993 Skilled Actor

    "Do you really think that I can't kill you just because I can't get close to you? How naive!" Jiang Fei sneered.

    At this time, Soulcutter's Spirit thought that he was perfectly protected, so he sent two sharp swords flying toward Jiang Fei. However, even before his swords could reach Jiang Fei, the three Clones blocked the attacks with their bodies and burst into pieces!

    Boom boom boom...

    Following three bursts, a rumble was heard coming from inside the sword shield.

    When Jiang Fei's Clones died, they dealt three times the amount of their remaining Health Points as chaos damage. The three Clones all had full Health, so they immediately dealt nine times Jiang Fei's total Health Points as damage!

    With the Cauldron of Vitality, Jiang Fei's Health was nearly 15 million. Nine times of that was nearly 140 million damage. Moreover, it was chaos damage which would directly reduce the target's Health Points. So, even though Soulcutter's Spirit had full Health at the start of the battle, in less than three seconds, he had only a little over 10 million Health Points left!

    At this time, however, Jiang Fei broke out in cold sweat. Although Soulcutter's Spirit was seriously injured, his sword shield was still there. This egg-shaped sword shield that looked like a metal hedgehog was protecting Soulcutter's Spirit. Even though Jiang Fei's Clones could deal damage to him upon their deaths, Jiang Fei could not personally attack him!

    If Soulcutter's Spirit maintained the sword shield and continued to attack Jiang Fei with the two long swords on the outside, Jiang Fei would be dead in a few minutes!

    "D*mn! I made a mistake!" Jiang Fei did not expect Soulcutter's Spirit to have such a skill. Now that he was hiding in his tortoise shell, Jiang Fei could not do anything. Even if he equipped the Heaven-piercing Twilight Bow, he would not be able to attack as he could not see the target.

    If Soulcutter's Spirit was a boss in a Dungeon, it would be over for Jiang Fei today. He only needed three swords to break Jiang Fei's Shadow Barrier. Then, he could end Jiang Fei with two attacks. Even though Jiang Fei could revive once with the Token of the God of Crafts, it was useless.

    However, after he attacked Jiang Fei once and discovered that Jiang Fei immunized his attacks, Soulcutter's Spirit who was an NPC with intelligence became terrified!

    Although he was an Ancient God, the main world had been sealed for thousands of years. Soulcutter's Spirit had not experienced a real battle for a long time. Today, as soon as the battle began, Jiang Fei had already beaten him to a pulp!

    He still did not understand what happened. Jiang Fei's first attack was a destructive beam which dealt 400 million damage. This almost scared Soulcutter's Spirit to death. Even after he used his own defensive skill which created a reflective sword shield, he still could not enjoy a moment of peace. Jiang Fei's Clones immediately blew up, dealing lots of damage and leaving him with an extremely low amount of Health Points!

    Although he still had more than 10 million Health Points left, for Soulcutter's Spirit who had a total of 550 million Health Points, this was equivalent to having one drop of blood left in his body!

    Following that, Soulcutter's Spirit found out that his attacks were totally ineffective against Jiang Fei. So, he began to panic. After all, he was left with too little Health Points. Jiang Fei could just flick him and he would be dead!

    Although Jiang Fei had exhausted all his means at that moment, Soulcutter's Spirit had no idea. Having been attacked so quickly and so effectively, his mind was whirling with panicky thoughts. He felt like he was no match for Jiang Fei at all.

    Right then, Soulcutter's Spirit determined Jiang Fei as a High Celestial disguised as an Overlord. If so, did he dare to continue fighting back?

    "I surrender!" Among the Ancient Gods, Soulcutter's Spirit was relatively useless. Otherwise, the Primordial Celestials would not have sent him here to die.

    Originally, the main world was sealed. So, the first batch of Ancient Gods to enter the main world were definitely just lab rats. If they were popular and powerful, they would definitely not be part of the first batch.

    Hence, Soulcutter's Spirit was already dissatisfied with the other Ancient Gods. Since Jiang Fei was so powerful, he knew that he was no match for him. Why would he give up his life? If he could surrender, it was surely a better option!

    "Hmm?!" Jiang Fei thought that he was going to die for sure. He did not expect the Ancient God to actually surrender!

    Jiang Fei was unsure as to whether this Ancient God was surrendering for real. Even though he was surprised, what kind of person was he? Back when he was around Level 20 or 30, he had already started to scare NPCs with his excellent acting skills. No one was better at this than him!

    "Hmph! You're merely a Lower Celestial, and you actually dare to fight against me? You must be blind!" Jiang Fei said fiercely. He had even kept his weapon. Anyway, if Soulcutter's Spirit did not remove the sword shield, he could not attack. It did not matter whether he held a weapon or not.

    However, Jiang Fei who was acting all high and mighty frightened Soulcutter's Spirit even more. If Jiang Fei was not powerful, he would not blatantly disregard Soulcutter's Spirit. Therefore, Soulcutter's Spirit was even more determined that Jiang Fei was a hidden powerful God.

    "Yes! Yes! Yes! I was blind! Please spare my life!" The more Soulcutter's Spirit thought about it, the scarier Jiang Fei became. Sometimes, people liked to scare themselves. Even if their enemies revealed a flaw, they would take the initiative and help their enemies cover it up.

    "Aren't you planning to surrender? Remove the sword shield," Jiang Fei said coldly. If Soulcutter's Spirit was faking it, then he definitely would not remove the sword shield. In that case, Jiang Fei would accept his death. Anyway, there was no way he could kill Soulcutter's Spirit. However, if Soulcutter's Spirit removed the sword shield, Jiang Fei would either accept the surrender or launch a sudden attack depending on his mood.

    "Yes! Yes, sir!" Previously, as Jiang Fei had almost killed him through the sword shield, Soulcutter's Spirit did not think that his sword shield could defend him anymore.

    After the sword shield was removed, Jiang Fei discovered how horrible Soulcutter's Spirit looked. His clothes were all ragged and there was a trace of blood in the corner of his mouth. He looked pale and exhausted.

    "You want to surrender?" Jiang Fei said as he seemingly paced back and forth carelessly. In actuality, he was gradually getting closer to Soulcutter's Spirit, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

    "Yes, sir!" Soulcutter's Spirit who was frightened and kneeling on the floor peeked at Jiang Fei. When their eyes met, he almost peed his pants!

    There was a big and bright-red Godslayer Title above Jiang Fei's head. Jiang Fei could not turn it off. Previously, Soulcutter's Spirit did not pay attention to Jiang Fei, so he did not notice it.

    The Primordial Celestials had a list of all the Godslayers. As Jiang Fei was not in the list, he certainly did not obtain this Title during the Primordial War. An Ancient God who was recently killed was Evil God Solan who was an Intermediate Celestial. So, this new Godslayer must be the one who killed Solan!

    "F*ck... even an Intermediate Celestial like Solan died in his hands. It's no wonder that he could defeat me so easily..." Soulcutter's Spirit was even more afraid of Jiang Fei now. Before this, he actually wanted to try and attack Jiang Fei by surprise. Now, however, he had completely eliminated such an idea.

    "How do you plan to surrender?" At this time, Jiang Fei had snuck behind Soulcutter's Spirit and had quietly pulled out Abraham, Destroyer of Kingdoms. Although Jiang Fei did not stack Ruthless Barrage, with the additional Attack Power from Unholy Desire, he had enough damage to kill Soulcutter's Spirit instantly!
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