1009 0542’s Good News

    "In the capital you say...?"

    Jiang Fei was taken aback. The first puzzle that popped into his mind was the identity of the person that had just reached Level 5. To be honest, he was unsure as to which sect was close to the capital. The only one that he knew was the Green Willow sect, which was close to the capital. However, he was almost certain that there was no one in the Green Willow sect who could reach Level 5. Their strongest fighter was Ding Tianqi, who was only able to reach the Pinnacle stage of Level 4 with the help of Jiang Fei's Power Potion.

    "Mhm. No use in dwelling. I should know about it sooner or later from the alliance," said Jiang Fei to himself.

    Although the news came as a surprise to Jiang Fei, it was truly nothing to be surprised about. There were very few Level 5 fighters around in China but there would always be someone striving to reach that level. According to the rumors he heard, there would be someone breaking past the limit and reaching Level 5 every 10 or 8 years. Someone reaching Level 5 this year was nothing new to the veterans of the alliance.

    To be fair, many of these Level 5 masters were... quirky. Even when there was someone reaching Level 5, not many would actually make a move to pay them a visit. Back when Isabella broke her incubation tank and sent out a blast of wave, many other Level 5 masters could sense it but they chose to ignore. There were one or two masters who had sent their "reply" in their own manner but never a visit.

    Knowing that there was someone who had just reached Level 5, Jiang Fei chose not to focus on it. Be it from any sect, having an extra Level 5 master in China was beneficial to the nation's security.

    Besides the sudden wave of energy, nothing particularly interesting happened that day. Day after day, Jiang Fei returned to the game, woke up in the morning, spent time with his family, and relaxed. Lo and behold, a week past and it was truly a peaceful week for him.

    In the game, Jiang Fei was able to progress further into the large dungeon. That place became the best training spot for Jiang Fei as the experience points gained there was better than farming individual monsters in the overworld. With the powers of the Nine Treasured Cauldron, the entire dungeon raid process was much easier. Instead of bringing in a hundred men, Jiang Fei went into the large dungeon alone. As a result of hogging all the experience points himself, Jiang Fei was able to reach Level 98 in just a week's time.

    In reality, Jiang Fei was able to trade several alien artifacts. Unfortunately, all the traded alien artifacts were useless. Nothing crucial that could truly restore Braveheart. Fortunately, 0542 had good news.

    "Captain, your new skill has been completed!"

    Ever since the day Jiang Fei had traded Power Potions for skills from sects of the alliance, Jiang Fei had been waiting for almost a month's time for 0542 to complete crafting the ultimate martial skill.

    "That's great news!" cried Jiang Fei happily. To be honest, if 0542 had not reported about the completion of the martial skill, Jiang Fei would have completely forgotten all about it.

    "Allow me to explain the basics of the skill..."

    The skill was derived from using basic move combinations from several skills that Jiang Fei had obtained from the other sects. The skill consists of three styles. The first style was a skill that covered a large area. Using a sword, the skill could damage enemies within 500 meters. The skill could fatally harm any enemies below Level 4. It was not considered to be a powerful skill as any fighter stronger than Level 4 would only take a minimum amount of damage. It would be just like a papercut.

    The second style was a trump-card. The skill temporary allowed Jiang Fei to raise his power level to almost Level 5. Unfortunately, the effective duration was very short and the repercussions from using the skill were dire. In 10 seconds, Jiang Fei would gain an explosive surge of power. However, if he did not end the fight after 10 seconds and continued to do so, he would lose control of his energy, resulting in internal damage which would severely weaken him. At this stage, Jiang Fei would be so weak that he could be defeated with a simple slash by a common non-Metahuman fighter.

    The third style was similar to the second one but instead of using it to fight, the skill granted an immediate boost of power to help Jiang Fei to retreat. Once activated, Jiang Fei would able to instantly teleport away to somewhere not too far away. After teleporting, Jiang Fei would fall into a faked-death status. In this stage, Jiang Fei's location, energy reading, and even life signs would be masked.

    0542 had crafted these three skills using its own perspective of how Jiang Fei conducted himself. Three styles were created for the entire process of the fight. The first style was to make a grand entrance-to clear out the weak ones before he fighting the stronger enemies. The second style was meant to be used when victory was guaranteed. The third style was used in conjunction with the second. If Jiang Fei was unable to defeat his enemy, Jiang Fei could at least teleport away safely.

    "Very good!" Jiang Fei exclaimed. Based on the rough explanation, Jiang Fei was incredibly satisfied with the crafted skills. What was left for him to do was to name them.

    Based on its damage output and functionality, Jiang Fei had decided to name the first style as the Octaburst. The second style was named Bloodrage, and the third style, Bloodart.

    "Captain, I will now proceed with imprinting the skills into your memory. Be advised, the usage of these skills will cost a lot of energy. Please refrain from using them unless truly necessary," said 0542 before it started the imprinting process.

    "Thanks for the warning," Jiang Fei thanked.

    That being said, Octaburst could be used but not consequently. Bloodrage and Bloodart were deemed as a last resort. Using either one of the skills would put Jiang Fei in a dangerous situation. Not only he would be drained of all his energy, but the repercussions from using the skill would also be painful. Jiang Fei made a mental note to never use the skills unless the situation truly called for it.

    After the imprinting of the skills was complete, Jiang Fei started seeing how the skills could affect his body. In three days, Jiang Fei spent his time to master the skills. At that end of his training, he had somewhat mastered the basics of the skills and could use them if necessary.

    Unfortunately, even after mastering the skills, Jiang Fei did not have a sparring partner to use them on. It was a time of peace. The only opponent he could practice with was Ariel and Isabella. Even so, they were too strong for Jiang Fei to truly bring out the prowess of the skill. Unlike other skills, Bloodrage, Bloodart, and Octaburst was not suitable to be used right in the middle of the fight. He needed to create a breathing room for himself to activate any of the three skills. Jiang Fei made a mental note about the shortcomings of the skills before he stopped practising.

    Four days after he had stopped practising the skills, Jiang Fei had collected two more smaller alien artifacts. Unfortunately, there were no news about Braveheart's Main Engine room. In the game, he had reached Level 99 and almost fill up the experience point gauge to 99.99%.

    When night came, Jiang Fei headed to bed and logged into the game. The first thing to do was to head over to the large dungeon with Akatziris by his side.

    "Master, it seems that you are almost at the point where you can light the Godflame," Akatziris made a sudden comment when the two of them were clearing monsters in the dungeon. To be honest, 'clearing' was an overstatement as Jiang Fei was too strong. He hardly needed any effort to kill all the monsters.

    "So it seems. Once I have that done, I will try my best to find a way to free you," said Jiang Fei with an innocent smile. To be honest, once he managed to raise his tier, he would be at the same tier as the Nephilim King, Augustus. At that stage, the contract made by Augustus should not be that hard to destroy.

    "Master... Do you not need me anymore?"

    Jiang Fei was stunned. Akatziris was emotionless when she made that comment.
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