994 Scary Soulcutter

    Just as Jiang Fei was about to take Soulcutter's Spirit by surprise, Soulcutter's Spirit felt the murderous aura. However, as he was afraid of Jiang Fei, he did not dare to fight back. Instead, he quickly said, "Sir, if you spare my life, I'm willing to offer you my spirit and return to being a sword spirit under your command!"

    "Hmm?" Jiang Fei raised his eyebrows. He had already lifted Abraham, Destroyer of Kingdoms, but he began to lower it slowly.

    At this time, although Soulcutter's Spirit was kneeling on the ground with his back facing Jiang Fei, he was breaking out in cold sweat. He had obviously sensed Jiang Fei's intentions. Otherwise, he would not make such a concession in a hurry.

    Offering his spirit was tantamount to tearing up his own soul. This meant that he would be subject to someone else for life. If Jiang Fei accepted his spirit, Jiang Fei would have the ultimate power to kill him and could even kill him with just a thought!

    Moreover, to return to being a sword spirit meant that he would be giving up his freedom and would return to his original form. He would become a weapon under his owner's commands. This meant that his tens of thousands of years of practice and hard work would go to waste. However, in order to preserve his life, Soulcutter's Spirit had no other choice.

    "Interesting!" Jiang Fei smiled. Although the Soulcutter would definitely drop out if he killed this spirit, a sword without a sword spirit would definitely be a lot weaker. If this guy was really going to serve him just so he could stay alive, Jiang Fei could make a big profit!

    Moreover, Jiang Fei was not too worried about this guy betraying him. This was because, as soon as he offered his spirit, a soul-selling contract would form between them. This contact was even stricter than the one between Jiang Fei and Akatziris. The sword spirit would exist as Jiang Fei's slave. He would have no right to resist Jiang Fei at all.

    "Please spare my life, sir!" Soulcutter's Spirit was really scared and was begging for his life.

    "Okay! Offer your spirit!" Jiang Fei said coldly. He did not keep the giant sword in his hand just yet. If Soulcutter's Spirit dared to play any tricks, he would kill him instantly!

    "Yes, sir!" After hearing Jiang Fei's words, Soulcutter's Spirit stretched out his right hand immediately and thrust all five fingers straight into his heart.


    When Soulcutter's Spirit pulled his claws out of his heart, there was a sphere of brilliance in his hand.

    This sphere of brilliance slowly broke away from his palm and floated toward Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei raised his hand and the sphere immediately disappeared into his body through his palm!

    "Ding! Spirit Breaker Slavery Contract has been established!"

    Jiang Fei heard a system prompt which indicated that Soulcutter's Spirit could no longer resist him.

    "Great!" Jiang Fei smiled. He had not expected everything to go so smoothly. He was ready for Soulcutter's Spirit to fight back. His Shadow Barrier could still immunize two attacks, so he was going to take that chance to kill Soulcutter's Spirit. Unexpectedly, Soulcutter's Spirit was obedient and actually gave up his spirit!

    "Become a sword spirit and go back to your original form!" Jiang Fei laughed. Now, Soulcutter's Spirit was his slave.

    "Yes, master!" Soulcutter's Spirit nodded. He then turned into a sphere of brilliance and floated above Jiang Fei's head.

    The tens of thousands of long swords that were protecting Soulcutter's Spirit previously began to merge until only one of them remained. The sphere of brilliance slammed into the sword and the sword hovered above Jiang Fei's head.

    "Ding! You have obtained the Soulcutter!"

    Following a system prompt, Jiang Fei now possessed this godly sword.

    Soulcutter (One-Handed Sword, Ancient Celestial Weapon) (Bound Sword Soul)

    Attack Power +500,000

    Equipment: Increases your Attack Speed by 100%!

    Equipment: Increases your Attack Power by 100%!

    Equipment: Increases your Attack range by 100 meters!

    Equipment: You have obtained the skill Sword Form: Bloom!

    Equipment: You have obtained the skill Sword Form: Blade Dragon! (Requires pre-skill Sword Form: Bloom!)

    Equipment: You have obtained the skill Sword Form: Sword Burst! (Requires pre-skill Sword Form: Bloom!)

    Equipment: You have obtained the skill Sword Form: Reflection! (Requires pre-skill Sword Form: Bloom!)

    Equipment: You have obtained the skill Evol. Soulcutter! (Requires pre-skill Sword Form: Bloom!)

    Equipment: You have obtained the skill River Flow Mountain Cutter (Requires pre-skill Evol. Soulcutter!)

    Special Effect 1: Sure-hit (Your attacks will not miss or be evaded)

    Special Effect 2: Magic Break (Your attacks will dispel all of the enemy's buffs)

    Special Effect 3: Superiority (Your attacks will ignore all Defense attributes on equipment below the Grade of Holy Item)

    Remarks: Soulbound, cannot be dropped or traded.

    "D*mn! Awesome!" Even though he had seen a lot, Jiang Fei was still shocked by the sword's attributes!

    The base attributes of this Soulcutter already gave an additional 500,000 Attack Power. This alone made it worthy of its Grade as an Ancient Celestial Weapon. Next, even though the sword had no other base attributes, its equipment effects were too powerful.

    Both Attack Power and Attack Speed were increased by 100%, but this was normal for a high-end weapon. However, the increase in Attack range would enable Jiang Fei to become a ranged attacker once again. Then, there were six skills which came with the sword. Although Jiang Fei had not tested these skills yet, they were probably the skills that Soulcutter's Spirit used previously!

    If the attributes of the Soulcutter stopped here, then it would probably be a relatively powerful Holy Item weapon, at most. However, the next three Special Effects illustrated the superiority of a Celestial Weapon!

    First of all, the sure-hit attribute was pretty godly. Jiang Fei's attacks would never fail. Unless they were blocked or parried, every attack would surely hit!

    Secondly, for Special Effect 2 which was Magic Break, it was simply a cheat toward Magician Class players or bosses. Regardless of whether it was Magic Shields or Magic Armors, they would all be useless against the Magic Break Special Effect. Magician Class players or bosses would certainly die in the face of the Soulcutter.

    Special Effect 3 was equally powerful as it ignored the Defense attributes of all equipment below the Grade of Holy Item. Even without activating his Battle Form, Jiang Fei would almost have the special effect of his Chaotic Attack mode. After all, Holy Item equipment were very rare, even for bosses. So, if one did not have Holy Item armors, their Defense attributes were literally nothing before Jiang Fei!

    "Fortunately, my Shadow Armor is a Holy Item armor. Otherwise, I would have been killed!" Jiang Fei shivered in fear when he thought about what could have happened.

    After getting the Soulcutter, Jiang Fei naturally did not need Abraham, Destroyer of Kingdoms anymore. Moreover, the Demon King Ulysses was now part of Jiang Fei's Faction. If he continued to use this giant sword as a weapon, people would find out that he was the one who killed Dhakasoron sooner or later. As Jiang Fei had the Romeo Title, Sharaz did not care whether or not he was the one who killed her brother anymore. However, the Demon King who was a guy would not be tricked by his Title. So, in order to avoid trouble, Jiang Fei decided to look for an opportunity to return the Destroyer of Kingdoms to Sharaz.
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