was impenetrable!
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