1007 Next Objective: To Reach the Celestial!

    With energy, producing Power Potions was no longer an issue. 0542 took a few hours to make a total of 23 bottles of Power Potions for Jiang Fei.

    20 bottles were given as the official transaction for the Uranium while the remaining three were given to Shroder as a personal favor.

    Shroder had no use for the potions since he had already achieved the Pinnacle stage of Level 4. The three bottles were ammunition for him to establish a good rapport with the other members of the Mutant Brotherhood in order to solidify his position as the Vice-President of the Mutant organization.

    After handing over the promised potions, the transaction was over and the Mutants had gained 20 bottles of Power Potion. With them being used on the right people, the entire organization had gained a status stronger than before during the war in Japan.

    With the upgrade, the Mutants began their retaliation against the European Church. Those Knights that had been trashing them shall pay the price of looking down on them! That was the outcome that Jiang Fei had hoped for-to have the European Church fight against the Mutants. At first, the Mutants launched many small-scale attacks all across Europe which led to public dominance on several lands that belonged to the Church.

    The Church was forced to keep quiet about it since they had indeed betrayed the Mutants by giving one of the alien artifacts to Jiang Fei. They would not stop as they were lacking in strength. They would try to contact Jiang Fei, hoping to trade more Power Potions with alien artifacts.

    The man that reaped the benefits from the war between the Mutants and the Church was none other than Jiang Fei himself. When the power balance shifted towards the Church, the Mutants would rise and be forced to trade their alien artifacts for potions. Be it as it may, both sides would take some time before they put alien artifacts on the table to trade. Jiang Fei was not in a rush anymore.

    Now that he had what he needed, Jiang Fei headed back to Manda Square by having Ariel flashing him and Isabelle back.

    Jiang Fei had spent more than three days in America and managed to reap a great deal of rewards. With so much energy on hand, 0542 was able to return to craft Jiang Fei's ultimate martial skill. He had also managed to rattle both the Church and the Mutant Brotherhood. All that was left was to wait at home for them to offer their alien artifacts to him.

    After three days, the game was finally patched and was back online. When Jiang Fei logged into the game, he was immediately greeted with Ou Yezi, Zhao Sheng and Tian Wen.

    "Greetings, master. What's going on here?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "No time to explain. Follow me!" cried Ou Yezi as he grabbed Jiang Fei's wrist and teleported away with a flash of white light.

    When Jiang Fei came to, he realized that he had been teleported into the Heaven's Realm.

    "Greetings to the great master!" said Ou Yezi, Zhao Sheng, and Tian Wen as they bowed to Lu Fu.

    "A thousand years and more... Alas, there is someone here to finally inherit the will of the heavens. Young man, have you prepared yourself?" said Lu Fu as he rose from his throne.

    Jiang Fei felt a sudden rush of adrenaline through his veins. He gazed around and saw the other three looking at him.

    "Great master, I have!" said Jiang Fei with determination.

    "Mhm. I shall now bestow you with the Will of the High Humans! From this day on, you shall become The Exceeding One!" Lu Fu roared before flashing into a large orb of light that charged towards Jiang Fei.

    The orb of light expanded before engulfing Jiang Fei entirely. At that moment, Jiang Fei lost all control of his body. Besides blinking, there was nothing he could do. The light condensed quickly and solidified into a large cocoon of light.

    Lu Fu was gone, only Ou Yezi, Zhao Sheng, and Tian Wen remained in the halls of the Heaven's Realm. All three of them gathered close to the cocoon and knelt down before it, quietly and majestically like a sculpture.

    The entire hall was quiet, as if all manners of life had expired. However, in a few minutes, web-like cracks started to appear around the light cocoon. The cracks spread further and eventually, the entire cocoon looked as if it was about to burst.

    Rays of light burst out through the cracks and illuminated the halls. It was so bright that even the three High Celestial NPCs were blinded momentarily. The flash lasted for only a few moments. As the last light ray faded back into the cocoon, the cocoon faded as well, revealing Jiang Fei, adorned in golden armor. His eyes glowed bright, like an awakening of the gods.

    "Heh. You've done well, little one," said Ou Yezi as his eyes began to water up. There was a moment of satisfaction that hit him hard when he saw how his disciple became who he was today.

    Jiang Fei remained in trance for a short while before his eyes reverted back.

    "Master! I have inherited the Will of the Heavens! The War of the Heavens shall begin!" cried Jiang Fei happily.

    "Thank you for everything you've done, great master!" Ou Yezi, Zhao Sheng, and Tian Wen roared simultaneously as he knelt down towards the West.

    "Thank you, great master!" cried Jiang Fei to mimic the others. The NPC known as Lu Fu had given up his life in order to fulfill Jiang Fei's destiny. Now that he had accomplished his role, there was nothing left in him to remain in the realm.

    After the three had bowed to their heart's content, Ou Yezi returned to Jiang Fei's side.

    "Little one, from this day on, the duty to reclaim the heavens lies on your shoulder. However, before you start flapping your wings and soar to the sky, you need to light the Godflame!" said Ou Yezi as he pats Jiang Fei's back.

    Even with the qualifications to start the War of the Heavens, Jiang Fei's current strength was too weak. Even with the Nine Treasured Cauldrons in effect, he was still extremely weak against a true Celestial boss. The only reason he was able to defeat the Sword Spirit was that it was being too submissive. If the boss was just a little braver, Jiang Fei would be killed.

    To have the same power to fight a Celestial tier boss, Jiang Fei was now required to embark on a quest to light up the Godflame. Godflame granted some form of protection to Jiang Fei, reducing the overwhelming damage dealt by Celestial tier bosses. Without it, no matter how fast Jiang Fei could recover his health, he would still die in a single hit.

    "Master, how does one light up the Godflame?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "First, you must reach Level 99 and push your experience points to the maximum before you come to me. I will then give you an Advancement quest!" said Ou Yezi.

    Jiang Fei had long obtained the qualification to take on the Advancement quest. Once he has passed the test and became the real God of Craft, he would naturally learn how to light up the Godflame. However, if his level was too low, he might fail the entire process. Hence, Ou Yezi was hoping that Jiang Fei could accumulate as much experience points as he could before taking on the quest. From a player's point of view, it was indeed a good precaution to partake. It only takes them a good amount of time to farm experience points.
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