1018 Angered Bella

    "Where should we hatch him?" Ariel came over and asked.

    "0542, scan the surroundings and make sure it's secure!" Jiang Fei did not make a decision immediately.

    "As expected, we are in an area of extreme climate. However, there are no threats and signs of intelligence around a 100-kilometer radius!" 0542 vaguely scanned the surroundings before replying.

    "Very well! We won't have to go somewhere else then. Let's do it here!" Jiang Fei nodded. He was not particular about where they were located as long as innocent people were not harmed by the war between the Level 5 experts.

    Meanwhile, this was also the spot where Ariel had been revived. Jiang Fei chose this place because it was far away from civilization. It seemed that for the next months, normal humans would not be investigating this part of the region. Therefore, it was the optimal choice of location for hatching.

    "What do we do next?" Ariel asked.

    "There's nothing for us to do." Jiang Fei shrugged as he bashed the layer of ice on the ground to create an ice cave. He then led the way into the cave.

    "It's too ugly!" Isabella exclaimed, glaring at Jiang Fei after entering the ice cave. Clearly, she was not satisfied with the environment. Thereafter, she expanded the ice cave by at least three times with her bare hands. She even sculpted furniture from the ice around them, which seemed even grander than those sold in stores.

    "Sister Bella, you are indeed from the royal family. Your artistic abilities are amazing!" Ariel chuckled.

    "Tsk tsk. You are capable of praising but you are too lazy to help me out!" Isabella rolled her eyes at Ariel. However, it was obvious that she enjoyed the compliments.

    "Alright, we'll stay here for the next three days!" Jiang Fei placed Beowulf's Rebirth Egg on one side and sat down on one of the sculpted chairs.

    "Here again..." Just as Jiang Fei and the rest had sat down, Isabella started frowning again. Although they had traveled to the South Pole through instant teleportation, the Level 5 experts were still able to catch up very quickly with their Detection Energy Wave.

    "It looks like we can't avoid them this time!" Jiang Fei sighed. These Level 5 experts were not letting him off the hook. They must really want the Rebirth Egg. Otherwise, they would not have been so daring in using their Energy Wave on Jiang Fei.

    "Hmph! They'd better not come. If they do, I will teach them a lesson!" Isabella was not a frightful little girl. She possessed Dragon genes which meant that she also had a short temper. The Energy Waves from the Level 5 experts were enough to provoke her. If these fellows truly came for them, she would definitely lash out.

    "Don't worry, Sister Bella. I'll protect our husband!" Ariel nodded seriously. Right then, Jiang Fei was a burden to everyone as he needed to be protected at all times in order to survive in the war of the Level 5 experts.

    "Can't you spare me some sense of pride?" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. He was a Pinnacle Level 4 expert after all. Although he did not stand a chance against the Level 5s, it was still hurtful to be treated as a weakling.

    A day passed swiftly. Although there would occasionally be Detection Energy Waves scanning the area, none of the Level 5 experts actually came looking for them. After all, there were two Level 5 experts around Jiang Fei, with one of them being a full-blown Level 5 and the other a partial Level 5. The two were still a great threat to other Level 5 experts.

    Moreover, there was more than one Level 5 expert spying on the Rebirth Egg. Besides, these Level 5 experts were also not united. Each of them wanted the Rebirth Egg for themselves but none of them would fight each other for it. If they were to initiate an attack, they would be targeted by the two Level 5 experts on Jiang Fei's side and would be sacrificed for nothing.

    Therefore, although many of the Level 5 experts spied on the Rebirth Egg, that was all they were willing to do. Nobody wanted to be the first to initiate an attack. After all, there was still plenty of time before the Rebirth Egg hatched. They were patient enough to wait.

    Very soon, the second day had passed. The Energy Waves emanating from the Rebirth Egg became much stronger and even more tempting. The Level 5 experts were not the only ones who had an interest in it. Even 0542 started urging Jiang Fei to harvest and convert its energy into Bio-Energy.

    "0542, shut up!" Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. He still felt very determined. Although he would be able to harvest a lot of energy from the Rebirth Egg, the energy would only allow Jiang Fei to revive either Sylphy or Nina. In fact, they would only be revived at Ariel's state of a partial Level 5 expert. Therefore, Jiang Fei was only slightly tempted but he was not convinced enough to go against his own moral values.

    "Bella, how many Level 5 experts have spied on the Rebirth Egg for the past few days?" Jiang Fei asked Isabella. Although the Level 5 experts had not personally shown up, their Energy Waves carried their own aura. Therefore, it was not difficult for Level 5 experts like Bella to identify them.

    "At least six!" Bella was frowning right then. Although she felt confident about her own capabilities, she was not crazy enough to think she could fight against six Level 5 experts at once.

    "At least six..." Jiang Fei gasped. Although Level 5 experts had undying bodies, he was still worried about Bella. After all, nobody could stop her if she wanted to fight. If something bad were to happen to her, Jiang Fei would be devastated.

    "Here, take this. If those bastards do anything to you, give them a taste of your powers!" Jiang Fei said as he handed the Zhanlu Sword to Isabella. Although he had wanted to keep the Godblade a secret, he was more concerned about Isabella's safety.

    "Great! With this, none of them will get away!" Isabella smiled devilishly as she accepted the sword. Clearly, she had been angered by the Level 5 experts who had used their Detection Energy Waves for the past few days.

    "Take it easy. You can kill them, but make sure you don't hurt yourself!" Jiang Fei was aware of the threat Zhanlu Sword posed to Bio-Humans. Therefore, he immediately warned Isabella not to over-exert herself and end up getting hurt by the Zhanlu Sword.

    Although there was more than one Godblade on Earth, the other Godblades were original designs from Planet Namek. However, Planet Namek's biological structures were different from humans. Therefore, their Godblades were not practical in real battle on Earth. The only way those Godblades could be used was after Level 5 experts were captured and executed through the death sentence.

    As Zhanlu Sword was the only Godblade that could be used in battle on Earth, its might was undoubtedly frightening. Now that Isabella possessed the Zhanlu Sword, she was practically invincible amongst the Level 5 experts. Even if she were outnumbered, the other Level 5 experts would not dare to get close to her.
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