1017 Returning to the South Pole

    Although Jiang Fei had assigned Quests to all the guilds, they could not immediately attack the cultist fortress. These guilds still needed to assemble their respective members and agree on the details of the attack.

    After Jiang Fei finalized Empyreal Dragon's attack plan through a discussion with Seven Stars Warrior and the other core members, the game time for the day was almost over.

    After exiting the game, Jiang Fei discovered that power outages were happening more frequently today. Although Jiang Fei did not speak out, he clearly knew that the military was increasing the intensity of the test.

    Since the military had accelerated the tests, Jiang Fei felt that China's position was becoming increasingly unstable. The fight between the military and the martial artists could happen at any moment. Jiang Fei was neither willing to become an enemy of the country or the military, nor was he willing to obey someone else, so the best option was to leave a place like this where he was likely to get into trouble.

    While he helped his parents pack their luggage in preparation to leave, Jiang Fei constantly felt energy waves passing through his house. Undoubtedly, these energy waves were caused by the investigation of several Level 5 powerhouses.

    Today was the fourth day that Jiang Fei had taken Beowulf's Rebirth Egg out. After the Rebirth Egg was taken out of the Spatial Ring, it constantly absorbed the free energy in the air. It was also constantly releasing a kind of energy wave that was extremely tempting. This kind of energy wave seemed to constantly send out a come-and-eat-me signal to other Metahumans, so it had attracted the attention of countless Level 5 Metahumans.

    Isabella continuously warned these Level 5 Metahumans that they should not even think of trying to do anything. While those Level 5 Metahumans were clearly afraid of Zhuge Shanzhen, Jiang Fei still felt worried.

    Although Beowulf would hatch in another three and a half days, this Rebirth Egg was way too tempting. Jiang Fei could not guarantee that a non-existent Zhuge Shanzhen could really scare off all the Level 5 Metahumans. If a Level 5 Metahuman tried to take the Egg, then it would be disastrous even if Isabella and Ariel tried to stop him or her. If the battle broke out near Jiang Fei's house, the consequences would be horrendous.

    A battle between Level 5 Metahumans was extremely scary. The aftermath of the battle was not something a martial artist of Jiang Fei's Level could handle.

    Jiang Fei was currently a Pinnacle Level 4 Metahuman. Even so, he would need 0542 to consume some energy to help him resist the power of a Level 5 Metahuman. In such a situation, his family would have no chance of survival.

    Therefore, at this time, Jiang Fei somewhat regretted helping Beowulf protect his Rebirth Egg. Danger was now too close for comfort. In Jiang Fei's view, he had made a very unwise decision.

    This won't do! I can't continue risking it! Jiang Fei made up his mind. He planned to leave home for a while until Beowulf hatched successfully.

    Jiang Fei was not particularly worried about the safety of his parents. This was because very few people would dare to do anything to his parents as there was a risk of them being punished by Zhuge Shanzhen. Jiang Fei's parents were not a source of temptation, unlike the Rebirth Egg. Moreover, those Level 5 Metahumans would definitely not resort to doing something as shameful as kidnapping Jiang Fei's parents just to threaten him.

    Therefore, Jiang Fei planned to leave to ensure that his parents would not get involved in a battle caused by the Rebirth Egg.

    After thinking about it, Jiang Fei immediately looked for Shang Guanqi. He instructed her to help his parents pack up, then set off to Winter Islands where Han Tianyu was ready to welcome Jiang Fei's family.

    On the other hand, Jiang Fei would head to the South Pole together with Ariel and Isabella to wait for Beowulf's rebirth. As the Antarctic was desolate, even if the Rebirth Egg triggered a battle between Level 5 Metahumans, Ariel could protect Jiang Fei and leave the area quickly. Isabella could also use her powers without any restraint and fight whichever Level 5 Metahuman that planned to snatch the Egg!

    "Don't worry, your parents will be safe with me." Shang Guanqi nodded seriously.

    "Mmm. Be careful out there, silly. Sister Guanqi and I will protect auntie and uncle!" Si Tuying also assured him.

    "Don't worry, I'll be fine." Jiang Fei smiled at Si Tuying. He had 0542 to protect him and Ariel was always by his side. Even if the battle between Level 5 Metahumans broke out next to him, he would not die instantly. Under Ariel's protection, he could easily withdraw from the battlefield.

    Also, the Level 5 Metahumans were way too afraid of Zhuge Shanzhen. Even if a Level 5 Metahuman was blinded by the Rebirth Egg, they would not dare to touch Jiang Fei as there was a risk of them being hunted down by a Level 6 powerhouse.

    "Mmm, you must be careful..." Although Jiang Fei was full of confidence, Si Tuying was still very worried about his safety. After all, the aftermath of a battle between Level 5 Metahumans was no joke. Even a Pinnacle Level 4 Metahuman like Jiang Fei would not be able to withstand it at all.

    "Hey! Don't worry. There might not be any Level 5 Metahuman who really wants to snatch the Rebirth Egg from us. I'm only leaving just in case. Don't act like I'm going to die. We'll just be away from each other for three or four days. Moreover, if Bella really can't defeat the enemy, we'll just give them the Rebirth Egg. It's no big deal. There won't be any danger." Jiang Fei smiled at Si Tuying.

    "Mmm! You must be careful!" Although Jiang Fei's words somewhat reassured Si Tuying, the worry was still there.

    "I will!" Jiang Fei pulled Si Tuying into his arms, using his broad chest to relieve the anxiety in her heart.

    After comforting Si Tuying, Jiang Fei gave Shang Guanqi a look. Shang Guanqi smiled and nodded at Jiang Fei, indicating that he did not have to worry.

    Then, Jiang Fei bid his parents goodbye. He did not tell them the truth. He simply told them that he had to go out for a few days. As he did not want them to worry too much, he told them nothing about the risks of this trip.

    After everything was arranged, Jiang Fei left his home in Manda Square with Ariel and Isabella. This was probably the last time Jiang Fei would call this place home. Once this Beowulf thing is over, he would go directly to Winter Islands, which was his new home regardless of whether Beowulf hatched smoothly or got taken away by another Level 5 Metahuman.

    Going to the South Pole was very simple for Jiang Fei because this was the place where Ariel had resurrected back then, so she was familiar with the place. After teleporting, the three of them landed in a world of ice and snow.

    Although the weather was extremely cold, it did not affect the three of them. Jiang Fei may be the weakest out of the three, but he was still a Pinnacle Level 4. Temperature of as low as minus forty and fifty degrees could not harm them at all.
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