1005 The Pitiful Pig for Slaughter

    After dealing with Shroder, Jiang Fei had Ariel and Isabella to accompany him to the Land of the Rising Sun. Right now, the majority of the Japan archipelago was desolated. What was once a growing concrete jungle, flourishing with its citizens and advanced technology, was now a ruined land filled with despair. The reason Jiang Fei was returning to Japan was to obtain more Doomsday's flesh to make more potions!

    Since Ariel had been there more than once, it became her role to lead Jiang Fei and Isabella to teleport them there. With a flash, the three of them appeared on the slopes of the Apple Hill.

    "I think you should go. He's more familiar with you after all," said Jiang Fei as he handed over the Zhanlu Sword.

    "Oh, very well... To be honest, that thing is too disgusting but since you've asked, I'll do it anyway!" said Ariel, sulking before she smiled sweetly at Jiang Fei.

    Ariel flashed once more and appeared directly in the volcano that housed Doomsday.

    "You again?! Why are you here?" cried Doomsday when it saw Ariel appearing with the sword in hand. It was so dreadful. Just when he had recovered enough energy to restore his dismembered tentacle, the lady appeared just to slice it off. Just when he had recovered just enough energy to finally move away from that volcano, the girl appeared again!

    "Silence! How do you want to do this? Would you give me or I'll have to slice it off of you!" Ariel bellowed whilst swinging the sword closer to Doomsday.

    "Please! Let me! No need for you to trouble yourself!" cried Doomsday. If she had sliced off its tentacle, the power of the Zhanlu Sword would activate, causing its energy to go berserk. It would need to spend a tremendous amount of energy just to control his powers from killing himself. All the time wasted in recovering would be for naught!


    Doomsday picked one of its thickest, strongest tentacles and snapped it off. It was inevitable, Doomsday had picked the cowardly way to survive-to give what its attacker wants or die resisting her orders.

    "More!" Ariel yelled. Jiang Fei needed to make more potions this time in order to trade for more Uranium and alien artifacts. Hence, the demand for flesh increased.

    "More?" Doomsday cried. This time, its voice had gotten more annoyed. Obviously, it was not having it. It was a Level 5 monster. How could it let some puny little girl order him around!

    "Silence!" Ariel shouted before leaping towards Doomsday. She did not care to ask anymore. With two quick slashes, she sliced off two other bigger tentacles off it.

    When the tentacles were off, the Valium that was coated on the Zhanlu Sword reacted violently with Doomsday. At that moment, the powerful Level 5 monster immediately writhed in pain.

    "Little girl, I didn't say I won't give you... Next time, all you need to do was ask..." said Doomsday as it glanced at Ariel with its disgusting eyes.

    "Mhm. This is enough. Have your rest. I shall come back soon!" said Ariel before teleporting away with the three tentacles.

    "She's still coming back?! Wuu..."

    Doomsday groaned with sadness and despair. Next time, it would not wait until it fully recovers. When it had all of its limbs to move around, it would immediately move away. Although the volcano was the best and optimum place to restore its energy, it was also the worst place to be as the girl would appear again to cut off its limbs!

    "Here you go," said Ariel, throwing the three tentacles on the ground. She hopped towards Jiang Fei and was looking like a little girl that had just accomplished something and wanted to be praised.

    "Haha! You did good! Did you make Doomsday cry?" said Jiang Fei as he stroked Ariel's hair.

    "Mhm. No, he didn't. All he did was shout but he did not cry!" said Ariel, smirking like a conceited little girl.

    It was not that it did not cry, it could not cry since it was a beast without tear ducts! Furthermore, the beast was soaking in molten lava! The tears would evaporate instantly!

    "Thank you very much. With this many tentacles, I can make as many Power Potions as I want!"

    However, before Jiang Fei could even make the order, 0542 quickly chimed in, "I'm sorry, Captain. Due to insufficient energy, the laboratory has ceased all its functions."

    It was only then did Jiang Fei realize that making potions would require both ingredients as well as a small amount of energy. Concurrently, 0542's energy reserves were extremely low and what was left was reserved for emergency use.

    "What a drag..." Jiang Fei clicked his tongue and grunted. The usual transaction was to hand over the potion before he got to absorb Uranium. Then again, pullings strings with Shroder would not be too much of a trouble to get the Uranium first. When he had energy, he could easily make a large batch of potions in just a few hours.

    Ariel and Isabella had never been to America, hence, this time, they had to rely on aviation travels. Before leaving for America, Jiang Fei informed his parents and Si Tuying about their trip since it would take them two to three days to return.

    At the same time, fortunately, Dawn Break was in its maintenance period allowing Jiang Fei to not worry about the War of the Heavens. With all problems postponed slightly, Jiang Fei headed over to America with two beautiful girls willingly wrapped around him. The girls could fly on their own, which, would drastically increase their flying speed. However, Jiang Fei had thought about buying some time for Shroder to make preparations for the Uranium. Hence, all three of them hovered around on the giant sword, cruising through the sea and even stopping by at a nice uninhabited island to rest and relax. They spent a night on the beach before reaching the western seaboard of America the next day.

    When Jiang Fei reached land, there was a welcome party waiting for him. It consists of several people that he knew well and a few other fresh faces. The one that he recognized immediately was Liona. Previously, when Jiang Fei visited America, Liona was the person that took care of Jiang Fei's needs. Back then, Liona was only a Beginner stage of Level 4 Mutant. Right now, she was stronger-at the Advanced stage of Level 4. It was obvious to Jiang Fei then that the enhancement technology used by the Mutants were still going strong.

    "Mr. Jiang Fei, it has been my pleasure to serve you once more. Please do not feel the need to feel reserved. I will do my best to serve you once more," said Liona like a hotel concierge. That was not the first time they met but even when she was much stronger than before, the tone of her speech when talking to Jiang Fei was even more courteous.

    When Liona greeted Jiang Fei the very first time, she was under the impression that Jiang Fei was just a naive little boy that got lucky. There was no respect but what was required of her. Right now, even without the looming figure of Zhuge Shanzhen overshadowing Jiang Fei, Liona was respectful of Jiang Fei because of his own stature. The boy was now at the Pinnacle stage of Level 4, a status not all Mutants had.
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