1019 Level 5 Idio

    As time went on, Beowulf's hatching would soon take place. At the same time, Jiang Fei started feeling nervous. After all, if the Level 5 experts were to take action, they would do so before Beowulf hatched. Otherwise, they would neither be able to consume his energy or fight against him as he was very powerful.

    In less than two hours, Beowulf would be hatched. While everyone else waited nervously, Isabella started testing the Zhanlu Sword as she withdrew it from its pouch.

    "It's almost time. If these fellows plan to take action, they would do so right about now!" Jiang Fei said with a serious look on his face. Although none of these Level 5 experts were willing to initiate the attack, they had to do something soon. Otherwise, Beowulf would hatch successfully.

    "Don't worry, husband, I'll protect you. Sister Bella, you can focus on killing the enemies. Don't worry about us!" Ariel said with an equally serious tone.

    "Hehe, I've had enough of those darned bastards. It's time for them to pay the price!" Isabella exclaimed angrily. She had been suppressing her anger for the past few days from the other Level 5 experts' provocative behavior. If she did not have to protect Jiang Fei and the Rebirth Egg, she would have personally gone to kill them.


    Just as Jiang Fei and the others were talking, a light flashed by outside the ice cave.


    The ice cave collapsed instantly. However, the Level 5 expert clearly only had intentions of destroying the cave. Therefore, the attack was of no threat to Jiang Fei.

    Regardless of that, the ice cave had already collapsed. Jiang Fei and the others had no choice but to leave.

    "Husband, be careful!" Just as Jiang Fei carried the Rebirth Egg in his arms, Ariel rushed over to absorb a sneak attack on his behalf.

    "Ouch!" Ariel murmured. After all, she was only a partial Level 5 expert. She was still weaker than a true Level 5 expert.

    "Die!" When Isabella saw that Ariel had managed to protect Jiang Fei, she immediately started attacking their enemy.

    Shuffle! The Zhanlu Sword glistened as Isabella charged toward her target without holding back.

    Prior to this, the Level 5 experts' Detection Energy Waves had already angered the Demonic Naga princess. Now that the current Level 5 expert was directly attacking Jiang Fei, Isabella was absolutely infuriated.

    "Hehehe..." The Level 5 expert was unfazed by Isabella's attack. At the same time, he used his bare hands to grab at Isabella's sword.

    "This idiot!" Jiang Fei was able to see everything unfold clearly as he was standing nearby. He knew that this fellow must not have known about the Godblade as he used his bare hands to touch it.

    It could not be helped. Although this fellow possessed Level 5 abilities, he had never seen the Godblade in person. After all, the Godblade was a very rare item on Earth. There were many Level 5 experts who had never seen the Godblade before.

    Therefore, although the fellow could sense that Isabella's sword possessed a strange power, he did not think that it could be a Godblade. After all, Godblades were not weapons in Earth's battlefield. Therefore, the fellow nearly put his life in danger from his careless act.


    Isabella's sword had left a centimeter-long wound on the Level 5 expert's finger. The fellow very swiftly withdrew his hand.

    Although the small wound would not even matter much to normal humans, the Level 5 expert was panicking as he felt the incredibly damaging effects of the Godblade.

    Energy began to consume him from the tip of his finger as it swiftly spread to the rest of his palm.

    "Darned! How could this be?" The abnormal phenomenon immediately reminded the fellow of the Godblade. After all, the weapon was the only thing capable of such damage toward a Level 5 expert.

    "You are vicious!" The Level 5 expert was brutal. He immediately tore off his left arm. By sacrificing his arm, he managed to save his own life.

    Although the Level 5 expert was capable of suppressing Valium's energy from spreading, he knew that the woman before him would not give him the time to do so. If he tried to suppress Godblade's damage right away, he would probably have to take a few more hits from the woman. As such, he might even lose his life in the process.

    Therefore, after taking a look at Isabella and sensing her hostility, the fellow immediately gave up on the Rebirth Egg. As soon as he removed his own arm, he fled away, teleporting instantly. He knew that the woman would not chase after him as she would stay to protect Jiang Fei and the Rebirth Egg. Therefore, his life would be secured as long as he escaped from the scene of battle.

    "Darn it! If only I had known, I would not have been so rash!" The Level 5 expert thought to himself as he was running away. If he had waited a while longer, another Level 5 expert would have been the scapegoat instead. He would have been spared from being the Godblade's first victim. Moreover, once he was mentally prepared, he would not have to suffer from the Godblade's attack.

    This was the price he had to pay for being impatient. Not only did he fail to gain anything, he had to lose an arm.

    "What happened? Could this be part of an act?"

    "An act? Would you lose an arm for being part of an act?"

    "If it's not an act, why would he break his own arm?"

    "Could it be... the Godblade?!"

    "How is that possible? I have personally seen a Godblade. Not only is it impractical in battle, it can't even be rebuilt into something else. It can only be used to execute captured individuals. How could it be in the form of a Huaxia sword?!"


    In an instant, all of the onlooking Level 5 experts stopped in their tracks. They began to observe instead. The news of a Godblade suited for battle thoroughly shocked them. They were dumbfounded.

    "Could Zhuge Shanzhen have mastered the ability to recreate the Godblade?" The Level 5 experts thought to themselves.

    The metahumans had long believed that the Godblade had arrived with the remnants of the alien space vessels. Although these items were a huge threat to the metahumans, they were not suitable to be used in battles and could not be reshaped. Therefore, they were items both loved and hated by Level 5 experts.

    Although nearly everyone agreed that the Godblade could not be reshaped, Zhuge Shanzhen's appearance casted doubt on this fact as he had done too many impossible things in the past. Therefore, the first person everyone thought of when they saw the Zhanlu Sword was Zhuge Shanzhen.
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