1013 Job Advancement Ques

    "I got it. I'll complete the Quest as soon as possible, and strive to ignite the Godly Flame!" Jiang Fei nodded.

    After bidding Ou Yezi farewell, Jiang Fei returned to the Demon Dragon Fortress. Then, he opened the scroll that Ou Yezi gave him.

    "Ding! You have accepted the "Advancement Test" Quest!"

    Quest Name: Advancement Test

    Quest Description: Crafting the Dream Crystal Ring

    Quest Reward: Promote to Beginner God of Crafts

    Failure Penalty: Drop 5 Levels!

    "Ding! You have learned the Dream Crystal Ring's Recipe!

    Recipe: Dream Crystal Ring (Recipe, Legendary)

    Required: 30 Citrines, 30 Amethysts, 30 Emeralds, 30 Rubies, 30 Sapphires, 2 Original Fel Iron Bars, Tara's Heart, Dream Crystal.

    Remaining crafting chances: 1

    As soon as Jiang Fei opened the scroll, he received two system prompts. One was for the Job Advancement Quest and the other was for the new Recipe. Looking at the Quest, as long as he successfully crafted the Dream Crystal Ring, Jiang Fei would become a real God of Crafts. This was equivalent to igniting the Godly Flame.

    However, if Jiang Fei failed to craft the Ring, he would drop five Levels as a penalty. This punishment was cruel, but it was no big deal when compared to those NPCs who were either dead or half-dead after they failed to ignite the Godly Flame. As Jiang Fei was a player, he had nothing much to lose.

    After looking at the Recipe that he had to craft for his Job Advancement Quest, Jiang Fei realized that this Quest was not a mere crafting Quest. This was because the materials required for this Dream Crystal Ring were not freely available.

    Of all the materials needed, the crystals of different colors were the easiest to obtain. Although these crystals could be obtained through Mining, they were very rare. Even so, they could be bought from the marketplace no matter how rare they were. In other words, as long as one had enough money, obtaining these crystals would not be a problem. Currently, for Jiang Fei and Empyreal Dragon, any problem that could be solved with money was not a problem at all.

    However, other than the five different crystals, the other items were not so easily obtained. Only bosses that were ranked Overlord or above would drop Original Fel Iron Bars. It would only drop by chance, so one did not necessarily obtain it upon defeating the boss. Even though Jiang Fei had the Cauldron of Luck, Original Fel Iron Bars would only drop out if the boss itself had them. No matter how high Jiang Fei's Luck was, he could not make a boss drop something that the boss did not have.

    Moreover, the Quest Description did not specify which bosses would drop Original Fel Iron Bars, so Jiang Fei could only go around trying his luck. To put it plainly, Jiang Fei had to aimlessly kill bosses that were Overlord-ranked or above until he obtained two Original Fel Iron Bars.

    In addition to that, Jiang Fei still had to find Tara's Heart. The Quest Description did specify which boss would drop this item. Unfortunately, this boss was not easy to find. This was an Overlord-ranked boss that traveled around the world and did not appear in a specific location. He could appear in the Beginner's Village, or at a Level 90 high-leveled map. In short, if Jiang Fei wanted to meet this boss, it depended on luck.

    The last material needed to craft the Ring was even harder to find. Dream Crystal was an extremely rare crystal. It only existed in the Dimensional Crack. If one wanted to get the Dream Crystal, they had to look for the Dimensional Crack's weak point first. Then, they had to open a Chronos Gate and destroy it. Immediately after destroying the Gate, they had to enter the void and look for the Dream Crystal. One had to be very fast. Players had to return to the main world from the void within five minutes. Otherwise, once the Dimension regained stability, it was very likely that they would be permanently exiled in the void.

    "Let's start with the easy ones!" After he looked at the materials he needed to find, Jiang Fei nodded to himself.

    The five different crystals were relatively easy for Jiang Fei. Empyreal Dragon's Storage had some reserves. There were more than thirty Citrines, Rubies, and Sapphires in the Storage. So, Jiang Fei immediately obtained those materials. There were also more than twenty Emeralds and Amethysts in Empyreal Dragon's Storage, so he only needed a few more. Jiang Fei proceeded to buy them from the Auction House, so he quickly gathered thirty of each crystal.

    Obtaining the crystals was a piece of cake for Jiang Fei, but the remaining three materials were not. Nobody knew which boss would drop Original Fel Iron Bars and Jiang Fei did not know how to open a Chronos Gate, so he could only start with the Overlord traveler boss Tara.

    This boss was one that toured the world and did not appear at a fixed location. However, many hands made light work. After he spread the members of Empyreal Dragon all over the world, Jiang Fei discovered Tara's whereabouts in just half a day.

    Although Tara would teleport away once every ten minutes, more than half a million members of Empyreal Dragon were looking for him. So, in just a short time, Jiang Fei found him.

    As he was just an ordinary Overlord-ranked boss, Tara did not even last more than half a minute against Jiang Fei. The moment Jiang Fei found him, he was already doomed.

    After killing Tara almost instantly, Jiang Fei easily obtained Tara's Heart and kept it in his backpack. However, the remaining two materials proved to be quite difficult to obtain.

    In order to get the Original Fel Iron Bars, Jiang Fei could only kill as many Overlord-ranked bosses as possible. However, Jiang Fei's biggest problem was discovering the whereabouts of these Overlord-ranked bosses.

    As Dungeon bosses and Overlord-ranked NPCs did not drop Original Fel Iron Bars, Jiang Fei could only try to obtain the Iron Bars by killing the wild Overlord-ranked bosses in the main world. So, while he ordered his guild members to help him look for Overlord-ranked bosses, he contacted Smart Tomato once again.

    Although Smart Tomato did not manage to persuade Evil Laughter to sell the Cauldron of Agility, he was still a big help to Jiang Fei, especially when it came to information about bosses. Smart Tomato had a lot of connections, so Jiang Fei pinned a lot of hope on him.

    "Coordinates of Overlord-ranked bosses? How many do you want?" After receiving Jiang Fei's message, Smart Tomato was slightly surprised. Indeed, he had a lot of information about this. As the average Level of players was still very low, it was not easy for them to challenge Overlord-ranked bosses. So, he had accumulated a lot of information about them and was just waiting for the opportunity to sell it when it was appropriate.

    In Smart Tomato's view, Verdure Glider was undoubtedly the best customer. So far, the remuneration that he received from Jiang Fei was almost ten times that of his total Profession profits. So, when Jiang Fei came with an inquiry, Smart Tomato immediately became interested.

    "As many as you have. I'll definitely pay you well." Jiang Fei was extremely generous. Money did not mean anything to him.

    "20,000 for each coordinate. I have five coordinates now. If you need more, I can look around," Smart Tomato immediately said.


    Although the price was a little unreasonable, Jiang Fei still agreed to it.
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