997 Level 5 Appears

    "You--! You're selling the alien artifact!" cried the Mutant that was being pinned down.

    When they saw Jiang Fei, disguised as Zhuge Shanzhen, descending down towards the island, the Mutants had started to feel suspicious about everything. As soon as the Knights of the Church started to attack and subdue them to the ground, the Mutants immediately realized that the Church had planned a plot that had something to do with the alien artifact.

    "You insolent fool! Don't you know what you are doing will only strengthen the Chinese?! If you give the artifact, we would never be able to rise again!" cried the leader of the Mutant bitterly.

    "How could you betray one of your own?! Have you no shame?!" cried the other Mutants.

    "One of my own? Now that you mentioned it, I could say the same for you. The lot of you had purposely kept the research result of the artifact even when the Church and the Mutant Brotherhood had agreed to work together on this! Where are the results?! Betray my own kind? Think of what you have done instead! What I'm doing is merely mirroring your behavior!" said the leader of the Knights. Europe had never been able to let go of what the American had done in the past. They dared to set up their country in a place where did not belong to them. Instead of showing kindness as the natives showed to them, their founding father had massacred the natives and took everything for granted. Even though Europe and America were considered as "white people", it felt nice when Europe could finally step on their heads for a change.






    More and more Mutants cried insults, trying to anger the Knights further to create an opening to fight back. However, instead of being angered, the Knights were merely annoyed.

    "Please shut their mouths. I'm getting nauseated from hearing their yapping," said the leader of the Knights before ordering the other Knights to knock them unconscious.

    After chasing out all the personales inside the alien artifact, Jiang Fei and Isabella were invited into the laboratory.

    Jiang Fei inspected the entire structure and slowly walked up to the main control console.

    "0542, take control and check for any equipment damage," said Jiang Fei. The interior of the laboratory was old and fragile. Most of the facilities inside were already touched and used and many looked like they had been used roughly.

    15 minutes later, 0542 reported back.

    "Captain, all of the equipment inside the laboratory are present. However, there were a few that were damaged. WIth sufficient amount of power, I can still fix them back to its original state."

    The laboratory were excavated by both the Church and the Mutant Brotherhood. Due to maximum security and scrutinization from both sides, researchers are forbidden to take out any equipment from inside the laboratory. Even equipment of their own could not be taken out once they enter the lab. Hence, there were many equipment, both alien and Earth, inside the lab. However, due to incopetent hands, many of the planet Namek's technology were mishandled.

    "Have you took control of the lab?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Yes. We can store it away at your command."

    Jiang Fei nodded slightly and walked around the laboratory, pretending to inspect the entire lab before walking out.

    "Great one, we promise, all the equipment that is inside the lab has never been taken out!" said the leader of the Knights, trying to butter up Jiang Fei to get more potion.

    "Calm down. This one has already promised. Five bottles it is."

    "Thank you, great one!" cried the Knight, smiling happily. The head of the Church had informed the Knight about rewarding him. If the business goes smoothly, the Knight will be awarded with one bottle of the potion if he managed to get five or more bottles from Zhuge Shanzhen.

    The Knight was only a the Advanced stage of Level 4, there was still one barrier he absolutely wishes to achieve.

    The hierarchy structure of the Church was almost the same as the martial artist alliance. To become stronger, they would have to train their mind and body to the brink of fainting. This goes on a daily basis until they could achieve the strength they wanted. The temptation of reaching a higher level of strength was undeniably powerful for Knights and even Priests of the Church.

    When Zhuge Shanzhen had agreed to offer five bottle of potion, the man nearly jumped into the air with delight. The impression of being a Knight must be uphold. That and the fact that he was dealing with the legendary Zhuge Shanzhen. One mustn't lose one's compose when dealing with a person of higher status.

    "Here are the potions. This one will take the artifact now," said Jiang Fei, handing out five bottle of potions. He then ordered everyone to step out of the laboratory before waving his hands out.

    A faint bluish white light envelopes the entire laboratory and in just a flick of Jiang Fei's finger, the three-stories size structure vanished from their very eyes.

    "He really is the almighty one..." said one of the Knights who thought he stood out of earshot. Jiang Fei heard it and smiled regally before nodding at the head of the Knights.

    "This one has completed what he came to do. One must now leave and wishes the best for you. Farewell!" said Jiang Fei before throwing the sword to the ground and leaped onto it. He soaring into the sky with Isabella behind him.

    "He is as mysterious as the rumors said," said the Knight.

    In the sky, before Jiang Fei wanted to remove his disguise, Isabella nudged Jiang Fei's back and whispered, "someone's here."

    Two seconds later, 0542 blared loudly in his mind, "Captain, I have detected an Omega level being approaching our location!"

    Jiang Fei immediately stopped flying and hovered in the air, preparing for the worse. 0542 will only give a warning to Jiang Fei if it had detected a Level 5 Metahuman. Even though the flying sword was fast, it would not outrun a Level 5 Metahuman that could teleport.

    "Peace be with us all. How do this one address a friend that came to seek an audience?" said Jiang Fei, still pretending to be Zhuge Shanzhen. Even though he was nervous as hell, it was not the first time him pretending to be someone he was not. He calmed himself quick and found his breathing immediately.

    A white orb flashed in front of Jiang Fei and a man appeared out of it. He looked like someone from the west and was floating in the air with an unknown energy surrounding his entire body. Surprisingly, the man was bald and looked scrawny.

    "Could this be Master Zhuge?"

    "One is indeed! Who might you be?" Jiang Fei said calmly and started to analyse the person that was floating next to him. That person was using Mandarin to converse and was not doing to well. He was stuttering, which states that the man was terrified of Zhuge Shanzhen.

    "I'm nothing but a lucky person..." said the man before telling Jiang Fei his story.

    The man looked like he was in his forties but he was fast approaching 1,000 years old. He was born in the last century, in the center of Europe. Back then, Europe was not as advanced as they were now. War, famine, pestiline, and death was all but common during that period of time. He was one of those unfortunate one that was born during the dark ages. At the brink of death, the man crawled up to the beach and managed to find an unknown, egg-like object. The man was famished for several days and since he was about to die, he ate the egg-like object without caring much whether it was poisonous.

    That egg was not what it seems. As soon as he swallowed it, the man was assaulted with waves of excruciating pain throughout his body. After suffering like that for several months alone, in that desolate beach, the man was able to reach Level 5 and in turn, managed to obtained an unaging body.

    Unlike other Level 5 Metahumans, this man was one of the rare, unaffiliated Level 5 Metahuman that does not side with any country or group.
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